Monday, November 12, 2012

Shungite Not for Sissies

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Shungite, Shungite, Shungite.... Nice to Meet You?

Welp, shungite.  There is a whole lot of stuff being said of shungite that ranges from miracle healer to water purifier... to it having every element within it... to, well... there is a lot of stuff being said.  The briefest gloss is that shungite is kinda like jet, because it is carbon that is created by decaying organic material, in shungite's case, underwater.  The difference between jet and shungite is that shungite was made from the first algae that gave birth to our atmosphere because there were no plants yet.  Then the organic material was exposed to and transformed by volcanic heat.

This gives shungite all of the elemental associations (which is as sexy as it gets with a rock, so to speak).  Water, because it the decaying matter was in water.  Air, because the algae from which it was formed created our atmosphere.  Earth, because, well.. it's a rock. Fire, because of the transformation undergone through the volcanic heat. And Spirit, because the initial biomaterial was alive.  It's pretty dang old too, though the range on the scientific sites varying its age between millions to approximately 2 billion years old.  Meh, it's old.
There is also another thing I can say about shungite.  It isn't terribly happy about the information that is currently out there.  Chris and I were in the computer room at the warehouse trying to locate good information about shungite since we had some to put up in the on-line store.  After a few minutes, it became clear that the information out there was hopelessly skewed.  There were mentions of this study and that study with no link whatsoever to the actual studies.  The geology info was "sketch", as my daughter says.  There were also claims that shungite cleaned dirty water, which I hope no one has actually tried yet without doing testing on the water before drinking it.  It IS carbon, which IS used in water filters, but... uhhh, without using it like a filter, I don't know what kind of help it would be for physical pollutants.  It makes an awesome gem elixir, however, but use CLEAN water to create it!

Anyway, so I say... "I think shungite needs a fresh reading."  Chris agreed.  Then I got, what I like to call, the ~Shungite Smackdown~.  I literally had a sudden and strong interdimensional whack, or some kind of distinct shove, go through my body.  I sometimes feel distinct motion within my energy body that I attribute to some kind of fluctuations going on in the Earth, but this was far stronger and I almost blipped out.  I asked Chris if "he felt it too", and he had... but he was lucky enough to be sitting in a dang chair instead of standing up.  Weirdness.  I asked Chris what he thought it was and he just said, "I think shungite really wants a new reading."  I am sensitive to rock energy, obviously, but I've never been bitch slapped by one before. That was new.

Within moments of this event, the computer that we use to do posting and writing at the warehouse had a pop up window virus that literally brought our day of working on the computer to an end.  There was nothing else we could do with our day.  So, shungite want reading, shungite want reading NOW.  So that's what we did.  We did a reading on Shungite, that very moment... that very afternoon.  Umm, since our schedule became wide open all of a sudden.  Not weird at all.  Nope.

Key Themes for Shungite:
  • Shungite as "Earth Worker":  It has witnessed history, many changes, many deaths, human cycles, Earth cycles.  I saw a galloping white horse with a rider (death), a bicycle (cycles in movement), mud volcanoes (primordial elemental creation forces).
  • Cosmic Mother: Connection to cosmic flow, primordial patterns of physical manifestation on Earth, connection to corrective/rectification of Divine Blueprints within physical manifestation, including global patterns, not just human ones.  I see "Pottery Mother", a symbol that I equate with primal creation that can make new "pots" from clay, fill in cracks/voids/weaknesses on pots that have damage,  but can also smash up broken pots, or forms that are no longer useful, to be dissolved and reclaimed to be used in the making of things that are useful.  Recycling. Reclaiming. Repurposing.  Nothing wasted.  Nothing truly lost either.  Form changes, but mud is mud, is mud, is mud.
  • Purification: Shungite could be used in any healing work that involves the dissolution or purification of patterns that are not in Divine Alignment, or that no longer serve.  It could be partnered with other cleansing and rectification stones, such as Himalayan salt, any type of obsidian (fire), river stones (water), or ceremonies/protocols that seek to cleanse a system of misqualfied or negative programming/patterns.  Shungite would be fantastic in Earth Healing work of any kind, including and perhaps especially in areas of significant trauma and disturbance.  There is also a protective aspect of shungite from significant disturbances or harmful influence of any kind.  (The best form of protection is to be out of range of the arrows, however.)   
  • Ouroboros/Alchemy: One of the visuals I saw was of the ouroboros, or of a snake eating its own tail.  This really says nearly the same as the Cosmic Mother information.  Wikipedia says this about it: The Ouroboros often represents self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end (compare with phoenix). It can also represent the idea of primordial unity related to something existing in or persisting from the beginning with such force or qualities it cannot be extinguished.
  • Modulation of Incoherent Vibrations to Coherency: Basically, the idea here is that shungite, since it has access to ancient patterns of all kinds, can help to bridge the gap, vibrationally speaking, between various energies, kinda like how Herkimer diamonds can help to attune one thing to another.  If you do any kind of healing work, activational work, Reiki attunements, distance healing, shungite would be helpful as a technical worker to get everyone on the same page first.  
  • Soul Wisdom/Ancient Memory: Of course, shungite being billions of years old basically means that it has seen it all.  If you want to gain access to deeper soul wisdom or information about ancient civilizations, your ancestral matrix, etc, shungite would be the first to grab.  I would partner it with record keepers of any kind. 
  • Transition/Death/Cycle Worker: Shungite would be an excellent transition worker, such as the clearing of ghosts, assisting one through the death process (or birth, for that matter), or any other large transitional undertaking.  Shungite would be helpful for any "in process" event of great consequence.  I would partner it with lepidolite.  And some Rescue Remedy.  And a pacifier.  Perhaps a shot of vodka.  (It is from Russia, afterall.)
  • Breath Work: Shungite was created from the algae that gave birth to our atmosphere, so it has deep connection to air and the breath.  I've gone to some very powerful breath work sessions facilitated by Pheonyx Roland Smith, of the OCG Project, during which I had some shungite in my pocket.  It was a pretty intense experience.  Because the breath and sound are connected, it would also be good for toning work.  (Pheonyx has since passed and is doing the good work on the other side of the veil. Spiritual hugs to Pheonyx.)   
  • Sacred Union:  This has alchemical undertones too, really.  The union of opposites, the combining of the yin and yang, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, that kind of thing.  If you are engaging in sacred sexuality practices, tantra, or kundalini rising work (which often includes conscious breathing)... or if you are trying to conceive a baby with sacred intent, shungite would be great to put in a grid under your bed or in the room in which the activities are in process.  This would also include ecstatic union with the Divine in a more abstract sense that doesn't include bow chicka wow wow with another human being.  In this kind of grid, I would probably start with shungite, rose quartz, garnet, pyrite (unless you have nuggets of gold hanging around your house), Herkimer diamonds, Fire Quartz, selenite, phantom quartz, ummmm... among other options.  If you don't have a ton of stone resources, shungite in the middle with rose quartz on the outside would likely work well enough.  
  • Energetic Support of Physical Healing: Ok, I want you all to hear me.  ~I am not a doctor, nor do I necessarily look to the mineral kingdom for physical healing issues.~  It makes me twitchy when people look to rocks for physical healing.  I see the mineral kingdom as being subtle energy that supports shifts in more subtle energy bodies, not the physical ones.  The plant kingdom is far more impactful on the physical level.  I've given shungite to a dear friend who was battling cancer, and she recently passed anyway.  So much for shungite being a miracle worker, eh?  But, I do feel that shungite being integrated into intentional healing energy work would still be useful.  We're still talking about moving patterns back to primal patterns.  What is illness, but a departure in the system from original, pure patterns?  Still... work with it with intent.   I would use a guided meditation where the ill person imagines their flesh being disintegrated or burned off down to the bone, then clean the bones in Holy Water, then imagine the body being reformed with clean mud, then transformed back to flesh, with perfected patterns in place...reconsecrated and aligned with the person's Divine Physical Template.   More mud work, basically.  Mud is mud, is mud, is mud.

See Shungite Tiles at etemetaphysical.com

Safe Shungite Water
Err... dudes, seriously.  Yes, much of shungite is carbon, which is kinda the same thing as what's in your water pitcher filter, but shungite bearing rock (which is most of what is on the market) is only 50-70% carbon.  The rest is ~other stuff~.  Some of the ~other stuff~ may or  may not be okay to be leeching into your drinking water!!  I love it when pyrite is in my shungite.  I do not love it when pyrite leeches into my drinking water.

I know it's a popular and trendy thing to do, to chuck a bunch of shungite in water and then drink it, but if you don't know what the ~other stuff~ is in your shungite, you may be cleaning and charging your water in one hand and putting something not okay in it with the other. 

We often do workshops about creating gem elixirs and our first rule of thumb is that when in doubt, use a NON-CONTACT method of zooming up your water.  We've got some awesome new shungite tiles that are perfect as charging coasters for water that don't require a direct contact method with the water, but you can use a tumbled stone or any shungite in your keeping if you just hold it up to the glass.

Directions to create a gem elixir with a shungite tile (or hold a piece on the outside of the glass):
1: Place a bottle or glass of water on the tile or hold the shungite specimen up to the glass on the outside of it so that the stone is not touching water you drink.
2: Put your hands on the container over the tile or around the specimen that is touching the glass.
3: Connect to the Divine, your guides, or the spiritual beings that preside over shungite itself, and say, “I request to make a gem elixir. Now, please.”
4: Let the energies run for approximately five minutes. Or longer.
5: Seal the work by saying, “I ask to bless, optimize, stabilize, amplify, and seal this work under the Divine. Now, please.”

Further Personal Observations...

Since that fun day at the warehouse, I've noticed that I am super sensitive to shungite.  Not just as a rock, but as a distinct voice and layer of consciousness of Mamma Gaia (maybe even something larger).    The Earth and all upon her are in a fairly tumultuous time of change and transition.  Shungite ain't no fluffy, white light, "feel good" stone.  Shungite is more like the Dark Cosmic Mother stirring up whatever is in the Cauldron of Creation...briskly.  She is a master at the cycles of death, birth, transition, and all the bits and pieces of the primordial creation process.  Even the stuff that hurts, the stuff that terrifies, and that challenges each of us to let go of the status quo within our personal and collective lives to undergo transformation into something more.  If you want to run screaming from the building, this would be the time. 

Shungite Plays Well With...

Well, shungite doesn't "play", but there are stones with which is it particularly suited to work to get stuff done.  This is just a partial listing.  Please follow your own prompts when you partner shungite with other stone helpers.  My personal pocket rock partners are Presili Blue Stones and lodestone with pyrite.  That is pretty much my standard go-to support for me on an average day outside of the house.

Other Healing, Integration, and System Workers
Ocean Jasper
Green Earth Healing Quartz
Tibetan Quartz
Presili Blue Stone
Red Jasper

Other Carbon Based, Deep Earth, or Elemental Stones:
Indigo Gabbro
High Light Spiritual StonesMoldavite
Herkimer Diamonds

Stones that Comfort or Help through Crisis
Rose Quartz
Sacred Heart Rose Quartz
Mangano Calcite

To Sum it Up...

Shungite no woogy rock.  Shungite is shit kicker.  Shungite no care about what make you comfortable.  Shungite here to move you.  Into the fire.  Into the blackness.  Into the Void.  Shungite is Primordial Mud Worker.  Shungite strip you bare until nothing left but what is true. 
We are in one doozy of an Earth cycle and shungite is one serious worker and ally that can assist us transition through this cycle. If you are doing any kind of global lightwork, professional healing work, or personal healing work, I guarantee you that shungite would be an excellent stone to grab. 

To sum it up (in case I haven't been crystal clear about it to this point) ~shungite ain't for sissies~.  If you are grabbing it, be ready for change, be ready for your cracked pot to be tossed into a big ole pile and disintegrated into primoridal bits.  Human beings hold onto and believe an incredible amount of bullshit that isn't authentic.  We aren't big fans of change either.  Soooo, put those things in your pipe and smoke it at the same time and you are looking at one full-on "oh shit" party.  Sound like fun?  Awesome, join me.  :)  I don't want to be the only one in a straight jacket laughing and crying at the same time.  
I call these times of rapid transition "screaming down the mountain"... and surrender is really the only sane response.  I've been doing a lot of surrendering these days.  I'm getting damned good at it at this point, too.  Hurts less.  
Shungite like surrender. 

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm Mitigation: Intentions to Support Calming the Weather

(Not to be confused with Solar Storm Mitigation, which is about dealing with solar activity that messes with us ugly.)

This is essentially prayer work that you can engage, just in case our praying for a better outcome for global issues makes one fig of a difference.  I choose to believe it does, but I'm willing to waste my time if I'm wrong.  So lets continue.

"Storm Mitigation" is a piece of Cooperative Spiritual Energy Work that seeks to minimize damage associated with severe weather events.  A friend and I assembled this energy work many years ago, so the details of it aren't exactly ummm... in my head anymore.  My brain is getting older.  What can I say?  I should be sucking on a ginkgo tree while rubbing a fish on my head.  Maybe that would help.  I am going to have to cough up an actionable intention set anyway. 

*****If you would prefer to skip my immense blather, you can connect in right now and just say, "I request to initiate Storm Mitigation, now please."***** 

For those of you with a stomach for immense blather... please continue. :)

Unlike in math class back in grade school, I actually like "showing my work" when I share this kind of protocol.  Cooperative Spiritual Energy Work, when we are asking for things we might actually be able to receive, is efficient and puts all the big effort on the front end of the task, then allows you to basically hit the "easy button" for the same work any other time you need it. 

