Golden Moonstone: Sunny Moon, Moonie Sun.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Golden Moonstone: Sunny Moon, Moonie Sun.

Beautiful Golden Moonstone Sphere at Enter the Earth

Nader, Glorious Owner of Enter the Earth, just got in a new shipment of goodies from Madagascar not too many weeks ago. Sometimes, when he is traveling to the mines and surveying what specimens to buy, a very limited supply of one thing or another shows up and he buys it. (See,they like Nader over there and keep the "best stuff" for him.) Anyway, this golden moonstone was among the ~stop my heart~, weird and wonderful stones that showed up in the boxes.
What I believe about these special moonstones is that they are Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine... hmm, rectification. Obviously, the color indicates that it interacts with and "tickles" the solar plexus. The solar plexus is all about will, power, strength, action, and even charisma, like having a "sunny personality". So, this stone interacts with personal power, potency, and will. If you are out of balance in this area, you might be a bit of a bully or way too easy to push around, depending on which way your imbalance swings.
Golden Yellow Moonstone: Personal power rectification and realignment, whether you have an outtie or an innie.

If, for example, you have an Alpha Male at home, and all that testosterone is being amplified "ugly" by the extremes in the magnetic field of the earth lately (darn solar flares!)...this would be an excellent type of stone to have within the energy field of that man to help redirect, realign, and harmonize that manly, man energy so that it, how shall I say... chills him the heck out? Brings him back into balance with his softer side? Ummmm... yes, put a little yin in that yang already, you're knocking things over with that swing!
Likewise, this golden moonstone would help a female to butch up a little, if she is not embodying and holding her personal power in an appropriate way. So, yes.. put a little yang in that yin already, no one can hear you! You've got a roar in there, I just KNOW you do.
After hanging out with this golden moonstone for a little while, I realized that I have felt this energy before.  I had to look back into my crystal whisper archives to refresh my memory, but I did locate the reading.  The first time I was introduced to this vibration was in the form of yellow jade.  The reading was pretty long, but the jist was that the energy of the stone wasn't just a vibration, but a doorway to a type of healing space that was manned (ha!) by a collective of solar/lunar female spiritual beings.  The healing work that they assisted with was for the Sacred Union of the Divine Fe/Male.  It also spoke of "joy infusion" for those of us who were feeling weary about the unfolding world a type of global lightworker support too.  The healing work, that I then envisioned was facilitated by solar aligned "lunar goddesses" was done while a person was asleep. 
Because the former reading recommended sleep work, I decided that I would explore the golden moonstone energies in my own space.  See, I have me one of those alpha males at home, and lately, he's been waaay too yang.  Since I have standing permission to do healing work on him, so long as I don't bug him about it, I basically shoved a flat golden moonstone gallet (flat oval stone) under the mattress, in roughly the space that would line up with his solar plexus.  Likewise, I shoved a second one under my side of the bed, also lined up with my solar plexus.  The intention that I set was for both of us to be supported and balanced at the solar plexus and to rectify any fe/male power imbalance. 
Wow, I'm happy to say, he responded almost immediately.  His yang is evening out now, and let me tell you, I'm grateful.  Since he is unaware of this work (and he doesn't read my blog), I cannot chalk the shift in him to "suggestion".  I did also put a tourmalinated quartz under the mattress, up by his head, but otherwise, nothing else changed from one week to the next.  My guess is that all the actual solar activity and geomagnetic stuff is kicking up a shit storm of yangy-ness in men who might tend to get pushed off-balance at the solar plexus (control/will/power) by stress to the system. 
I highly recommend using the golden moonstone in a "his and her" mattress set in exactly the way I have tried it.  You might want to make sure you take your vitamins too, cause when "his and her" issues are in balance, it tends to get "bow chika wow wow", if you know what I mean.

(1/20/15--Tales from the future.  The Golden Moonstone did not save my marriage.  I've been divorced since 6/9/14, but the year before I left, when the ex-hubs was particularly unstable, I did notice that the golden moonstone did even him out for a small length of time.  I'm sure it helped me to have the courage to get out of dodge when it was clear I couldn't stay.  For what it's worth... SC.)

Golden Moonstone Palm Stones at Enter the Earth
Christopher, my male work counterpart, also has some important things to add about the golden moonstone.  Let me copy and paste his opinion on the golden moonstone below.  You can read his blog at the House of Daedalus.    
Sunstone, moonstone, and labradorite are all cousins in the mineral family called feldspar. As the names imply, sunstone is associated with the sun, moonstone the moon. Labradorite represents the stars, especially the material from Madagascar which may contain specks of pyrite. That's sure a lot of sky in one stone family!
This golden yellow feldspar is an interesting paradox. In many traditions, yellow represents the sun and masculine energy. However almost all colorful forms of feldspar are called moonstones in the market, which is associated with the feminine. Hence the trade name yellow golden moonstone. It would be a good tool to harness the monthly sun and moon cycle, especially new moon, when only the sun is visible. These celestial bodies are also metaphors for the flow of energy in the body. Use golden yellow moonstone to balance the chakras, nadi (the channels that connect the chakras), and kundalini.

Its golden color connects it to prosperity, especially those working through childhood, emotional, or dysfunctional family patterns connected to money. Also the Navel Chakra, depicted as yellow in contemporary sources, which rules the intellect, identity, and energy levels. Work with golden yellow moonstone to reduce worry and stress, which may throw off third chakra associated body parts like the stomach.

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