Lepidolite: The "Oh Sh*t" Stone

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lepidolite: The "Oh Sh*t" Stone

I tell people all the time that if I could live in a rose quartz house and sleep on a lepidolite bed, that I would be a happy girl.  Lepidolite is the stone that I grab when I'm holding my head in my hands and saying, "Oh Sh*t!"  It's the stone I grab when I'm stressed, pushed beyond my ability to cope, being thrown through my "weird ceiling", or dancing on the edge of being okay and not okay.

Lepidolite is full of lithium, which is a psychiatric drug...and that would explain why I grab lepidolite when I feel like a ~Hot Effing Mess~. Thankfully, that doesn't happen very often and I have enough tools to right myself fairly quickly.  Maybe it is the large lepidolite slab that I have slipped inside my mattress that helps.  I love that thing.  It's the closest I can come to having a lepidolite bed, I guess.  

If you aren't quite ready to try on the straight jacket as far as your needs, it is still so very soothing and "chillaxing".  I dunno, like rock Xanax, I guess.  We created a crystal grid that specifically intends to chill you out.  We didn't know what to call it at first, so it went through a few titles before we settled on "Blissed Out".  Lepidolite is a major player in this grid with scolecite at the center (selenite on crack), white aventurine, girasol quartz, amethyst, ocean jasper, fluorite.

Like rose quartz, I could put lepidolite with anything, for any job, in any combination, and for any purpose... because... any healing work we do, or transitions we endure, require that we create some kind of shift from one state to another.  This means change.  Sometimes it means a whole lot of change, sometimes just a little... but we humans pretty much suck at "change".  It really tends to flip us out and makes us very uncomfortable, but there are a lot of changes that are positive, necessary, and good.  There are some changes which behoove us to ~suck up and deal~.  No one ever said growth was easy.  If it were, everyone would be doing it. :) 

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Lepidolite is all about our being able to change, grow, evolve, expand, and move through necessary developmental "break throughs" with as much ease as possible.  Lately, it seems like we are all being tossed unceremoniously through our own "weird ceilings" in one way or another.  A weird ceiling is basically how far you can be pushed before freaking-the-heck-out and becoming a hot mess.  It happens when you come to an experience that contradicts a previous belief you may have held that isn't quite true.  For example, if you believed there were no such thing as ghosts/spirits or the afterlife,  and one day ~tada~, your dear Aunt Edna shows up in front of you then vanishes moments after she died.  Umm, that would probably be a little weird, eh?

The process of updating a limited, distorted, or false perception...well, it feels a lot like going crazy.  Think about it... your perception literally defines what you think is "real".... and real is what defines your "reality".  When your sense of reality gets a bit more expansive, you will first feel like you are going crazy.  That is where the "Oh Sh*t!" comes in.  Yeah, and you can't decide to take the blue pill after taking the red one.  Sorry, but there is no pushing that horse back into the barn once it's out.  If there was, I might have had a millisecond of temptation to be normal again.  But just a millisecond.  Thankfully, there is lepidolite to help me not lose my head when strange things are afoot.  And believe it or not, even as high as my weird ceiling is at this point in my life, I know I can still be thrown through it.  I learned not to say, "Nothing could surprise me anymore."  That's just telling the Universe that you are ready for the next big "holy shit" moment to knock you over.  Just take my word for that.  Or don't, and enjoy the consequences. :)

Mmm.  Lepidolite. *cuddles it*  Stacie likey.  Thanks for helping me stay sane when things get all jiggy.

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  1. I love you woman. This is a great write up on Lepidolite. The girls and I just picked up egg shaped ones on our trip to pop in our bra near our heart. Seemed like a good idea at the time. :)

    1. Lepidolite is ALWAYS a good idea. It makes an excellent Booby Stone. Word.

  2. You're the SECOND person this week to tell me about Rescue Remedy! And I had it in my hands today and put it down. But I know where it is and I can get it later. Thanks, Stacie! Going for some Lepidolite soon. I needed it last week and didn't know.
    Hope to see you soon!

  3. you have me laughing like a monkey on speed laced bananas...ROCK on, lady. :) <3

  4. I'm curious because it contains lithium is it safe to wear daily? Like as a bracelet or necklace? What about for children with High Needs? Is the lithium absorbed through the skin? Please help me understand