I'm going to write out the work in steps so that you can see what is going on here.  Again, there is nothing special about me except that I spent a decade working this out instead of pretending to be normal.  You can do this as easily as I can.  Honest.  Frankly, if you have a young fresh brain.. you might do better!

Step One: Articulate the goal and give the work a name that can be called again and again.

Work Name: "Storm Mitigation"

Goal:  The overarching goal of this energy work is to minimize damage and harm associated with extreme weather or geologic/elemental activity or events of any kind.

Step Two: Articulate, to the best of your ability and level of understanding, specific intentions that support the stated goal.  Be simple or be technical, be redundantly redundant multiple times if you want.  Our being able to state appropriate intentions is part of the "ask and receive" part of this system.  We may not need to know everything, but we do have to make the effort to clarify our intentions to the best of our ability.  It's the part that makes your brain itch, but you only have to do it once, so do it as thoroughly as possible. 

Step Three: Kick the work up to God/the spiritual level to be corrected in perfection (Spiritual CYA), brought within Divine Will, and then sealed properly so that the work maintains its integrity through time. I usually add this to my intention set so that it is clearly stated, especially if I share the work with others and intend for it to be group supported woven work.

Step Four: Run it!

OK, here's the hard part.  Make your brain smoke until there is nothing left.  Get it all out.  Connect in with your guidance and ask for direction.  If you ask for guidance, you don't need to know everything ahead of time.  Thank God for that.  I would be screwed if this work depended upon my own competency and knowledge. 

Intentions Supporting Goal
  • Mitigation of damage to property and mitigation of harm and suffering to life (all life, not just humans) associated with severe weather of any kind, such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, snow, tornadoes, and so on.
  • Mitigation of damage to property and mitigation of harm and suffering to life (all life) for elementally severe conditions of any kind, such as occurs with too much or too little fire, water, air, or earth.  For example: flooding or drought, fire events of any kind (even if from human origin), volcanic activity, severe wind, tornadoes, dust storms, or geologic stress from the earth, such as earthquakes and techtonic plate shifting, mudslides, and so on. 
  • Mitigation and minimization, as possible, of global warming or any other direct or indirect systemic impact that increases stress and imbalance within the Earth's weather, geologic, or elemental systems.     
  • Correction, rectification, and purification of human dissonance patterns and any kind of pollution created by humans that may be aversely directing weather patterns or geologic and elemental imbalance. (Some believe that the collective human bullshit negativity actually causes severe weather and the like, so I'm throwing it in the intention set in case there is any truth to it!)
  • Support to humanity to evolve in as graceful a way as possible so that we have increasingly more mastery over our own bullshit negativity (pollution of any kind, energetic or physical), so we don't miscreate and cause havoc in other systems, such as weather and geologic/elemental patterns on the planet.
  • Request for forgiveness and understanding for humanity from other layers and levels of creation that are aversly impacted by our bullshit negativity and pollution.  (We are little and stupid, please forgive us and help us to buy a clue so we can improve.) 
  • Request for comfort, care, transition support, and support of any kind needed... provided for any suffering or damage created by weather, geologic, elemental events of any kind that cannot be mitigated fully because the consequences somehow serve the Highest Outcome to unfold within Divine Will, beyond our ability to understand.  (When the Divine Word is, "No, you cannot mitigate this storm.", please support those who will need care and comfort in the best way possible.  All life, not just humans.) 
  • Support to the elemental, natural, Gaia-linked consciousness to discharge storm/elemental/geologic energy in a way that is in alignment with the Highest Good of the planet with as little suffering to all life as possible.  (The Earth may need to shake off some of this energy for her own good and we should respect that need too, but all things equal, shaking it off with as little suffering as possible seems like a relevant and wise request.) 
  • Support and cooperation for and with all relevant levels of conscious creation within Divine Will to work for and with humanity to rectify and bring into perfected integrity and balance the patterns and systems that govern planetary weather, elemental, and geologic activity.
  • Since I am not a geologist or a weather girl, I request that all those who have specific scientific knowledge about these systems, be allowed to articulate and add specific intentions to this work to strengthen and improve it in any way that is within Divine Will and that supports the Highest Possible Outcome to unfold on Earth and for humanity with as much Ease, Grace, Mercy, Compassion, and Love as possible.
  • We request to support and network this work through all relevant systems of earthly and spiritual connectivity, such as the earth grid system, spiritual grid systems, and human grid system (I call it the Tapestry of Light).
  • We request to Hold Space, individually and collectively, in whatever way is appropriate and in the Highest Good, to support the goal and intentions of this work, including the specific request for Divine Intervention and Grace.  We ask that we are supported, individually and collectively, to meet the challenges of this work in perfected integrity and for participation in this work to be moderated, protected, and adjusted at the spiritual level for optimal efficiency and Grace.
  • We request for all intentions to be corrected in perfection and any intentions not articulated, but relevant and useful to the goal, to be added at the spiritual level in Eternal Time, and for all intentions to be brought within Divine Will.
  • We request for this work, once perfected, to be Blessed, Optimized, Stabilized, Amplified, and Sealed under God.
  • Amen. Aho. So Be It. Make It So. Engage. Do It To It. Shazam. Raise the Roof.  Or whatever you would like to say here. 
  • Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

So, there we go.  Storm Mitigation.

Now... run it by saying, "I request to initiate Storm Mitigation, now please."

Anytime you want to run it and Hold Space for this work in the future, you just use that phrase, or intend to connect and Hold Space in whatever way you feel guided.  The more people plugging in and doing this, the better! 

If you are a geologist or weather person (or mystic with great guidance) and you have other intentions that you believe should be contained within this list, please leave a note about it below, or... just ask to add them to this work in your own mind.  I'd like to learn, so I would appreciate the articulation of specifics so I can put it in my head too.  It may not stick in there, but I like to at least try. :)

If You Want to Rock:
If you would like to create a crystalline grid or medicine pouch to support this work, Christopher and I recommend any stones that are formed by, or have resonance with, the elements, such as obsidian, fulgurites, river/ocean stones, enhydros of any kind, stones that spark (flint, pyrite, quartz), stones that have associations with water or rain, like turquoise, opals, malachite, or stones that have a natural spiral pattern, like ammonites, that mimic the spiral nature of a lot of storm systems.  Things associated with tidal patterns too, like moonstone or lunar linked stones, would be cool.  Plug in with your guidance and just let it rip. 

OK, see y'all later.  I need to get up off this sofa now.  I've been sitting here writing for so long that my butt is numb. 
Christopher and I have a brand new website and blog. :)  I'm going to leave archived blog articles up in here, but all new articles will be published under the new site.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Solar Storm Mitigation: Solar Flare Support

OMG.  The solar flares this year are so flipping active that it seems like every other week we are having to deal with another CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) that's smacking solar particles into Earth's geomagnetic energy field.  Yes, it can create beautiful Northern Lights, but for those of us who are a little sensitive... Geez Louise... enough already.  We're about ready to crawl into a hole and cry for awhile.

The Metaphysical Corner chat group on Facebook is awash in stories of people really having a hard time staying comfortable through the more active solar activity.  The symptoms include feeling like you are having PMS, brain fog, inability to ground, an increase in migraines and other physical pain, exhaustion, nausea, inability to sleep or trouble sleeping, or that feeling of being wired and tired simultaneously.  I have noticed that solar plexus "power issues" also seem to pop up, which is something that I solved in my own space with a couple of well placed golden moonstone.  These kinds of issues are getting more intense as the year progresses.  So, it's just ~up~.  

There are enough people having a really hard time that Christopher and I spent all day in the warehouse here at Enter the Earth to connect in with our guidance and get some relief going.
Some of you are familiar with the way I set up energy work, like in my book, Awake in Angelscape. It's kind of the "easy button" way of creating energy weaves of useful assistance.  It is like creating a download or process within one action command.  I used to call these "moments", now I just call the phrase to call the energy set an "action statement".  Umm, think it of like a prayer that is set up so all you have to do is call it by name, instead of reciting the whole thing to connect in with the energies.  I've also described it as calling into a pre-recorded message, but the message is an energy download intended to deal with a specific issue.  It is a spiritually based "ask and receive" system, as it does absolutely require spiritual cooperation to work.  In fact, I call this kind of work "Cooperative Spiritual Energy Work" cause.. well, I don't know what else to call it and it fits. 

Anyway, the process isn't that difficult, but it does require some up front time-on-task.  I essentially articulate the goal that I want from the work.  In this instance, I have called it "Solar Storm Mitigation".  That is the goal.  We want to mitigate the shit storm of OMG that is created from all this solar activity.  The next step is to list the intention set that I think supports the goal of the work. 
I try to put as much thought into this part because it seems to matter that I articulate my free will in a specific way.  However, since I am aware that I'm a tiny, little, limited human (at the moment), I then take what I think I need and kick it up to the spiritual level to be corrected in perfection and brought within Divine Will.  I call this "Spiritual CYA" (Cover Your Ass) because, well, just because you can throw your free will around in the  manifestation process, doesn't mean you should.  I give God/Divine Will overriding editing rights over every utterance I make, every intention I assemble, because... well, I'm not interested in working against Divine Will.  Once it's been kicked up to the Big Guy for correction and editing, then I seal the work so it maintains its integrity in perpetuity.  I do that with this action statement, "I ask to Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify, and Seal the work under God, now please."
Anyway...so that is a little instruction on how I set up energy work, which seemed relevant.  It's not rocket surgery.  You can do it too.  There is nothing special about me except that I actually spent a decade sorting this kind of work out instead of trying to be normal.  Everyone has their thing.  This is mine. 
So, Solar Storm Mitigation is the over-arching goal.  The intentions supporting the goal are as follows:
  • Protection from the harmful effects of solar activity of any kind (solar wind, particles, radiation, emf, geomagnetic distress, and whatever else the sun burps up and causes in consequence...).
  • Mitigation of discomfort and imbalances in our systems caused by solar activity of any kind.
  • Oh Shit Mitigation (My phrase for whatever state it is when you are rocking, holding your head in your hands, and saying, "Oh Shit", in response to any particular event/issue/stimuli.  It's my way of saying, please give us super comfort when we are pushed beyond our ability to cope and make it so that we can cope.  Thank you, Oh Beautiful Master of the Universe.).
  • Enhanced/Optimal grounding to relevant layers, levels, and systems of relevance, such as, but not limited to, the Earth's grid system, the spiritual grid system, the system of other energetically plugged in human beings (I call that the Tapestry of Light), and whatever else is relevant, God's Choice.
  • Optimal Assistance from us to whatever the Bigger Picture happens to be.  If there is a way for us to be used as instruments for these solar storms to be mitigated on a global level, or somehow utilized in a productive way for human evolution or whatever else beneficial, please let us be instruments of the Highest Possible Outcome to unfold on Earth and for Humanity within Divine Will.
  • Mitigation of the specific complaints of PMS-pissy, emotional weepy stuff, fatigue, wired/tired, sleep issues, brain fog, power issues, migraines, physical pain, and general lack of feeling in ones body properly.
  • All Body/Whole Self Support in any way needed: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, as well as in any subtle energy systems or subsystems, such as chakras, meridians. 
  • EMF protection for sensitive technical systems, such as satellites, communications, and any other mechanical/technical stuff I can't even name that would be messed up with really strong flare activity that would make people lose their flipping minds.  (i-phone kaputnick mitigation?)
  • Graceful integration of any beneficial shifts, or any other kind of benefit (known or unknown) associated with increased solar activity. (Hey, maybe there is a point to this somehow.)
  • Optimal spiritual assistance, guidance, and cooperation with and from relevant helpers that are in Divine Alignment, and working exclusively within Divine Will, to support the Highest Possible Outcome to unfold on Earth and for Humanity within Divine Will with as much Ease, Grace, Mercy, Compassion, and Love as possible.  (Yes, I am redundantly redundant about being within Divine Will.  I find it an exceedingly good practice.)
  • I request for the Highest Possible Outcome to unfold on Earth and for Humanity within Divine Will with as much Ease, Grace, Mercy, Compassion, and Love as possible.  I ask to Hold Space in whatever way I may to support that request. (That is my go to prayer and I'm redunantly redundant about that too.)
  • I request for this goal and intention set to be corrected in perfection and brought within Divine Will and for any other appropriate intentions to be added at the spiritual level that may be needed or useful to the goal. 
  • I request for any beneficial upgrades to be woven into the work automatically at the spiritual level as new needs emerge.  If those intentions need to be made at the human level, please send enough guidance for us to figure it out and articulate those intentions in perfect time.
  • I request to Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify and Seal the Solar Storm Mitigation work under God/Divine Will, such that it maintains its integrity through time. 

Alrighty then.... so this work is available now.  To connect to it just say, "I request to initiate Solar Storm Mitigation, now please."  (Or something like that... you could actually just say "Run Solar Storm Mitigation. Or, "Solar Storm Mitigation now." Whatever, God is competent. )

On the physical tool side of things... obviously, I'm partial to rocks.  They are pretty and they give me a buzz.  You don't need them to receive the benefits of this work, but since we are physical beings, sometimes it's quite nice to have something physical to use to connect to the energies.

The best rock, at least available here at this huge warehouse of rocks, is Girasol Quartz.  It gave Christopher and I both the biggest hits.  It also is a good anchor to the Solar Storm Mitigation energy download.  We attuned all the Girasol Quartz in the warehouse to Solar Storm Mitigation, but... well, we asked for it to be rolled out to all Girasol Quartz on the planet, if it was okay for us to ask for that.  It sure seemed like it was okay to ask for it, but it's hard to tell what the heck is going on when you are all wooed out and in an altered state.  We asked.  If you have Girasol Quartz at home, go and give it a feel and see if it has an 'upgrade'.  If so, you might want to use it as a carry around piece if you are feeling uncomfortable.

So, for a single stone assist... get a nice Girasol Quartz piece.  If you want to go through the process of anchoring it to Solar Storm Mitigation for good measure, hold your rock and say, "I request to attune this rock to the Solar Storm Mitigation work, now please."  Give it a minute, then say, "I request to Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify, and Seal this under God/Divine Will, now please."

Single Girasol Quartz for Solar Storm Mitigation at Enter the Earth

Next, Christopher and I went down a long list of rock resources to figure out what would be a really good crystalline grid to set up for Solar Storm Mitigation.  The ones that ended up in our crystalline grid are: girasol quartz, with layers of yellow opal, smoky/amethyst elestials, ruby, lepidolite, magnetite, and shungite. 

When we activated the grid, first, I felt completely normal.  I mean... just normal, which I guess is the point of mitigation work.  You WANT to feel normal, not all flipped out.  Then, the energy spread.  Then it spread some more.  It felt like it was weaving outward, which makes sense if we asked specifically to be anchored to appropriate systems.  It did feel like it went into the Earth's grid system, so that one activated grid may actually cover quite a bit of ground, perhaps even regionally.  Seems like a mighty nice thing to do for the neighborhood.

Solar Mitigation Crystalline Grid at Enter the Earth

The other option we set up was a simple medicine set that has one of each of the stones in the grid.  This way it is a little more affordable, but you can do a lot with the single energies.  You can make yourself a medicine pouch, use the stones in your pillow case, stuff it in your bra, make a non-contact gem elixir, and so on. 

Solar Storm Mitigation Medicine Set at Enter the Earth
Anyway.  So.  Solar Storm Mitigation.  We gave our best whack at it and hope that it helps some of you sweet, sensitive souls.  Hugs to All.  Keep breathing.  It will be okay.  I know, I'm redundantly redundant about that too. :)

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Golden Moonstone: Sunny Moon, Moonie Sun.

Beautiful Golden Moonstone Sphere at Enter the Earth

Nader, Glorious Owner of Enter the Earth, just got in a new shipment of goodies from Madagascar not too many weeks ago. Sometimes, when he is traveling to the mines and surveying what specimens to buy, a very limited supply of one thing or another shows up and he buys it. (See,they like Nader over there and keep the "best stuff" for him.) Anyway, this golden moonstone was among the ~stop my heart~, weird and wonderful stones that showed up in the boxes.
What I believe about these special moonstones is that they are Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine... hmm, rectification. Obviously, the color indicates that it interacts with and "tickles" the solar plexus. The solar plexus is all about will, power, strength, action, and even charisma, like having a "sunny personality". So, this stone interacts with personal power, potency, and will. If you are out of balance in this area, you might be a bit of a bully or way too easy to push around, depending on which way your imbalance swings.
Golden Yellow Moonstone: Personal power rectification and realignment, whether you have an outtie or an innie.

If, for example, you have an Alpha Male at home, and all that testosterone is being amplified "ugly" by the extremes in the magnetic field of the earth lately (darn solar flares!)...this would be an excellent type of stone to have within the energy field of that man to help redirect, realign, and harmonize that manly, man energy so that it, how shall I say... chills him the heck out? Brings him back into balance with his softer side? Ummmm... yes, put a little yin in that yang already, you're knocking things over with that swing!
Likewise, this golden moonstone would help a female to butch up a little, if she is not embodying and holding her personal power in an appropriate way. So, yes.. put a little yang in that yin already, no one can hear you! You've got a roar in there, I just KNOW you do.
After hanging out with this golden moonstone for a little while, I realized that I have felt this energy before.  I had to look back into my crystal whisper archives to refresh my memory, but I did locate the reading.  The first time I was introduced to this vibration was in the form of yellow jade.  The reading was pretty long, but the jist was that the energy of the stone wasn't just a vibration, but a doorway to a type of healing space that was manned (ha!) by a collective of solar/lunar female spiritual beings.  The healing work that they assisted with was for the Sacred Union of the Divine Fe/Male.  It also spoke of "joy infusion" for those of us who were feeling weary about the unfolding world conditions...so a type of global lightworker support too.  The healing work, that I then envisioned was facilitated by solar aligned "lunar goddesses" was done while a person was asleep. 
Because the former reading recommended sleep work, I decided that I would explore the golden moonstone energies in my own space.  See, I have me one of those alpha males at home, and lately, he's been waaay too yang.  Since I have standing permission to do healing work on him, so long as I don't bug him about it, I basically shoved a flat golden moonstone gallet (flat oval stone) under the mattress, in roughly the space that would line up with his solar plexus.  Likewise, I shoved a second one under my side of the bed, also lined up with my solar plexus.  The intention that I set was for both of us to be supported and balanced at the solar plexus and to rectify any fe/male power imbalance. 
Wow, I'm happy to say, he responded almost immediately.  His yang is evening out now, and let me tell you, I'm grateful.  Since he is unaware of this work (and he doesn't read my blog), I cannot chalk the shift in him to "suggestion".  I did also put a tourmalinated quartz under the mattress, up by his head, but otherwise, nothing else changed from one week to the next.  My guess is that all the actual solar activity and geomagnetic stuff is kicking up a shit storm of yangy-ness in men who might tend to get pushed off-balance at the solar plexus (control/will/power) by stress to the system. 
I highly recommend using the golden moonstone in a "his and her" mattress set in exactly the way I have tried it.  You might want to make sure you take your vitamins too, cause when "his and her" issues are in balance, it tends to get "bow chika wow wow", if you know what I mean.

(1/20/15--Tales from the future.  The Golden Moonstone did not save my marriage.  I've been divorced since 6/9/14, but the year before I left, when the ex-hubs was particularly unstable, I did notice that the golden moonstone did even him out for a small length of time.  I'm sure it helped me to have the courage to get out of dodge when it was clear I couldn't stay.  For what it's worth... SC.)

Golden Moonstone Palm Stones at Enter the Earth
Christopher, my male work counterpart, also has some important things to add about the golden moonstone.  Let me copy and paste his opinion on the golden moonstone below.  You can read his blog at the House of Daedalus.    
Sunstone, moonstone, and labradorite are all cousins in the mineral family called feldspar. As the names imply, sunstone is associated with the sun, moonstone the moon. Labradorite represents the stars, especially the material from Madagascar which may contain specks of pyrite. That's sure a lot of sky in one stone family!
This golden yellow feldspar is an interesting paradox. In many traditions, yellow represents the sun and masculine energy. However almost all colorful forms of feldspar are called moonstones in the market, which is associated with the feminine. Hence the trade name yellow golden moonstone. It would be a good tool to harness the monthly sun and moon cycle, especially new moon, when only the sun is visible. These celestial bodies are also metaphors for the flow of energy in the body. Use golden yellow moonstone to balance the chakras, nadi (the channels that connect the chakras), and kundalini.

Its golden color connects it to prosperity, especially those working through childhood, emotional, or dysfunctional family patterns connected to money. Also the Navel Chakra, depicted as yellow in contemporary sources, which rules the intellect, identity, and energy levels. Work with golden yellow moonstone to reduce worry and stress, which may throw off third chakra associated body parts like the stomach.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Judgement: The Trouble with "Us" v."Them"

I've had this article written for awhile, and since I have a blog, and I hear that people yack about things that are running through their heads in them, well... here you go.     (After a little chocolate and a glass of wine, this bout of being serious should subside and I shall return to talking about pretty sparkly things.)

And now for a completely un-Stacie-like soapbox ramble...

 During this political year, the ever widening gap of "us" v. "them" troubles and saddens me.  Our government seems to be ripping itself apart in a frenzy of finger pointing and demonization of the other.  Each side so convinced of their point of view that there is no longer room for compromise or even mutual respect.  It's not just the realm of politics unfolding on CNN that troubles me, but to some degree or another, so many normal people are gathering themselves up into philosophical, like-minded herds that necessarily alienate them from anyone who has differing view points.  More disturbing, the "us" v. "them" attitude is some venomous smearing of politics, religion, nationality, philosophy, class, sex, gender preference, and race.  I may have even missed a few.       

Philosophers have long mused what is at the heart of human darkness.  What is the most corrupting flaw that turns human beings into the monsters of one another?  Lately, my opinion has been that pride that expresses as self-righteousness is the worst offender.  Self-righteousness is a draped predator in the corner of perception, settling into the conviction of those who simply decide that they have it right.  Self-righteousness is the suspension of humility and the donning of the deluded belief that personal perception is so flawless, so pure, that one is capable of knowing and speaking for Absolute Truth (or God, if the belief is founded in religion).  Self-righteous people feel entitled to judge, condemn, vilify, and perhaps even to punish.  The "us" vs. "them" dynamic is so pronounced that whomever "they" represent are often seen as an authentic threat in both general and personal ways.  Also, "they" are corrupting others with "their" wrong ways.  Now we have a fight and struggle against "them" for the opinion and agreement of those with more neutral views.  Annie, get your gun, they are coming.    

A self-righteous human being assumes to know or understand Truth so well that there is a sense that this superior understanding should place him/her in a position of power and dominion over others... who are clearly too stupid or corrupted to understand the Truth.  Every fanatic that has used a bomb on a crowded market or a Planned Parenthood, shoved people into a gas chamber, beat a homosexual to death, threw a noose over a tree limb, tossed a "witch" into a fire, or held a ridiculously hateful sign at a military funeral is forged first in the delusion of flawless perception.         

There is no such thing as perfect human because there is no such thing as perfect human perception.   Someone who is self-righteous has suspended awareness of personal bias, limitation, and the possibility of personal perceptual distortions. That is why we should not be in the business of judging one another or defining Universal Truth with 100% certainty.  We all see through our own colored lenses from a lifetime of experiences and beliefs that shape how we define everything else.  Our beliefs are often incomplete, biased, limited, or inaccurate.  Our conclusions are easily shuffled into absurd, shadowy, and grandiose places that can make monsters of anything or anyone.  Like beauty, ugliness is also often within the eye, or perception, of the Beholder.       

Be wary of the process of your own judgements and beliefs that shove other people or conclusions into tiny boxes of your own creation.  Question them.  Dig at them.  Peel them back and seek to know your own motives and intentions.    Human beings are incredibly complex.  We are at the mercy of influences from every direction that are not necessarily consciously understood.  We do not have the wisdom or authority to know or judge the heart and mind of any other human being.  We barely scratch the surface of understanding our own.  We are like blind people gathered around an elephant, trying to describe the truth of what is in front of us.  Yes, our small perspective might be right, but to dismiss other reports as wrong is to ignore the fullness of the picture.

To solve our problems, to even just be adaptable for continued human survival, we must begin to erase the deeply etched lines in the sand between "Us" and "Them".  The answers to the problems we have will almost certainly be found somewhere in the middle.  Forgive yourself and your fellow human being for being so small.  We can't help it.  It is just the way it is.  Bless Our Hearts, we are generally clueless to the overall picture, don't you think?  I have come to embrace and forgive that about myself and others, and do my best to hold working theories in an open hand, instead of a belief system inside a white knuckled fist.  I will strive (and sometimes fail) to see others through a lens of love and acceptance.  If that makes me a crystal-toting, tree-hugging, hippie, Pollyanna, dreamer, hmmmm....then bring on the patchouli and, I don't know, whatever else "those people" are into.  If I'm going to be shoved in a box, I want to be in the box where the people are totally groovy.  Oh right, I live here.  It's called Asheville. :) 

"Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods."--Albert Einstein 

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lepidolite: The "Oh Sh*t" Stone

I tell people all the time that if I could live in a rose quartz house and sleep on a lepidolite bed, that I would be a happy girl.  Lepidolite is the stone that I grab when I'm holding my head in my hands and saying, "Oh Sh*t!"  It's the stone I grab when I'm stressed, pushed beyond my ability to cope, being thrown through my "weird ceiling", or dancing on the edge of being okay and not okay.

Lepidolite is full of lithium, which is a psychiatric drug...and that would explain why I grab lepidolite when I feel like a ~Hot Effing Mess~. Thankfully, that doesn't happen very often and I have enough tools to right myself fairly quickly.  Maybe it is the large lepidolite slab that I have slipped inside my mattress that helps.  I love that thing.  It's the closest I can come to having a lepidolite bed, I guess. 

Like rose quartz, I could put lepidolite with anything, for any job, in any combination, and for any purpose... because... any healing work we do, or transitions we endure, require that we create some kind of shift from one state to another.  This means change.  Sometimes it means a whole lot of change, sometimes just a little... but we humans pretty much suck at "change".  It really tends to flip us out and makes us very uncomfortable, but there are a lot of changes that are positive, necessary, and good.  There are some changes which behoove us to ~suck up and deal~.  No one ever said growth was easy.  If it were, everyone would be doing it. :) 

Lepidolite is all about our being able to change, grow, evolve, expand, and move through necessary developmental "break throughs" with as much ease as possible.  Lately, it seems like we are all being tossed unceremoniously through our own "weird ceilings" in one way or another.  A weird ceiling is basically how far you can be pushed before freaking-the-heck-out and becoming a hot mess.  It happens when you come to an experience that contradicts a previous belief you may have held that isn't quite true.  For example, if you believed there were no such thing as ghosts/spirits or the afterlife,  and one day ~tada~, your dear Aunt Edna shows up in front of you then vanishes moments after she died.  Umm, that would probably be a little weird, eh?

The process of updating a limited, distorted, or false perception...well, it feels a lot like going crazy.  Think about it... your perception literally defines what you think is "real".... and real is what defines your "reality".  When your sense of reality gets a bit more expansive, you will first feel like you are going crazy.  That is where the "Oh Sh*t!" comes in.  Yeah, and you can't decide to take the blue pill after taking the red one.  Sorry, but there is no pushing that horse back into the barn once it's out.  If there was, I might have had a millisecond of temptation to be normal again.  But just a millisecond.  Thankfully, there is lepidolite to help me not lose my head when strange things are afoot.  And believe it or not, even as high as my weird ceiling is at this point in my life, I know I can still be thrown through it.  I learned not to say, "Nothing could surprise me anymore."  That's just telling the Universe that you are ready for the next big "holy shit" moment to knock you over.  Just take my word for that.  Or don't, and enjoy the consequences. :)

Mmm.  Lepidolite. *cuddles it*  Stacie likey.  Thanks for helping me stay sane when things get all jiggy.

Article updated 2/6/2015, 5/26/2020

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keying: How to Get Energetic Info Out Yo Rocks

Sooooooooo..... I like got this crystal... and it's got this raised triangle on it... ummm.... soooooooo, how do I... like...  get whatever info is in there? 

Anyway, I saw a post in the Metaphysical Corner group on Facebook and I thought that I would throw a little blog article about keying your crystals.

I'll be honest.  I almost never pay attention to the different "master" crystal formations.  I could give a fig about whether something is this, that, or the other.  I usually just respond to intuitive hits, not physical attributes.  But, I have one exception... Record Keepers.  When I pick up a crystal, the first thing I do is scan the faces for those little tell-tale triangles.  The triangles are supposed to designate a crystal as one that holds energetic information of some kind.  Of course, there are other crystals that don't have a triangle that I'm pretty sure have some information in em too.  You know what I mean, those crystals that you just had to have... the ones that really wrapped their little crystal fingers around you and said, "I AM YOURS.  TAKE ME HOME." 

Years ago, I used to do really in depth readings on crystals.  I called them "Crystal Whispers" and I blogged about how to do that on another article.  I had a bunch of friends that did them too.  We learned quite a lot of useful lightwork information.  (Anyone that says, "dumb as a box of rocks", clearly hasn't tried to have a conversation with a rock.  Turns out, they are pretty flippin smart.) 

Anyway, it took many years, but we figured something out that is worth sharing about retrieving information that might be stored within certain crystals.  Every once and awhile we had a crystal that wouldn't really talk to us or give us much information.  We called them our Stevie Nicks crystals because they gave us sweet visuals of a lovely, sprite-like woman in a flowing white dress just walking through the forest.   Nice... Stevie Nicks, but was there any meat in that conversation?  No.  No meat.  Just a gypsy... that she was.

I'm not sure which one of us figured the keying thing out, but eventually, we were prompted to go through a process with our crystals that was something like showing a soul identification card.  Think of it like a pass card to gain entrance to a secured area.  Some crystals seem to have information or gifts that are specific to an individual (that only one person can access) or the information/energetic gifts can be individualized (many people can access, but everyone gets whatever it is that they personally need). 

Once we began "keying" the crystals, sometimes a whole new world of information or energetic shifts opened up to us.  We also discovered that the Stevie Nicks crystals, which didn't offer much information on the first pass, often finally gave up some goods once they were keyed.  And, well..some of the information in crystals is really just some kind of energetic shift, not "information" that is in English.  It's just a buzz.  Sometimes the buzz offers something useful, but we will never really know what it was.  Just sorta the way it is in this great big land of ambiguity.

The stones/crystals you should key are definitely the obvious record keepers with the raised triangles, but also any crystal or stone (doesn't have to just be quartz) to which you have had a very strong reaction.  The ones that feel personal to you...yes, and the ones that are flashing through your mind right now.

Keying Protocol

Imagine a line of light going from your 3rd Eye (middle of your forehead), or from your heart, connecting into your crystal. 

Imagine sliding a key down this line of light and into the crystal.  The key symbolizes your soul idenfication. 

Then say, "I request to receive whatever is in my Highest Good, now please."

If it is an energetic shift, once it is completed, say, "I request to Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify, and Seal this under God, now please."
I recommend that you jot down any symbolic messages or out-in-out information immediately.  It also might be groovy to do an actual reading on the rock however you normally do that, or by using the crystal whispering strategies that I blogged about before here.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Creating a Transition Gate for the Dead and Dying

Happy Trails Symbol for Transition

Ghost Busters?

Nah, you don't need to do that.  Helping stuck spirits move along to the next appropriate place in their progression is actually not that difficult.  It was one of the first protocols that I hashed out about 14 years ago.  I was still pretty new to the process of energy work and whatnot and had a father dying of cancer.  I went on a quest to find a symbol for "transitioning spirit" and didn't find one.  So, I asked to receive one and... well, the Happy Trails non-traditional Reiki symbol for transition sorta slid out of me on All Saints Day, November, 1998.   I did use it successfully on my father to help him transition, but then found out that this symbol and process is also good for moving along ghosts, if you believe in that kind of thing. 

More funny history... I posted this symbol on my website at the time with some rudimentary instructions, and low and behold... 14 years later, if you Google it... it's all over the place.  I actually snagged my original jpg off someone elses site. (Figured that was okay since I actually drew it.)  I think someone is selling Happy Trails Reiki attunements somewhere.  Interesting, considering that they want to give you a lovely Reiki lineage certificate with it.  They do actually post me at the top, which was nice of them, but the people who claim me in their lineage... yeah, I have no idea who they are.  If you paid for Happy Trails Reiki at some point, I apologize that I wasn't better at sharing it for free, which was my actual intention when I posted it on my website.  It literally never entered my mind that someone would cut, paste, and make you pay.  *shrugs*  Whatever.  Not my karma issue... I hope.

OK, so let me remedy this now... since I have a friend who needs this kind of coaching right now...and I had someone else that needed it earlier this week.  So, seems kinda "up".  Might as well just blog it and be able to direct folks to the information from now on, without y'all having to pay... uhhh...whomever them Reiki Peeps are. 

Here are some easy instructions.... you don't actually even need to use the symbol.  The intention set is fully set and sealed and can be easily called upon without any need to draw symbols.  Back in the day, symbols were how I rolled with intention.  Nowadays, it seems more useful to just go to the intention set itself.  If you want to use the symbol, knock yourself out and go ahead and use it.  I'll add the step for Spirit Direct Attunement for it, if you would like to do that.  If you've ever taken Reiki from me before, you already have been attuned to this symbol in the Reiki process. 


If you want to attune to the Happy Trails symbol above...
1) Connect with God, your Higher Self through God, and the appropriate Spiritual Helpers through God. (I find it better to let God assign the Spiritual Helpers, but if you have a particular religious or spiritual belief system, go ahead and use the Helpers that you normally work with so long as you add "through God" to your request, please.)

2) Say, "I request to attune to Happy Trails, so long as it is appropriate and in my Highest Good, now please."

3)  Let your Spiritual Helpers do the work.  There is nothing to "do" but "receive".  When it is completed, say, "I request to Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify, and Seal this work under God, now please."  Saying "thank you" ain't a bad idea either. 

OK, you're attuned. 

(That will be $50 please..... NOT.)

Calling a Transition Gate

1) Connect with God, your Higher Self through God, and the appropriate Spiritual Helpers through God.

2) Say, "I request to initiate a Transition Gate on behalf of any Beings who may need it, so long as it is appropriate and in the Highest Good, now please." 

The intention is for the Spiritual Helpers to go and gently fetch, clear, cleanse, purify, and bring healing to whatever Being might be stuck that needs some help moving along.  As well as to clear the area of any lingering yuck, and pretty much bring as much Light and Love into the situation as possible.  You can intend to clear a house, a neighborhood... a site being featured on a paranormal TV show while you are watching it, whatever.  You aren't doing the heavy lifting, the Spiritual Helpers are doing the heavy lifting.  YOUR JOB is to be a Free Will Advocate for Divine Intervention to happen.  The Divine Intervention part ain't your job, so don't worry about that part.  It's over our pay grade.

3)  When you feel the shift in the space say, "I request to Bless, Optimize, Stablize, Amplify, and Seal this work under God, now please."  Again, saying "thank you" ain't a bad idea here either.

If you want to print out the photo and use it as a concentration point, whatever... go ahead.  It's a tool, you can use it if you want.

If you want to set up a Transition Crystalline Grid... I would update my original rock suggestions to include... Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Angelite, Apache Tears, and Mangano Calcite. 

Maybe I'll do that for August's Crystalline Grid, since it seems like work that is up at the moment.

Ok Darlings... there you go.  Who you gonna call?   Ha, yeah... God and some Spiritual Helpers, basically.  You just use that beautiful God-given Free Will to ask for Divine Intervention to happen for those poor souls.  Who knew it was that easy, eh?

And thank you for doing this work.  Wouldn't it just suck ass to be stuck inbetween dimensions, feeling like you've been abandoned?  Yuck.  Too sad.  Let's help our brothers and sisters without bodies get to where they need to be going.  It's only right.

Oh right................ if you do this work, ask your Spiritual Helpers to send a Transition Gate and interactive assistance to any "ghosts of yourself" through time too.  Gather yourself up.  You'll feel better.




Asheville Area Practitioner Spotlight: April Morley

April Morley, LMBT

Have you ever had a massage so thorough and amazing that it made you want to cry a little? Honest to goodness, I had me one of those this past Tuesday... and boy, did I need it.  Thank you April.  See, I had dropped my only child off at her new apartment in Greensboro after she attempted to drive there herself and suffered a car break down about an hour and a half away from Asheville.  *sigh*  Exactly... was hoping for a less dramatic 'kid flying from the nest' dealio... but did not get it.  So, Monday... kid launching into her college years (leaving me with an empty nest) and then a 6 hour round trip to drop her off that I didn't intend to do because her car died.

Can you say....maybe I was just a wee bit constricted in my body?  Maybe The Momma needed a little nurturing and care?  Hell yes, I did.  And thank you, Universe, for sending me April to help me rebalance myself with abundant, joyful ME time after the Monday of the Empty Nest.  I know that April was doing the massage, but I honestly felt like I was being cared for by a Cosmic Momma through her....and I just went limp and surrendered to the process.  I remember thinking, "I gratefully receive whatever nurturing and assistance I need at this time.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Whew.  April has Mojo. 

April came into the store one day in May before I facilitated the Lightbody Activation Ceremony at the White Horse Music and Spirit Center in Black Mountain.  See, April was due to fly to the UK to have her Reiki Master Attunement INSIDE Stonehenge that coming Monday.  She felt strongly prompted to do the Lightbody Activation before going.  Well... shoot, when she told me that, I absolutely got the impression that the timing of the workshop had everything to do about her going to Stonehenge... since the Lightbody Activation work basically plugs people into the Earth Grid System, Christ Consciousness Grids, and to the Tapestry of Light of other Lightworkers on the planet.  Get what I'm saying... ? 

So, sweet... modest April.  Yep.  Not fooling me.  I'm thanking you for your service.  I've got no idea what you may have Held Space for while you were in the UK, but I'm grateful.  Mmm hmm.

I actually requested that she help me in the next Lightbody Activation Event that I did at the Spirit Science Retreat on Father's Day.  See, I needed help doing the process because there were over 50 people participating in that event and I needed some helpers that I could trust with this sacred process.  I asked April and Noelle to assist me and they both said yes without hesitation.  This really wasn't a paid gig, so to speak... so I appreciated that I had people who were called to do the work regardless of that. :) 

On the road trip to find the farm where the Lightbody event was being held, it came out in conversation that April had been in Mexico and spent time studying with Hunbatz Men.  Ex-squeeze me?  So, there is another sacred site she's plugging into...umm...with Hunbatz (flippin) Men?  Right.  OK Girlfriend... yep.  Nice rainbow, by the way.  :)  Thanks again, for... uh... whatever it was. 

April in ceremony with Hunbatz Men at Chichen Itza.
Anyway, so April.  Why am I describing her in such esoteric terms?  Because she won't.  It's just not how she rolls.  She is so low key and modest, something I truly, truly love about her.  You guys know the difference between people who are ego attached to their work and people who are not.  You know how refreshing it is to be in the presence of a person who is coming from a Place of Love and Heart Service.  She loves being a massage therapist.  She loves being able to help people feel better.   It was, quite literally, one of the best massages I have had in my life.  So, she is very competent and well trained at her work.  But I'm here to tell you.... there is serious ~ value added~ stuff going on during your regular world massage session.  I don't always know details, and I try not to make conclusions at this point of my development, but....Dude.  Seriously.  That was NOT just a massage.  You go Girl.  Thank you for everything.

April works through the Healing House of Weaverville, which is a really cool house that used to belong to Mr. Weaver... for whom the town is named.  The place feels so nice.  The other practitioners there were great too.

Also... and goodie for you... if you mention that you saw this blog article you will get a $10 discount off your session.

Alrighty Darlings.... that is my featured Asheville Area Practitioner for July.  April "Mojo" Morley.... do yourself a favor and allow yourself to be nurtured for some seriously wonderful You Time that may just be a bit ~more~ than you might have anticipated.  Weee Hawww.

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