March 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Manifesting a Luscious Life

Mmm... A luscious life.

Yep, I want one of those.  I bet you do too.

Luscious.  Hmm.  What is that exactly?  I know I really like the word and how it rolls off the tongue.  It has substance and texture. 

According to Oxford
Luscious: having a pleasingly rich, sweet taste, richly verdant or opulent, or very sexually attractive.  (Ooo, la, la!)

There are a lot of other terms going on here, so I want to go ahead and define some of those too:
Verdant:green with grass or other rich vegetation, of the bright green color of lush grass.
Opulent:ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish.
Luxurious: extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable, especially in a way that involves great expense.
Lavish: sumptuously rich, elaborate, or luxurious, very generous or extravagant:, spent or given in profusion, such as lavish praise.
Sumptuous: splendid and expensive-looking.
Splendid: magnificent; very impressive, excellent; very good.

~~In my humble opinion, I think that a "luscious life" is one that is sweet and magnificent in a way that is valuable to you personally.~~

My idea of a luscious life might be radically different than the luscious life of others.  Though, I think that human beings tend to need some of the same things on a general basis.

Christopher Lee Mathhews and I facilitated a workshop the other weekend called, "Luscious Life: Abundance, Good Luck, and Manifestation", and while we did discuss the stones that are traditionally linked to these concepts, and some techniques to use to activate those energies, we linked some fairly zoomy direct energy work protocols into the fun.  Our workshops seem to be quickly morphing into informative healing sessions, instead of just technique/concept lessons.  I dig it.   
Chris is a sound healer, a pretty darn good one at that, and I can't recreate that here in the blog for you, but I'm the intention set artist and energy download weaver, and I can do my best to weave the work into an easy to use format that you should be able to simply "call in" once we do the appropriate set up.  Game? :) 
<I stole some text from my Solar Storm Mitigation article below, so if this looks familiar, you aren't having a psychic moment.  I just wrote up the process of what I do well enough in that article that I snagged it for this one too, and just tweaked it to apply to this specific work.  The technique is the technique is the technique.  Only the details change depending on the type of assistance you are trying to set up.>
Some of you are familiar with the way I set up energy work, like in my book, Awake in Angelscape. It's kind of the "easy button" way of creating energy weaves of useful assistance. It is like creating a download or process within one action command. I used to call these "moments", now I just call the phrase to call the energy set an "action statement". Umm, think it of like a prayer that is set up so all you have to do is call it by name, instead of reciting the whole thing to connect in with the energies. I've also described it as calling into a pre-recorded message, but the message is an energy download intended to deal with a specific issue. It is a spiritually based "ask and receive" system, as it does absolutely require spiritual cooperation to work. In fact, I call this kind of work "Cooperative Spiritual Energy Work" cause.. well, I don't know what else to call it and it fits.
Anyway, the process isn't that difficult, but it does require some up front time-on-task. I essentially articulate the goal that I want from the work. In this instance, I have called it "Manifesting a Luscious Life". That is the goal. We want to manifest a Luscious Life for ourselves in whatever way makes sense to us as individuals.  I'm going to use a longer concept goal or objective in this instance, instead of just a simple phrase.  I do it both ways, short phrase goal v. long winded goal, depending on what kind of work I'm doing.   
<Note: For this work, I am going to use MY idea of a Luscious Life. I will articulate both the goal/objective and the intention set details that make sense to ME...which you can use as a template to edit and tweak as you see fit. "Stacie's Luscious Life" may suck ass to some of you, so don't be lazy about this, you will have to actually do some thinking and considering about what YOU want for your own life.  There are some technical support details that you should keep "as is", such as the creation of a Guide Team, and so on, but I will clearly mark the technical intentions.>
Stacie's "Luscious Life" Goal/Objective Statement
I would like to manifest and maintain a Luscious Life.  To me, this means to live a spiritually guided and Divinely Aligned life that is lived with courage, joy, passion, purpose, and gratitude, in which I have everything I need to evolve, sustain, nurture, inspire, and share my unique gifts, skills, talents, and abilities with the world, and to empower others to do the same.
OK, now it's your turn. What is your goal/objective statement for your Luscious Life?  If you like mine so much you want to use it, fine with me.  If you want to scrap it and start over, fine with me.  Just ~own it~.
The next step is to list the intention set that I think supports the goal of the work. 
I try to put as much thought into this part because it seems to matter that I articulate my "free will" in a specific way. However, since I am aware that I'm a tiny, little, limited human (at the moment), I then take what I think I need and kick it up to the spiritual level to be corrected in perfection and brought within Divine Will. I call this "Spiritual CYA" (Cover Your Ass) because, well, just because you can throw your free will around in the manifestation process, doesn't mean you should. I give God/Divine Will overriding editing rights over every utterance I make, every intention I assemble, because... well, I'm not interested in working against Divine Will. Once it's been kicked up to the Big Guy/Gal for correction and editing, then I seal the work so it maintains its integrity in perpetuity.
Intention Set Supporting Goal
Stacie's Luscious Life is one...

