Crystal Whispering | Learn How to Read Your Crystals

Monday, March 26, 2012

Crystal Whispering | Learn How to Read Your Crystals

What is Crystal Whispering?

Crystal "Whispering" is the process of diving much deeper into the energies of your crystals and gemstones to explore and discover the unique qualities and assistance that they may help you to facilitate.

There are many good books on the market that give energetic "what up" descriptions of rocks and gemstones out there... and I love them all... but if you begin and end your journey of understanding with the stone books available, you are missing a world of information.

I began "whispering" rocks and crystals well over a decade ago and have learned so much that can't be found in books.  When I was in that "receptive to information" state, all sorts of information came through, such as becoming more aware of my own personal healing issues, past-life issues, activating past-life wisdom, as well as healing protocols and strategies to initiate effective energy work that went far deeper and more expansive than just working with the stone or crystal in question.  There were many times that I received direct energy downloads or healing work as I was in the process of reading the crystal.  When I say it got trippy sometimes, I ain't lying.

In fact, reading crystals eventually led me to discover that anything I could do with a rock, I could do without one.  That's good teaching, right there.  But, all things equal, I still like working with rocks because they are physical and tangible and I like touch.  Plus, they are pretty.  I like pretty, sparkly things.  It all comes down to connection.  When you connect and ask to receive useful information, rock or no, the Divine figures out a way to put that time to good use.  The rocks and crystals are excellent focal points for concentrated connection. 

Why Whisper Your Own Rocks?

The stone properties books give you the stereotypes and generalities of a particular 'culture' or type of rock, but they cannot help you to define what unique qualities attracted you to THAT stone over others of the same family. Also, everyone who has ever written a stone properties book has had to sit down with a particular stone to juice out what it is good for, but stones and crystals speak in vibration, not English. Not only is there a translation issue to deal with, but every single person that translates that energy has to do so by filtering that vibration through their own energy field, their own bias, and their own perspective. Your filters and perspectives could be entirely different and the energies of a particular class of rock could tickle you in vastly different ways. 

So the books are helpful, certainly, but they cannot tell you how the rock in your hand tickles your specific system in unique and wonderful ways. In order to really "know" your rocks and discover how they can assist you (or the other way around) you need to give them the time and attention to tell you what else they can do. You can get to know them for the individuals that they truly are and go layers deeper into the potential than you may have if you allowed the books to define your entire relationship.

Preparing to Work

All energy work or spiritual work should begin with responsible practices.  If you are opening yourself as wide as you can to receive energetic information, you should dang well make sure your energetic doors are locked and you surround yourself with only those spiritual helpers who function within Divine Will.  Seriously.  Also, you want to establish good assistance and to be prepared to get into the space where the work will be easier.  Here are the steps I generally use before I begin working:

-I ask to connect to the Divine (God), my Higher Self, and the appropriate spiritual helpers.  I actually requested the creation of a "Crystal Whisper Team" many years ago.  I don't have to identify any helper specifically, which helps me not to attach to them. 
-I reaffirm that I am in safe, sacred space, where only that which is within my Highest Good may enter.
-I ask to be prepared for work in the most appropriate way.  (It's amazing how obvious requests make a difference.)
-I ask for my own biases and perceptual distortions be mitigated in whatever way is possible.
-I request to "attune" and connect to the stone or crystal, which puts me on the same page.  I usually send gratitude and love first, because it's just polite to offer my gratitude before asking for service. 
-I sometimes use other rocks that are helpful for connection, divination, and psychic awareness, such as inner ear whale bones (they look like human ears), dark blue stones, purple stones, high vibrational stones, and so on.  I may activate a crystal grid in my space to expand my own ability, take a gem elixir, or actually use the stone I'm whispering in a crystal grid or as a gem elixir.
-I tell my left-brain to go its happy place.  I intentionally suspend my desire to make logical sense of anything as it's happening and agree to do all of that AFTER. 
-"Key" your rock or crystal in case there is information specific to you.  Think of it as swiping an id card to get into a room that only those who are supposed to go may enter.  You can read more about this protocol here.
-TAKE GOOD NOTES.  You won't remember everything later.  Intuitive information is always symbolic and dreamy.  Please just go with it while it's happening and DON'T EDIT yourself or what you see.  Sometimes even the most insignificant image can be very important.  Write down everything. 

Ways to Crystal Whisper

1) AttuneThis was part of preparation for work, but sometimes just attuning to a rock and paying attention to where it "tickles" me gives me good information.  Since I'm more touchy/feely with my clair skills, I can far more easily feel where I'm getting buzzed in my body.  Attuning also starts the conversation and begins the connection.  If it buzzes particular chakras, I can interpret the assistance through where it tickles me.  I can make some educated guesses if my energy feels higher and lighter or more feels more grounded and stabilized.  I can also ask myself, "When would I want this rock around me?"     

2) Direct Psychic Work: Meeting the Deva or Receiving Images  Depending on your visual psychic or clair ability, this is like plugging in directly and requesting information, then recording it.  This could look like connecting the "deva" of the stone, which is a personification of the energies that you can meet and with whom you can chat and ask questions.  Honestly, I can't really do this.  I'm not visual enough.  My co-worker, Christopher, can do this easily.  When we read a new rock, he goes in to meet the deva first and I just record what he is doing.  When I go in for direct information, I get hazy single images or very short snippets of action.  I also will get flashes of other rocks that I have read before that is a message that means, "I'm similar to that one." 

Direct psychic whispers on rocks, at least for me, is a lot of effort.  I am more tactile and kinesthetic, as far as my 'clair' skill (the buzz), so going in through symbolic images is a bit exhausting.  It is, however, quite amazing how much information can be given through a single symbolic image.  In this instance, a picture really is worth a thousand words. 

Some of you that are more visual may be able to plug in like Christopher does.  If you can, groovy.  Practice, practice, practice.  Ask good questions.  Write it down.

3) Divination 
Because the direct psychic reading was so exhausting for me, I eventually created tools and strategies for myself to work smarter instead of harder.  I actually created an entire 'Crystal Whisper" divination deck that I printed out on pre-perforated business cards and then laminated.  After many years of the direct psychic method, I had a pretty good idea of the 'categories' of assistance into which the rocks could be sorted.  These were also still generalities, of course, but they were work specific categories that were more meaningful to me than the general stuff in the books.

I will often go to several different divination decks and do readings just like I would do a reading on a person or a situation.  I like doing several decks because each deck has different language and nuances that one card pull doesn't allow.  Also, you'd be surprised, but you WILL see repeating themes and main keywords.  I personally love that part.  I want to see repetitive messages.  That is how I know that I'm on the right track.

4) Work It, Work It...
Once you get some information, try to apply it in some real way to work you are doing.  A lot of how a rock or crystal may be of use can become clear AS you are investigating different techniques.  Hey, I'm all for the trial and discover method of research.  A lot gets worked out when you are actively engaging a process. 

5) Decoding the Information
Hey, left side brain, your presence is now required.  You may have pages of symbolic information and notes about your experiences that still doesn't tell you anything practical.  Now you have to decode it.  Where are the repeating patterns, phrases, words?  Look up images in your dream and symbol dictionaries.  Start putting the puzzle together with single observations or concepts, then look to see where those single concepts begin to paint a bigger picture. 

A single crystal whisper can take hours, even days.  The more ways you use to whisper, the more comparisons you can make, the more repetitive themes you will see, the clearer everything will become.  Sometimes you will only get a piece of the puzzle that you can handle or work with at a given time, so stay open to further prompts to do another reading at a later date.  After all, you cannot conceive of something you cannot conceive of yet.  You can only receive and translate information with which you have a frame to grasp.  As you grow and mature with more and more experience, there is more in your head to work with as far as communicating a concept. 

Good luck and happy whispering!

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