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Meaning of Epidote Included Quartz: Green Earth Healing Quartz

Several varieties of epidote included quartz.

Epidote Included Quartz

The black to green mineral epidote may form in quartz as long rods, like tourmaline, encrustations, or phantoms, ranging in color from slate gray to pistachio green. It is often sold under the trade names “Reiki Quartz”, “Dream Quartz”, or “Green Earth Keepers”, especially the elestiated green phantom quartz from Columbia and Madagascar. The term “Earth Keeper” refers to especially large quartz found at locations around the world, thought to support the earth's ley lines and vortices. Because large pieces of epidote included quartz are rare, we are using the name “Green Earth Healer” instead, since they carry a similar vibration, regardless of their size. {This paragraph is courtesy of Christopher Lee Matthews. Thanks Chris!} 
The Green Earth Healer Quartz has many extremely powerful and practical qualities that makes it a must-have in the tool box of the serious energy worker, healer, herbalist, or for anyone who requires deep and profound healing, restoration, or “plugging back in” to systems of support in either the spiritual or physical levels. Green Earth Healer Quartz is a bridge, an amplifier, a weaver, an anchor, a purifier, and a teacher of the hidden wisdom of nature. Use it to assist you to maximize the vital properties of the herbal kingdom, to attract or call in abundance and prosperity, or to fully anchor and regulate higher spiritual energies to the physical level for healing, reconnection, or manifestation. It can be used as a an active healing tool during energy work sessions, in a gem elixir, as meditation piece, or in earth healing ceremony.
Christopher and I did our initial reading on epidote included quartz back in June of 2013. I immediately began putting one in my pillow case as a sleep stone and then included them in grids for earth healing work and personal support. One got buried at a sacred site with a medicine bundle intended to dispel negative energy associated with my divorce and to help release me from inappropriate energetic connections/intent coming from my ex. (Yeah, that's why I've been so quiet lately. It's been an intense several months for me!) So, I dare say, these sweet green crystals have already made a significant, positive contribution in real ways in my own world.

I'm a fan.
General Qualities of Epidote Included Quartz
Weaving Energetic Structure
Creating Intention Sets
Energy Nets
Team Weaver
Altered State Assistance
Grounds/Anchors Energy/Spiritual Work into the Physical
Optimizes healing efforts
Manifestation of any kind
Full system worker
Affinity to Nature, Nature Spirits, Devas
Global Lightwork (Distant or Local)
Modulation of work done for good of all
Activates the vital principles of nature
Connection to with Wisdom of Nature
Key to Sacred Sites on Planet
Moderates ability to pull from Earth Energy for healing and vitality.
Green Blow Torch
Removes Parasites/Cords
Clears Patterns/Awareness of Patterns
Clearing energy pathways
Corrects misalignments by removing blockages in free flow of system.
Assists in understanding signatures or characteristics of other things
Access to Wisdom of Nature
Understanding of personal needs for health and healing
Green Goggles
Divine Template Realignment
Abundance and Success
Anchors spiritual assistance to the physical
Success in long term career situations
Good Luck
Dream/Dreamtime/Altered States
Good time to access assistance
Interpretation of Dreams
Explanation of some of the symbolism received in the reading:

Woven Baskets and Nets: Clearly an energy weaver. This makes it useful for assembling end game energy work, such as manifestation work, cooperative spiritual energy work, or any work associated with pulling from multiple modalities.  

Bridge: The crystal seems to be a bridge in a few ways. One, it clearly represents both the mineral and herbal kingdom. Two, it is a bridge between the spiritual and physical levels. The elestial versions of this crystal would have magnified “bridge” qualities as elestials are also seen as a bridge between the physical and spiritual levels. It is also a bridge between humans and the natural world to help you connect in with the land for meditation, lightwork, to interact with sacred site energy, or to do corrective work on the earth, or on your personal land.

Cocoon: In my own work, energetic cocoons were a protocol in healing processes that required a person or situation to be buffered and “treated” with a particular vibration to initiate and support a healing shift of some sort that unfolded over a period of time. Cocoons are a form of protection, but generally the type of protection that is useful while in the vulnerable period of undergoing a change of state.

Green Flame/Green Torch: There is a purification element associated with the epidote included quartz that I think is best facilitated with intention. The visuals were of negativity being blasted away into green flames. In my own experience, since the initial reading, it seems that the epidote, while being a bridge, can also “burn bridges”, or interrupt inappropriate connections, such as removing negative attachments, sometimes referred to as “cords”. This would make using this kind of crystal quite useful in de-cording work, or what I call “Inner Door Work”. Also, the purification element of this crystal also specifically referenced removing negative patterns within a system, which would make this a good tool for those who are trying to do repair and correction work, or to bring their system back into alignment with their pure templates.

Anchor: As part of the same message as a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds, this crystal helps to process and regulate energies so that they can be optimally applied at this level of being. This means, essentially, that energy healers can use the crystal to help download, regulate, and process healing energy, which is likely why one of its trade names is “Reiki Quartz”. Also, any manifestation process is enhanced by the regulation and grounding of higher vibrational energies or ideals to this level.

Cave: Caves are associated as “Womb of the Earth”, the alchemical, as a place for retreat, recovery, and rest. This is not unlike the cocoon reference. So we are getting two similar, if slightly nuanced, ideas of the crystal being like a safe natural place of refuge, recovery, and transformation.

Green Glasses: The wearing of rose colored glasses means that you see things through the lens or perspective of a loving or idealistic viewpoint. To wear “green glasses” would mean to be able to toggle your perspective more readily to the natural world, or to the Wisdom of Nature. This would make this type of crystal very useful for herbalists, global lightworkers, environmentalists, or anyone who needs to apply natural wisdom within their work. It would also help to connect to land related spirits. The perspective shift would also support you to understand the natural world better and to glean information and wisdom. For example, the epidote included quartz would make an excellent tool with which to discern the metaphysical properties of any natural object, such as a rock or plant.

Bear: Bear symbolism is associated with altered states, dreams, healing, rest, herbal medicine, and physical vitality. Bears are also, of course, associated with hibernating inside of caves, which was also mentioned by itself. So we have reference to both the sacred space of healing and becoming, as well as the totemic medicine associated with that type of space. This is likely where the “Dream Quartz” associations come in, as it seems to be indicating that it can do its work well through periods of recovery. It is possible that this kind of quartz may be able to enhance lucid dreaming or medicine dreams, as well as to help connect you to your own spiritual helpers to provide you with a healing session during your dream state.

Turtle Dragon: . Christopher saw the crystal deva riding a dragon with the shell of a turtle, which is a mythical Chinese creature. A turtle has its buffered home around him, into which he can retreat at a moments notice, so here is a third mention of this “safe going within” aspect to the energies. Turtles also represent restoration, protection, earth healing, the cosmos, longevity, and good luck. When you add the dragon, you add raw elemental power and potency, but it is expressed through the taming energy of the turtle, which would give it a steady and balanced output, particularly in increasing abundance in ones career.

Snake: Christopher had a healing experience while we were reading the crystal. His heart filled up with green fluid and then spread out to his body. He described the movement down his spine as “snake energy”. This would translate as “nadi” clearing (subtle energy channels), as well as bringing in themes of transformation, death/rebirth, healing, removal of poison, and major life transitions. Again, we see themes of purification, regulation, healing, transformation, and the removal of things that are harmful.

Emeralds: Whenever other stones are referenced within a reading, it means, “I am like this energy too.” Emeralds were mentioned within the symbols of purification. Emeralds used to be known as a way to counteract poison. In this instance, both Christopher and I were reminded of “anti-curse” work we have done to support ourselves through the negative intentions directed at us from others, and that is to what the emerald reference seemed to refer. Anti-curse work is a type of “bridge burning”, in my opinion, or de-cording from inappropriate influence.

Jade: Jade is associated with longevity, healing, strength, prosperity, endurance, fortitude, and dreams. This crosses over several previous associations. Whenever you begin to see multiple references in a reading, you are getting a good hit on the validity of its patterns of energy.

Ammolite: Ammonites regulate how energy moves and maximizes and optimizes flow within the chakra system. Ammolite, which is the opalescent layer of an ammonite, is associated with success. In this reference, we see the patterns of abundance, success, and regulation of energy, yet again.

Wormwood: This leaf is known for its medicinal uses of expelling parasites from the system. I believe that this speaks to the purification qualities, already mentioned, as energetic parasites often represent blockages within a system.

Apothecary: The apothecary reference means that the crystal can be used to magnify and maximize the potency of the herbal medicines, tinctures, or even vibrational elixirs, such as gem elixirs. The epidote included quartz would make an excellent gem elixir on it's own, or to help strengthen other blends as a “technical worker”.

Recommended Ways to Work Epidote Included Quartz:
Earth Healing Work 
Sleep Healing Work
Gem Elixir
Antidote/Purification of Intentional Harm
Hand piece for meditation
Manifestation Work
Suggested Action Statements to Initiate Energy Work:

I request to connect to God/the Divine, my Higher Self, and my appropriate Spiritual Helpers, now please.”

I ask for all work to be corrected and applied in perfection.”

I request to connect to the epidote included quartz and the Wisdom of Nature, now please.”

I request to initiate cleansing, clearing, and purification, and to remove anything not present in my Highest Good, now please.” (For yourself or for the land.)

I request to restore a smooth and harmonious energy flow within my system, now please.” (Or apply it to the land.)

I request to anchor to and restore a smooth and harmonious flow between myself and the Earth, now please.”

I request to anchor to and restore a smooth and harmonious flow between myself and the spiritual level, and for any incoming spiritual energies to be perfectly regulated according to my ability to process and integrate them safely, now please.”

I request for all work to be Blessed, Optimized, Stabilized, Amplified, and Sealed, under God/Divine Will, now please.”

How to Care for it:
Rest near tree roots
Time in the earth after long term work
Occasional smudging or power breath as needed
Plays well with:
Red Jasper
Green and Red Ray stones
Nature Spirit connected stones
Plants/Herbs of all kinds
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