*in which I feel supported, guided, protected, safe, nurtured, and loved to be the best version of myself through God as possible, which means that I continually cultivate and evolve into what I call my “Sacred Self” or “Divine Self”.

*where I am physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy, vital, and fit.

*where my loved ones are safe, healthy, and thriving.

*where I get to apply my God-given talents, skills, abilities, and passions, in productive and prosperous ways, in service to the Highest Possible Outcome to Unfold on Earth with as much Ease, Grace, Mercy, Compassion, and Love as possible. 
*where I have enough material resources to meet my real world needs, as well as to engage in opportunities and experiences that bring me joy, or in some way enhance my life in the Highest Good, such as travel, educational experiences, and so on.

*where I have enough material, emotional, and spiritual resources to share freely in whatever way I believe increases joy in others.

*in which I can express myself creatively through whatever medium I care to play with at any given time. 

*in which I have trust, faith, and courage to experience things beyond my comfort zone and to release that which no longer serves me with as much Ease and Grace as possible.

*where there is mutual love, respect, support, and empowerment in my close and personal relationships. 

*where I have a passionate, loving, and mutually supportive relationship with a life-partner.

*that, barring the opportunity to be supported and loved by friends, family, or an intimate life-partner, that I still feel supported and loved by the Divine, and that I consistently endeavor to fill my need for love and acceptance at the Divine Level first.

*where I accept myself in all my Divinely Imperfect Humanness, and where I can forgive myself when I don’t always accept myself in all my Divine Imperfect Humanness.

*where I continue to grow, experience new things, and explore, both my inner and outer worlds, and where there is always challenge to my perceived limits, with Ease and Grace.

*that takes unavoidable events of pain, loss, and discomfort and allows them to refine, improve, and move me beyond my own attachments, distortions, and limitations, with as much Ease and Grace as possible.

*that continually brings me to a place of fewer and fewer limits, of any kind, with Ease and Grace, until I am able to responsibly wield and purposefully engage having no limits at all. 

*that, at its conclusion, has left the world a better place for having lived it, and which leaves no regrets worth mentioning, no mistakes unforgiven, and no authentic and deep love or passion unexpressed.

OK, now it's your turn. What are your intentions supporting your goal/objective statement for your Luscious Life?  Yes, I did give mine some thought and I have been at this "intention creation" stuff for many, many years.  Still, that doesn't mean I got them all.  I'm not "all that and a bag of chips" of intentions.  If you have some good intentions, leave them as a comment so you can share your insight with others. 

<Note: I think this has been said before, but you need to edit and tweak the intention set above, unless my Luscious Life looks Luscious to you too.  If you like my intentions, but have more of your own, add them.  If you want to scrap it all and make your own, scrap them.  I don't care.  You have to put your back into defining your own Luscious Life.>

<Note #2: OK, below are the technical intentions, which I recommend you leave intact, unless you have an ideological issue with any of it and need to tweak it to fit your belief system.  This sets up the spiritual guide team (consistent to your own religious and spiritual reality) and gives "God/The Divine" permission to do the heavy lifting, aka "Divine Intervention".  Groovy? >

*I request the creation of an authentic and Divinely Aligned "Guidance Team" for immediate and ongoing support for me to consistently be guided and supported to make the most appropriate choices, and to take advantage of the most appropriate opportunities and circumstances, which will manifest a Luscious Life, as defined by me.

*I give permission for God/my Guide Team to assist me in any way that is appropriate and in Divine Alignment/Will to support me in acknowledging, defining, and achieving as Luscious of a Life as possible, within my personal level of development. 

*I give my Guide Team permission to facilitate, on my behalf, any appropriate and Divinely Aligned energy healing, or other appropriate shifts, known or unknown, as needed, to support my living a Luscious Life, with Ease and Grace.

*I give permission for the Divine to intervene, correct, and provide me with perfected integrity in life, such that I may function, receive, and manifest above and beyond my limits and personal level of development, when appropriate and in the Highest Good.

*I give permission for the Divine to make improvements to my vision and understanding of a Luscious Life, to include opportunities, events, and experiences so wonderful that I may not be able to envision them myself at this time.

*I request the purification and removal of any obstacles, known or unknown, to living a Luscious Life now; such as the correction of perceptual distortions of any kind, the removal of incoherent, contrary, or subversive patterns of any kind, the neutralization and removal of inappropriate influence of any kind, and the removal of energetic blockages of any kind that hinders the Divine Flow that supports a Luscious Life. 

*I request ongoing support to understand, heal, and shift any other obstacles to living a Luscious Life, which cannot be shifted at this time, because it serves a purpose as part of my spiritual growth and evolution.

*I request all lessons and growth events to be initiated with Ease and Grace. 

*I request to Hold Space to anchor the energies of living a Luscious Life outward into larger systems, as appropriate, when appropriate, for Humanity in general. (Think of it like a positive domino effect on a global level.) 

<Note: This last intention is the Grand Poo Bah of technical CYA elements.  This puts everything back in Divine Hands for correction and tweaking.  If you aren't willing to be edited by the Divine/God, please don't do this work.  Seriously. Dude.  You are too little to be throwing your Free Will around without some Divine Rectification and Oversight.>
*I request for all intentions of this Cooperative Spiritual Contract to be corrected in perfection, brought within Divine Will, and then Blessed, Optimized, Stabilized, Amplified, and Sealed under God/the Divine, such that it can be called in full potency by using the action statement below, and that it maintains its integrity, support, and potency in perpetuity. 
Amen, Aho, So Be It, Make it So... or whatever you say at the end of a prayer.
And hey, how about a hearty round of "Thank You. Thank You. Thank You." to go with it? :)
Alrighty then.  Hard part over.  Setting up the "easy button" requires some up front work, but once it is articulated and "signed off" on, getting the assistance pretty much depends on your staying conscious and attentive enough that you can acknowledge and receive the support you need.
Are you ready for the fun part?  Let's hit the easy button together by saying the action statement below.  All together now.....
"I request to manifest my Luscious Life, now please!"
Just close your eyes and allow yourself to experience whatever you experience.  If you want, you can go into a visualization and go and meet your Guide Team.  They may have some wisdom to share with you, or may do some energy work on you to release blockages to living a Luscious Life.   
I usually follow up the Cooperative Contract with a guided meditation, but it isn't necessary if you aren't terribly hot for visualizations.  It can be a powerful way to punctuate the direct energy downloads, however, so if you are good at visualization, do try to add it to your process.
I recommend reaffirming the action statement above every night before going to sleep, then allowing your Guide Team to do whatever tinkering and assisting is needed while you are in la la land. Then... by golly, follow your prompts, say your prayers, be grateful, and start living that Luscious Life now! :) 
The Luscious Life Workshop Recap
Now, of course, we also have all sorts of stone resources that support "Luscious Life".  In fact, it was a grid that Chris and I worked on weeks ago that inspired the whole of this work.  During the workshop, we used the Luscious Life Crystalline Stone Grid, among several others, to create a Super Grid to support the work.  The other grids were "Root Chakra", for grounding into the physical, "Chakra Whirlwind Whirly Gig", for clearing blockages in the energy field to free flow, and an Abundance Grid, which supports abundance (duh) and prosperity energies.  We created a vibrational elixir that everyone got to drink during the guided meditation, as well as using Holy Water to help cleanse the auric field and anywhere blockages showed up during the toning work. 
"Luscious Life" Crystalline Stone Grid
Super Grid used during the workshop.

As soon as the Luscious Life Crystalline Stone Grid is ready for purchase on eBay, I'll post it in here.  The stones, and Dear God...there are a lot of them, are: Turqouise center, pyrite, golden quartz, amethyst, jade, Quantum Quattro Silica, rose quartz, lodolite, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.  We also will have a pouch with singles.  Chris is working on the pictures for them and then I'll post it on eBay. :)
Christopher and I have a brand new website and blog. :)  I'm going to leave archived blog articles up in here, but all new articles will be published under the new site.

Our new website is here:

Our new blog, which we have integrated together, is here: