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Meaning of Epidote Included Quartz: Green Earth Healing Quartz

Several varieties of epidote included quartz.

Epidote Included Quartz

The black to green mineral epidote may form in quartz as long rods, like tourmaline, encrustations, or phantoms, ranging in color from slate gray to pistachio green. It is often sold under the trade names “Reiki Quartz”, “Dream Quartz”, or “Green Earth Keepers”, especially the elestiated green phantom quartz from Columbia and Madagascar. The term “Earth Keeper” refers to especially large quartz found at locations around the world, thought to support the earth's ley lines and vortices. Because large pieces of epidote included quartz are rare, we are using the name “Green Earth Healer” instead, since they carry a similar vibration, regardless of their size. {This paragraph is courtesy of Christopher Lee Matthews. Thanks Chris!} 
The Green Earth Healer Quartz has many extremely powerful and practical qualities that makes it a must-have in the tool box of the serious energy worker, healer, herbalist, or for anyone who requires deep and profound healing, restoration, or “plugging back in” to systems of support in either the spiritual or physical levels. Green Earth Healer Quartz is a bridge, an amplifier, a weaver, an anchor, a purifier, and a teacher of the hidden wisdom of nature. Use it to assist you to maximize the vital properties of the herbal kingdom, to attract or call in abundance and prosperity, or to fully anchor and regulate higher spiritual energies to the physical level for healing, reconnection, or manifestation. It can be used as a an active healing tool during energy work sessions, in a gem elixir, as meditation piece, or in earth healing ceremony.
Christopher and I did our initial reading on epidote included quartz back in June of 2013. I immediately began putting one in my pillow case as a sleep stone and then included them in grids for earth healing work and personal support. One got buried at a sacred site with a medicine bundle intended to dispel negative energy associated with my divorce and to help release me from inappropriate energetic connections/intent coming from my ex. (Yeah, that's why I've been so quiet lately. It's been an intense several months for me!) So, I dare say, these sweet green crystals have already made a significant, positive contribution in real ways in my own world.

I'm a fan.
General Qualities of Epidote Included Quartz
Weaving Energetic Structure
Creating Intention Sets
Energy Nets
Team Weaver
Altered State Assistance
Grounds/Anchors Energy/Spiritual Work into the Physical
Optimizes healing efforts
Manifestation of any kind
Full system worker
Affinity to Nature, Nature Spirits, Devas
Global Lightwork (Distant or Local)
Modulation of work done for good of all
Activates the vital principles of nature
Connection to with Wisdom of Nature
Key to Sacred Sites on Planet
Moderates ability to pull from Earth Energy for healing and vitality.
Green Blow Torch
Removes Parasites/Cords
Clears Patterns/Awareness of Patterns
Clearing energy pathways
Corrects misalignments by removing blockages in free flow of system.
Assists in understanding signatures or characteristics of other things
Access to Wisdom of Nature
Understanding of personal needs for health and healing
Green Goggles
Divine Template Realignment
Abundance and Success
Anchors spiritual assistance to the physical
Success in long term career situations
Good Luck
Dream/Dreamtime/Altered States
Good time to access assistance
Interpretation of Dreams
Explanation of some of the symbolism received in the reading:

Woven Baskets and Nets: Clearly an energy weaver. This makes it useful for assembling end game energy work, such as manifestation work, cooperative spiritual energy work, or any work associated with pulling from multiple modalities.  

Bridge: The crystal seems to be a bridge in a few ways. One, it clearly represents both the mineral and herbal kingdom. Two, it is a bridge between the spiritual and physical levels. The elestial versions of this crystal would have magnified “bridge” qualities as elestials are also seen as a bridge between the physical and spiritual levels. It is also a bridge between humans and the natural world to help you connect in with the land for meditation, lightwork, to interact with sacred site energy, or to do corrective work on the earth, or on your personal land.

Cocoon: In my own work, energetic cocoons were a protocol in healing processes that required a person or situation to be buffered and “treated” with a particular vibration to initiate and support a healing shift of some sort that unfolded over a period of time. Cocoons are a form of protection, but generally the type of protection that is useful while in the vulnerable period of undergoing a change of state.

Green Flame/Green Torch: There is a purification element associated with the epidote included quartz that I think is best facilitated with intention. The visuals were of negativity being blasted away into green flames. In my own experience, since the initial reading, it seems that the epidote, while being a bridge, can also “burn bridges”, or interrupt inappropriate connections, such as removing negative attachments, sometimes referred to as “cords”. This would make using this kind of crystal quite useful in de-cording work, or what I call “Inner Door Work”. Also, the purification element of this crystal also specifically referenced removing negative patterns within a system, which would make this a good tool for those who are trying to do repair and correction work, or to bring their system back into alignment with their pure templates.

Anchor: As part of the same message as a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds, this crystal helps to process and regulate energies so that they can be optimally applied at this level of being. This means, essentially, that energy healers can use the crystal to help download, regulate, and process healing energy, which is likely why one of its trade names is “Reiki Quartz”. Also, any manifestation process is enhanced by the regulation and grounding of higher vibrational energies or ideals to this level.

Cave: Caves are associated as “Womb of the Earth”, the alchemical, as a place for retreat, recovery, and rest. This is not unlike the cocoon reference. So we are getting two similar, if slightly nuanced, ideas of the crystal being like a safe natural place of refuge, recovery, and transformation.

Green Glasses: The wearing of rose colored glasses means that you see things through the lens or perspective of a loving or idealistic viewpoint. To wear “green glasses” would mean to be able to toggle your perspective more readily to the natural world, or to the Wisdom of Nature. This would make this type of crystal very useful for herbalists, global lightworkers, environmentalists, or anyone who needs to apply natural wisdom within their work. It would also help to connect to land related spirits. The perspective shift would also support you to understand the natural world better and to glean information and wisdom. For example, the epidote included quartz would make an excellent tool with which to discern the metaphysical properties of any natural object, such as a rock or plant.

Bear: Bear symbolism is associated with altered states, dreams, healing, rest, herbal medicine, and physical vitality. Bears are also, of course, associated with hibernating inside of caves, which was also mentioned by itself. So we have reference to both the sacred space of healing and becoming, as well as the totemic medicine associated with that type of space. This is likely where the “Dream Quartz” associations come in, as it seems to be indicating that it can do its work well through periods of recovery. It is possible that this kind of quartz may be able to enhance lucid dreaming or medicine dreams, as well as to help connect you to your own spiritual helpers to provide you with a healing session during your dream state.

Turtle Dragon: . Christopher saw the crystal deva riding a dragon with the shell of a turtle, which is a mythical Chinese creature. A turtle has its buffered home around him, into which he can retreat at a moments notice, so here is a third mention of this “safe going within” aspect to the energies. Turtles also represent restoration, protection, earth healing, the cosmos, longevity, and good luck. When you add the dragon, you add raw elemental power and potency, but it is expressed through the taming energy of the turtle, which would give it a steady and balanced output, particularly in increasing abundance in ones career.

Snake: Christopher had a healing experience while we were reading the crystal. His heart filled up with green fluid and then spread out to his body. He described the movement down his spine as “snake energy”. This would translate as “nadi” clearing (subtle energy channels), as well as bringing in themes of transformation, death/rebirth, healing, removal of poison, and major life transitions. Again, we see themes of purification, regulation, healing, transformation, and the removal of things that are harmful.

Emeralds: Whenever other stones are referenced within a reading, it means, “I am like this energy too.” Emeralds were mentioned within the symbols of purification. Emeralds used to be known as a way to counteract poison. In this instance, both Christopher and I were reminded of “anti-curse” work we have done to support ourselves through the negative intentions directed at us from others, and that is to what the emerald reference seemed to refer. Anti-curse work is a type of “bridge burning”, in my opinion, or de-cording from inappropriate influence.

Jade: Jade is associated with longevity, healing, strength, prosperity, endurance, fortitude, and dreams. This crosses over several previous associations. Whenever you begin to see multiple references in a reading, you are getting a good hit on the validity of its patterns of energy.

Ammolite: Ammonites regulate how energy moves and maximizes and optimizes flow within the chakra system. Ammolite, which is the opalescent layer of an ammonite, is associated with success. In this reference, we see the patterns of abundance, success, and regulation of energy, yet again.

Wormwood: This leaf is known for its medicinal uses of expelling parasites from the system. I believe that this speaks to the purification qualities, already mentioned, as energetic parasites often represent blockages within a system.

Apothecary: The apothecary reference means that the crystal can be used to magnify and maximize the potency of the herbal medicines, tinctures, or even vibrational elixirs, such as gem elixirs. The epidote included quartz would make an excellent gem elixir on it's own, or to help strengthen other blends as a “technical worker”.

Recommended Ways to Work Epidote Included Quartz:
Earth Healing Work 
Sleep Healing Work
Gem Elixir
Antidote/Purification of Intentional Harm
Hand piece for meditation
Manifestation Work
Suggested Action Statements to Initiate Energy Work:

I request to connect to God/the Divine, my Higher Self, and my appropriate Spiritual Helpers, now please.”

I ask for all work to be corrected and applied in perfection.”

I request to connect to the epidote included quartz and the Wisdom of Nature, now please.”

I request to initiate cleansing, clearing, and purification, and to remove anything not present in my Highest Good, now please.” (For yourself or for the land.)

I request to restore a smooth and harmonious energy flow within my system, now please.” (Or apply it to the land.)

I request to anchor to and restore a smooth and harmonious flow between myself and the Earth, now please.”

I request to anchor to and restore a smooth and harmonious flow between myself and the spiritual level, and for any incoming spiritual energies to be perfectly regulated according to my ability to process and integrate them safely, now please.”

I request for all work to be Blessed, Optimized, Stabilized, Amplified, and Sealed, under God/Divine Will, now please.”

How to Care for it:
Rest near tree roots
Time in the earth after long term work
Occasional smudging or power breath as needed
Plays well with:
Red Jasper
Green and Red Ray stones
Nature Spirit connected stones
Plants/Herbs of all kinds
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Ocean Jasper - Metaphysical Meaning - Radiating Goodness

Ocean Jasper®: The Metaphysical Meaning - He Said/She Said

Christopher and Stacie at the AAWIP Holistic Fair in 2013
My co-worker, Christopher Lee Matthews and I do a lot of "He Said/She Said" articles, to cover the same topic from two perspectives.  He is more of a scholar and I am more of a story-teller.  Our impressions are often similar, but are sometimes different.  It is in the differences that we both learn and grow.
Christopher has written two, extremely thorough and well organized articles.  One of the articles is exclusively about the geology and history of Ocean Jasper and the other is about the metaphysical properties of Ocean Jasper from his perspective.  You can click on the links to see those articles below.

Our Connection to Ocean Jasper: Enter the Earth

Enter the Earth inside the Grove Arcade in Asheville, North Carolina
"Enter the Earth" is the company for which Christopher and I both work.  It is based here in Asheville, North Carolina.  We have a retail location inside of the historic Grove Arcade in down town Asheville, which I happily manage.  The both of us manage Enter the Earth's Metaphysical Department, which is totally on-line.  And yes, I do love my job.  Manifestation Level- Expert. Ha. 

The growth of Enter the Earth, and all the wonderful things that have happened because of it, certainly in my own life, all start with Ocean Jasper.  This perfectly demonstrates one of my favorite things about Ocean Jasper.  It has a radiating quality about it, like the beautiful little orbicular “flowers” on its surface, that goes off in a 360 degree star-burst of a positive domino effects.  It is why I chose the title: "Radiating Goodness".   

Happy Little Sphere Showing Ocean Jasper Flower Bursts
On Reading Ocean Jasper: The Back Story
Christopher and I decided to do a reading on Ocean Jasper because it's ETE's specialty and the readings that are out there felt incomplete. Most of the readings draw their information from OJ's association with the ocean (healing/emotional body), the moon (intuition/Divine Feminine/adjustment of mood), its orbicular eyes (protection/insight/connection to the Divine), and of frothy happiness and joyfulness. Those things are true, but there are many more qualities to Ocean Jasper that make it an important accessory in any energy worker's took kit. So, we wanted to do a reading to fill in the blanks of what has already been said and to take the understanding to a higher level.

Chris and I thought that we knew a lot about Ocean Jasper, and when we might grab it for work, but I have to say, I'm both impressed with what we didn't know and incredibly grateful by the timing of the new understanding in my own life. Long story short, I just left a 15 year marriage because it no longer felt like a safe place. I'm fine, I was fine, but that wasn't guaranteed forever if I chose to stay. Umm, the Universe wasn't ambiguous about it either. I'm rather clear that I'm not interested in being the subject of a Lifetime movie. Nope. Not even a little.

When we began the Ocean Jasper reading, I was still “in process” from a healing session that I had received two days before.  Anyway, the quick version of the story is that I had two trauma events that came up that normally also include some kind of soul loss or need for soul retrieval. I also suspected that my ended marriage may have created some kind of fracture in my system in non-obvious ways.

After we recorded Chris' journey, I began plugging in and touching the rough piece that Chris was called to bring in as a sample. Immediately, I was taken down so far into an altered state and worked on, that I couldn't walk right going to my car at the end of the day. The best I can describe it was a sensation of a slow and deeply penetrating wave of movement, clearing, and adjustment. I became aware of some kind of “hook” through my body on my left side and my ability to see clairvoyant visuals (which is usually not my thing) increased. I confirmed several of the various totemic associations that Christopher saw during his journey, as well as some other images that were new, which was very nice for me.

Click on the photo to see Ocean Jasper at etemetaphysical.com

She Said: The Metaphysical Meaning and Healing Properties of Ocean Jasper

Major Work Themes

The Parts of a Whole” Worker

One of the main points, which came up so often, is that Ocean Jasper is a “parts of a whole” worker, a system worker, anything that requires the process of bringing things back to original “wholeness”. This covers several categories of specific uses.
  • Soul Retrieval: If you have fracture in your system, this is a form of “parts of a whole” that needs integration. When I had my healing experience during the reading, Christopher envisioned an owl totem bringing me a little bone that was retrieved from an image of my wedding ring, which was then brought back to me for “graceful integration and processing”.
  • Past-Life Healing: Same thing as above, but taking it to the level of your Soul Self, instead of this single life time.
  • System/Group Worker: Again, systems rely on the interrelationship of parts that must be working in harmony and balance to be healthy, efficient, useful. OJ helps organize and bring into balance/oneness/flow of any kind of system with parts making up a whole. Think about that because it is big stuff. Communities are systems. Families are systems. Your body is a system. All of creation is a system of smaller parts that make up the whole. To me, this also means a deeper connection and integration into the Divine and All Creation.
  • Self/Family/Group Integrity: This is a specific application of being a system worker. What was specifically brought up was the concept of being able to “buffer bubble” a member of the family/group who was disproportionately affecting the stability of the system, so that they would have less negative impact energetically. Also, the self could be fortified for greater personal integrity within systems, so if you have a crazy ass family, you could put yourself in a buffer bubble so that you can maintain your sense of self without the family “stuff” impacting you on such a direct level. Same with the work place, same with a neighborhood. Parts of a whole can be defined on all sorts of levels.
  • Protection/Buffering: Just as OJ is a system worker through the concept of wholeness, it can also manage the parts individually, such as with protection and buffering of one thing from another where spill over is harmful or destabilizing to another part of the system. Like the above concept of a “buffer bubble”, it can also buffer a healing room from the rest of the house, your home from the rest of the neighborhood, your car from the rest of the cars on the highway, and so on.
Click the photo to see Ocean Jasper at our Sister Site.

Manifestation/Path/Perspective Worker

This message came through repeatedly during the reading as well. Mainly, perspective modification for achievement and tending to your goals, which ultimately is connected to what you manifest in your world.
  • Perceptual Distortion Correction: OJ is an ally for you to find your proper path by helping you eliminate patterns of perceptual distortions that prevent you from seeing something in an authentic way. Basically, it helps you get over your own “stuff” that isn't true. It helps to cut through delusion, when you are overwhelmed emotionally, to help you discern between choices that are “real” and those which are fantasy.
  • 3D Integrity/Opportunity: This means that you are living in the physical/material world in a successful way. It's not just about abundance. It asks, how do you apply and balance your spiritual wisdom and life with your physical life? You can dance all you want to the Music of the Spheres, but if you forget to pay your rent, you're just another crazy cracker on the street. We have the unique challenge of walking in both worlds. It also helps you to make fortuitous choices that allow you to take advantage of events of positive opportunity in which timing is everything. 
  • Problem Solving/Creative Solution/Decision: If you are feeling stuck and need that extra bit of Divine Inspiration, OJ can help focus you into the push and pull interaction of the spiritual and material worlds through creative endeavors of any kind. Go loose and dance. Pick up a pen and doodle. Write a poem. Sing a song. Get into the creative flow and see what new epiphany shows up in your noggin that helps to push you to the next level. Definitely look for the epiphany. There was some indication that Ocean Jasper likes the Q & A format of leading you to the answers you seek. When you are in need of guidance, start asking yourself questions that revolve around the problem, then fully assess your answers. This may be a logical process, in a way, but think of an ebb and flow (like the ocean!) of leading you to the wisdom that you have, and to apply that onto the issue in question. This is another form of helping you release perceptual distortions, in my opinion, because if you have to sort through a situation in a rational way, with polite insight being provided to help you sort something out, you may discover in what way you have held a belief that isn't authentic and that may be limiting you in some way.
  • Radiating Goodness: Think, star-bursts. Think sparkles and wonderfulness that flows through you and outward into the world. It kinda reminds me of that commercial that used to be on TV that showed people doing something kind for a stranger, then a stranger watching this action and doing something kind for another person, and so on, and so on, until it was back to the original person. It supports the radiating of positive effects in all directions, like a ripple in the water. When you look at OJ, you can see the little “flowers” and “star bursts” clearly on the surface. This also is good for “path work”, because the positive impact within a system means greater coherence, greater synchronicity, greater synergy with individual members of the greater whole within which you function.  

Healing/Energy Body Worker/Global Worker/Spiritual Connection/Everything Else

Since Ocean Jasper is a system worker, this necessarily means that it is an energy body worker, but it is an Earth energy body worker too, so it would be a perfect stone to grab for Earth healing ceremony of any kind.
  • Healing: Here we go again...a topic that makes me twitchy; rocks and physical healing. I will state again that I am not a doctor and that I rarely go to the mineral kingdom for physical healing, however, that being said, the green color in most specimens of Ocean Jasper is chlorite, which is the same mineral that is in many stones that are considered “healing” on many levels. Use it as a compliment, not a treatment, kay?
  • Emotional Healing: OJ's connection to the ocean and to the moon give it a strong emotional healing aspect. Many people describe its energy as “happy”, which suggests an ability to shift emotional states to something lighter. The crystal deva, with whom Christopher interacted, was extremely child-like, playful, and joyful.
  • Alignment/Release of Blockages: The radiating qualities of OJ suggest that it is good for both chakra/energy body alignment, as well as the bringing to the surface and removal of knots or blockages within the system.
  • Completeness: This directly relates to spiritual connections, the idea of ascension, and even the concept of the Lightbody/Merkaba being activated and plugged in because the spheres in OJ represent totality of completeness and oneness.
  • Strength: OJ helps with the fortification of the self, or the reclaiming of power that is rightly yours. It covers the inspiration that invigorates you, overcoming obstacles, vitalization, confidence, all of which prepares your body and environment for success of “choosing the higher path”. It supports the seeds that you sow to blossom into long lasting achievement because you resolve conflict between the inner and outer elements in your system.
  • Celestial Battery: There was indication that OJ gathers both solar and lunar energy, which it can then radiate. It would be good to leave it outside during important moon cycles or outside in the sun. I'm also seeing a thunderstorm now, so it's saying, it can gather up natural energies as well. Sha-wing. Make sure your OJ gets some deck time once and awhile to increase the “battery” output function.
  • Global Healing: OJ is born of all the elements in a way. Water from the ocean, earth from being partially above water in the cliff face, fire from the volcanic transformation the rock undergoes, and air from the windy beach cliff. If you are plugging in to the Earth's systems to assist sending love, balance, or clearing negative/misaligned patterns, these are all qualities that make it useful for any kind of healing work. It may be quite useful for dowsers to find/reveal patterns of misalignment, or to find a pattern that is desirable, like with finding water.
  • Time/Space Fluidity: When you work with OJ, keep in mind that it has the ability to move through time references as well. This means that if you were working on past-life anything (accessing wisdom or healing), or if you are dealing with your Ancestral Matrix for whatever, or Earth Healing that deals with traumatic past events, OJ is able to fluidly move through points of reference, as even events in time are parts of a whole. There was a “bi-location” aspect to it, which might be useful for shamanic journeying or for any work in which there would be benefit to being in two places, like distance healing work, “visiting” with someone who is not physically with you for a little cosmic cuddle, that kind of thing.
  • Psychic Development/Intuition Enhancement: Ocean Jasper's orbicular nature, its eyes, and its star-bursts directly symbolize “seeing”, enhancing clairvoyance, and developing those qualities. I had a direct experience with that when I had the healing experience. My inner visuals were way better than usual, which I think was a direct result of the adjustment that was going on as well.
  • Dreamtime/Sleep: OJ's direct lunar influence makes it an appropriate stone for protecting and guarding the time of sleep, astral travel, and meditation states. You can put it in your pillow case for general purpose sleep support.
  • Gates/Doors: I saw “halls” and “doorways” to other dimensional places, particularly those associated with “heavenly” or “Christ Consciousness”. I was basically shown a door with Christmas decoration on it that opened up to a banquet hall that had the most beautiful crystal chandelier. One of the hand polished pebbles that I have since claimed as my own has a druzy opening that, I swear, looks like it has stairs with a figure waiting at the top of it. If you have a piece that has openings, see if you can “enter” them with your imagination and just see what happens!
  • Shamanic/Totemic Associations: We saw lots of critters during the reading of OJ, but you can actually pick out a few from the patterns on the physical rock as well. Some of the animal and plant totems seen were: mermaid, lemur, dragon, owl, bat, horses, abalone, alligator, dolphin, chrysanthemum, trumpet vine, ebony. It seems to be more of a connector to the wisdom and spiritual nature of the Earth, which would cover pretty much every plant and animal out there, if you wanted to look at it that way. I just wanted to share the specific ones that revealed themselves during the reading.
In Summary

My thoughts and experiences with Ocean Jasper continue to bloom.  I invite any of you to share your  own experiences to help us broaden our understanding.  In the meantime, I do seem to grab OJ almost daily and in nearly any kind of energy work situation.  It's just an exceptional helper for all sorts of work or it helps synergize individual pieces so that they work better together.  Any way you look at it, that's good stuff.
 Click the photo to go to Enter the Earth's wholesale site on-line.
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Please have your Tax ID handy, because we will need a faxed or scanned copy. Fax # 828-348-4335.
This site is strictly for wholesale sales by business who wish to sell Ocean Jasper.

Article updated on 5/7/2015

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The Hidden Blessing of Grief

Grief sucks.

There is no way around it, really.  When someone dies, whom you love deeply, it hurts in a way that punctures your soul and leaves it weeping... sometimes permanently.

I want you to know, however, there is a hidden blessing and wisdom in the process of grief.  I also know that you want to tell me to "shove it" about hidden blessings and wisdom while you are in deep grief.  Of course you do, but it doesn't make it less true... and eventually, you will have the choice to let your sense of loss continue to be defined as a dark void within you, or if you will fill that new empty space with something miraculous that affirms YOUR life.

My life path completely changed when my father was sick with cancer for 5 years before his death. He knew it was coming. We all did.  He had done his job already. I was a grown woman in my early 30's with my own life, but I think that anyone who has lost a parent will agree that there is never an age when you feel you don't need them. There is never an age when it feels okay.

In my circumstance, my father and I were always very similar.  I remember thinking that I was more like my father than perhaps any other human being on the planet.  He had an uncommon gift in the way he processed information.  Some would have called him a genius, or inventive, or creative... or whatever, you get my drift.  He had it within him to do something new and different, to chart some new course, to define or explain something in a new and unusual way that would matter to the world.  He knew in his bones that he had this looming, overwhelming potential.  And ultimately, his deepest struggle and regret at the end of his life was that he felt he did not accomplish whatever it was that he was put on the planet to do.     

That's the ticket, isn't it?  Are we here to do something?  Is there some unremembered life purpose that we have, which is written in the marrow of our being, that haunts us with some familiar song we can barely hear?

 I think the answer to that is, "yes". 

My father's sickness and death made the song of my own life path so loud that I'm not sure how much of a choice I actually had to ignore it.  Death has a way of clearing the dross, and bits of silly nonsense, which we seem to think is important, right out of the way.  I mean... totally.  Mortality also seems to make it necessary to consider a ~spiritual reality~ as something authentic.  So, without much background or framework in formal religion, I found that when I reached out to a spiritual reality... that it absolutely reached back to me.  It didn't just reach out to touch me.  It swallowed me whole, chewed me up, and spit me back out onto a completely different course.  It felt like that too.  It wasn't gentle.  It was a "holy-shit-get-the-license-plate-number-of-the-truck-that-just-hit-me" kind of not subtle.

It was the most important "path correction" I hope I will ever need.  I don't want to do it again.  It hurt like a Mo Fo and I'm still finding places within me that require healing and care because of it.  Always a process, this evolving stuff, eh?  Chip, chip, chip away at it.  Eventually, the Art in the Stone will emerge from all the trimmings.  I believe that, even if the process leaves me exhausted sometimes.  Who am I to question the way it is done?  I just wish it didn't hurt so much sometimes.  I wish that for me, I wish that for you... but we have to work with what we have.  Sometimes what we have in front of us is a world of pain.  It is our choice what we do with it.

Grief offers us a choice to examine the course of our own life path, to ask the question, "At the end of my life, what will I regret?" 

The answer to that, I believe, is that you will regret not doing what you were put on this planet to do.  You will regret not making amends, not forgiving others, not expressing your love and passions, not expressing your unique potential as God gave you. 

So, the most important thing you can do to honor the person you love who has died and left you this precious gift of crisis and trauma...is to find out what you were put on this planet to do, then get to the business of doing it.

In the cocoon of pain and loss, you have a clear line to your own spiritual reality.  There is such tremendous power and support here.  Reach out for it... surrender to it... let it consume you completely and cast you on whatever strange shore Divine Wisdom knows is right for you.

It's going to be a bumpy ride.  You will feel unhinged, and at times, crazy as hell.  Just keep reaching.  Keep surrendering.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and fight with every ounce of your being to have courage when you want to run screaming from the building.  

I can't tell you where you will end up... that is between you and God. 

I can't tell you that you will feel endless waves of bliss and peace, even if you do find your life's path and follow it as sincerely as you can.  Pain is one of the best catalysts, it seems, for change and evolution.  The Divine can wield this tool with brutal precision when we aren't listening to more gentle persuasion.  

I can tell you that your life will never be boring again and that the fire in your belly, the passion that fuels your ride, will have its own rewards.  You will need very little from others that you cannot access from within.  You will care much less about what other people think.  Score.  You will be living a life that is authentic for you... and the normal human duck-and-hide from what is important.... just falls away.

Allow your grief to give your life back to you.  The window of opportunity is greatest in the moments of your greatest pain.  Reach for it.  Ask for help.  Surrender. 

Thanks Dad, for giving me the gift of living this wild and weird, but authentic life... of being on a path that I know I will not regret at the end of it.  I may not be doing it perfectly, but I am doing it.  I'm doing it with every ounce of my heart and soul...and every once and awhile, I discover more of myself hidden in some corner I didn't know existed, until it did. 

It has not been easy... but it has been worth it. 

May you be comforted and cared for in the Highest Possible way. May all those who suffer find solace. May your grief bless you with whatever shift in perspective you may need to truly live your life's purpose. May you receive what you need to support you in your Highest Good with as much Ease, Grace, Mercy, Compassion, and Love as possible.


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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Manifesting a Luscious Life

Mmm... A luscious life.

Yep, I want one of those.  I bet you do too.

Luscious.  Hmm.  What is that exactly?  I know I really like the word and how it rolls off the tongue.  It has substance and texture. 

According to Oxford
Luscious: having a pleasingly rich, sweet taste, richly verdant or opulent, or very sexually attractive.  (Ooo, la, la!)

There are a lot of other terms going on here, so I want to go ahead and define some of those too:
Verdant:green with grass or other rich vegetation, of the bright green color of lush grass.
Opulent:ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish.
Luxurious: extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable, especially in a way that involves great expense.
Lavish: sumptuously rich, elaborate, or luxurious, very generous or extravagant:, spent or given in profusion, such as lavish praise.
Sumptuous: splendid and expensive-looking.
Splendid: magnificent; very impressive, excellent; very good.

~~In my humble opinion, I think that a "luscious life" is one that is sweet and magnificent in a way that is valuable to you personally.~~

My idea of a luscious life might be radically different than the luscious life of others.  Though, I think that human beings tend to need some of the same things on a general basis.

Christopher Lee Mathhews and I facilitated a workshop the other weekend called, "Luscious Life: Abundance, Good Luck, and Manifestation", and while we did discuss the stones that are traditionally linked to these concepts, and some techniques to use to activate those energies, we linked some fairly zoomy direct energy work protocols into the fun.  Our workshops seem to be quickly morphing into informative healing sessions, instead of just technique/concept lessons.  I dig it.   
Chris is a sound healer, a pretty darn good one at that, and I can't recreate that here in the blog for you, but I'm the intention set artist and energy download weaver, and I can do my best to weave the work into an easy to use format that you should be able to simply "call in" once we do the appropriate set up.  Game? :) 
<I stole some text from my Solar Storm Mitigation article below, so if this looks familiar, you aren't having a psychic moment.  I just wrote up the process of what I do well enough in that article that I snagged it for this one too, and just tweaked it to apply to this specific work.  The technique is the technique is the technique.  Only the details change depending on the type of assistance you are trying to set up.>
Some of you are familiar with the way I set up energy work, like in my book, Awake in Angelscape. It's kind of the "easy button" way of creating energy weaves of useful assistance. It is like creating a download or process within one action command. I used to call these "moments", now I just call the phrase to call the energy set an "action statement". Umm, think it of like a prayer that is set up so all you have to do is call it by name, instead of reciting the whole thing to connect in with the energies. I've also described it as calling into a pre-recorded message, but the message is an energy download intended to deal with a specific issue. It is a spiritually based "ask and receive" system, as it does absolutely require spiritual cooperation to work. In fact, I call this kind of work "Cooperative Spiritual Energy Work" cause.. well, I don't know what else to call it and it fits.
Anyway, the process isn't that difficult, but it does require some up front time-on-task. I essentially articulate the goal that I want from the work. In this instance, I have called it "Manifesting a Luscious Life". That is the goal. We want to manifest a Luscious Life for ourselves in whatever way makes sense to us as individuals.  I'm going to use a longer concept goal or objective in this instance, instead of just a simple phrase.  I do it both ways, short phrase goal v. long winded goal, depending on what kind of work I'm doing.   
<Note: For this work, I am going to use MY idea of a Luscious Life. I will articulate both the goal/objective and the intention set details that make sense to ME...which you can use as a template to edit and tweak as you see fit. "Stacie's Luscious Life" may suck ass to some of you, so don't be lazy about this, you will have to actually do some thinking and considering about what YOU want for your own life.  There are some technical support details that you should keep "as is", such as the creation of a Guide Team, and so on, but I will clearly mark the technical intentions.>
Stacie's "Luscious Life" Goal/Objective Statement
I would like to manifest and maintain a Luscious Life.  To me, this means to live a spiritually guided and Divinely Aligned life that is lived with courage, joy, passion, purpose, and gratitude, in which I have everything I need to evolve, sustain, nurture, inspire, and share my unique gifts, skills, talents, and abilities with the world, and to empower others to do the same.
OK, now it's your turn. What is your goal/objective statement for your Luscious Life?  If you like mine so much you want to use it, fine with me.  If you want to scrap it and start over, fine with me.  Just ~own it~.
The next step is to list the intention set that I think supports the goal of the work. 
I try to put as much thought into this part because it seems to matter that I articulate my "free will" in a specific way. However, since I am aware that I'm a tiny, little, limited human (at the moment), I then take what I think I need and kick it up to the spiritual level to be corrected in perfection and brought within Divine Will. I call this "Spiritual CYA" (Cover Your Ass) because, well, just because you can throw your free will around in the manifestation process, doesn't mean you should. I give God/Divine Will overriding editing rights over every utterance I make, every intention I assemble, because... well, I'm not interested in working against Divine Will. Once it's been kicked up to the Big Guy/Gal for correction and editing, then I seal the work so it maintains its integrity in perpetuity.
Intention Set Supporting Goal
Stacie's Luscious Life is one...

*in which I feel supported, guided, protected, safe, nurtured, and loved to be the best version of myself through God as possible, which means that I continually cultivate and evolve into what I call my “Sacred Self” or “Divine Self”.

*where I am physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy, vital, and fit.

*where my loved ones are safe, healthy, and thriving.

*where I get to apply my God-given talents, skills, abilities, and passions, in productive and prosperous ways, in service to the Highest Possible Outcome to Unfold on Earth with as much Ease, Grace, Mercy, Compassion, and Love as possible. 
*where I have enough material resources to meet my real world needs, as well as to engage in opportunities and experiences that bring me joy, or in some way enhance my life in the Highest Good, such as travel, educational experiences, and so on.

*where I have enough material, emotional, and spiritual resources to share freely in whatever way I believe increases joy in others.

*in which I can express myself creatively through whatever medium I care to play with at any given time. 

*in which I have trust, faith, and courage to experience things beyond my comfort zone and to release that which no longer serves me with as much Ease and Grace as possible.

*where there is mutual love, respect, support, and empowerment in my close and personal relationships. 

*where I have a passionate, loving, and mutually supportive relationship with a life-partner.

*that, barring the opportunity to be supported and loved by friends, family, or an intimate life-partner, that I still feel supported and loved by the Divine, and that I consistently endeavor to fill my need for love and acceptance at the Divine Level first.

*where I accept myself in all my Divinely Imperfect Humanness, and where I can forgive myself when I don’t always accept myself in all my Divine Imperfect Humanness.

*where I continue to grow, experience new things, and explore, both my inner and outer worlds, and where there is always challenge to my perceived limits, with Ease and Grace.

*that takes unavoidable events of pain, loss, and discomfort and allows them to refine, improve, and move me beyond my own attachments, distortions, and limitations, with as much Ease and Grace as possible.

*that continually brings me to a place of fewer and fewer limits, of any kind, with Ease and Grace, until I am able to responsibly wield and purposefully engage having no limits at all. 

*that, at its conclusion, has left the world a better place for having lived it, and which leaves no regrets worth mentioning, no mistakes unforgiven, and no authentic and deep love or passion unexpressed.

OK, now it's your turn. What are your intentions supporting your goal/objective statement for your Luscious Life?  Yes, I did give mine some thought and I have been at this "intention creation" stuff for many, many years.  Still, that doesn't mean I got them all.  I'm not "all that and a bag of chips" of intentions.  If you have some good intentions, leave them as a comment so you can share your insight with others. 

<Note: I think this has been said before, but you need to edit and tweak the intention set above, unless my Luscious Life looks Luscious to you too.  If you like my intentions, but have more of your own, add them.  If you want to scrap it all and make your own, scrap them.  I don't care.  You have to put your back into defining your own Luscious Life.>

<Note #2: OK, below are the technical intentions, which I recommend you leave intact, unless you have an ideological issue with any of it and need to tweak it to fit your belief system.  This sets up the spiritual guide team (consistent to your own religious and spiritual reality) and gives "God/The Divine" permission to do the heavy lifting, aka "Divine Intervention".  Groovy? >

*I request the creation of an authentic and Divinely Aligned "Guidance Team" for immediate and ongoing support for me to consistently be guided and supported to make the most appropriate choices, and to take advantage of the most appropriate opportunities and circumstances, which will manifest a Luscious Life, as defined by me.

*I give permission for God/my Guide Team to assist me in any way that is appropriate and in Divine Alignment/Will to support me in acknowledging, defining, and achieving as Luscious of a Life as possible, within my personal level of development. 

*I give my Guide Team permission to facilitate, on my behalf, any appropriate and Divinely Aligned energy healing, or other appropriate shifts, known or unknown, as needed, to support my living a Luscious Life, with Ease and Grace.

*I give permission for the Divine to intervene, correct, and provide me with perfected integrity in life, such that I may function, receive, and manifest above and beyond my limits and personal level of development, when appropriate and in the Highest Good.

*I give permission for the Divine to make improvements to my vision and understanding of a Luscious Life, to include opportunities, events, and experiences so wonderful that I may not be able to envision them myself at this time.

*I request the purification and removal of any obstacles, known or unknown, to living a Luscious Life now; such as the correction of perceptual distortions of any kind, the removal of incoherent, contrary, or subversive patterns of any kind, the neutralization and removal of inappropriate influence of any kind, and the removal of energetic blockages of any kind that hinders the Divine Flow that supports a Luscious Life. 

*I request ongoing support to understand, heal, and shift any other obstacles to living a Luscious Life, which cannot be shifted at this time, because it serves a purpose as part of my spiritual growth and evolution.

*I request all lessons and growth events to be initiated with Ease and Grace. 

*I request to Hold Space to anchor the energies of living a Luscious Life outward into larger systems, as appropriate, when appropriate, for Humanity in general. (Think of it like a positive domino effect on a global level.) 

<Note: This last intention is the Grand Poo Bah of technical CYA elements.  This puts everything back in Divine Hands for correction and tweaking.  If you aren't willing to be edited by the Divine/God, please don't do this work.  Seriously. Dude.  You are too little to be throwing your Free Will around without some Divine Rectification and Oversight.>
*I request for all intentions of this Cooperative Spiritual Contract to be corrected in perfection, brought within Divine Will, and then Blessed, Optimized, Stabilized, Amplified, and Sealed under God/the Divine, such that it can be called in full potency by using the action statement below, and that it maintains its integrity, support, and potency in perpetuity. 
Amen, Aho, So Be It, Make it So... or whatever you say at the end of a prayer.
And hey, how about a hearty round of "Thank You. Thank You. Thank You." to go with it? :)
Alrighty then.  Hard part over.  Setting up the "easy button" requires some up front work, but once it is articulated and "signed off" on, getting the assistance pretty much depends on your staying conscious and attentive enough that you can acknowledge and receive the support you need.
Are you ready for the fun part?  Let's hit the easy button together by saying the action statement below.  All together now.....
"I request to manifest my Luscious Life, now please!"
Just close your eyes and allow yourself to experience whatever you experience.  If you want, you can go into a visualization and go and meet your Guide Team.  They may have some wisdom to share with you, or may do some energy work on you to release blockages to living a Luscious Life.   
I usually follow up the Cooperative Contract with a guided meditation, but it isn't necessary if you aren't terribly hot for visualizations.  It can be a powerful way to punctuate the direct energy downloads, however, so if you are good at visualization, do try to add it to your process.
I recommend reaffirming the action statement above every night before going to sleep, then allowing your Guide Team to do whatever tinkering and assisting is needed while you are in la la land. Then... by golly, follow your prompts, say your prayers, be grateful, and start living that Luscious Life now! :) 
The Luscious Life Workshop Recap
Now, of course, we also have all sorts of stone resources that support "Luscious Life".  In fact, it was a grid that Chris and I worked on weeks ago that inspired the whole of this work.  During the workshop, we used the Luscious Life Crystalline Stone Grid, among several others, to create a Super Grid to support the work.  The other grids were "Root Chakra", for grounding into the physical, "Chakra Whirlwind Whirly Gig", for clearing blockages in the energy field to free flow, and an Abundance Grid, which supports abundance (duh) and prosperity energies.  We created a vibrational elixir that everyone got to drink during the guided meditation, as well as using Holy Water to help cleanse the auric field and anywhere blockages showed up during the toning work. 
"Luscious Life" Crystalline Stone Grid
Super Grid used during the workshop.

As soon as the Luscious Life Crystalline Stone Grid is ready for purchase on eBay, I'll post it in here.  The stones, and Dear God...there are a lot of them, are: Turqouise center, pyrite, golden quartz, amethyst, jade, Quantum Quattro Silica, rose quartz, lodolite, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.  We also will have a pouch with singles.  Chris is working on the pictures for them and then I'll post it on eBay. :)
Christopher and I have a brand new website and blog. :)  I'm going to leave archived blog articles up in here, but all new articles will be published under the new site.

Our new website is here:

Our new blog, which we have integrated together, is here: