July 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keying: How to Get Energetic Info Out Yo Rocks

Sooooooooo..... I like got this crystal... and it's got this raised triangle on it... ummm.... soooooooo, how do I... like...  get whatever info is in there? 

Anyway, I saw a post in the Metaphysical Corner group on Facebook and I thought that I would throw a little blog article about keying your crystals.

I'll be honest.  I almost never pay attention to the different "master" crystal formations.  I could give a fig about whether something is this, that, or the other.  I usually just respond to intuitive hits, not physical attributes.  But, I have one exception... Record Keepers.  When I pick up a crystal, the first thing I do is scan the faces for those little tell-tale triangles.  The triangles are supposed to designate a crystal as one that holds energetic information of some kind.  Of course, there are other crystals that don't have a triangle that I'm pretty sure have some information in em too.  You know what I mean, those crystals that you just had to have... the ones that really wrapped their little crystal fingers around you and said, "I AM YOURS.  TAKE ME HOME." 

Years ago, I used to do really in depth readings on crystals.  I called them "Crystal Whispers" and I blogged about how to do that on another article.  I had a bunch of friends that did them too.  We learned quite a lot of useful lightwork information.  (Anyone that says, "dumb as a box of rocks", clearly hasn't tried to have a conversation with a rock.  Turns out, they are pretty flippin smart.) 

Anyway, it took many years, but we figured something out that is worth sharing about retrieving information that might be stored within certain crystals.  Every once and awhile we had a crystal that wouldn't really talk to us or give us much information.  We called them our Stevie Nicks crystals because they gave us sweet visuals of a lovely, sprite-like woman in a flowing white dress just walking through the forest.   Nice... Stevie Nicks, but was there any meat in that conversation?  No.  No meat.  Just a gypsy... that she was.

I'm not sure which one of us figured the keying thing out, but eventually, we were prompted to go through a process with our crystals that was something like showing a soul identification card.  Think of it like a pass card to gain entrance to a secured area.  Some crystals seem to have information or gifts that are specific to an individual (that only one person can access) or the information/energetic gifts can be individualized (many people can access, but everyone gets whatever it is that they personally need). 

Once we began "keying" the crystals, sometimes a whole new world of information or energetic shifts opened up to us.  We also discovered that the Stevie Nicks crystals, which didn't offer much information on the first pass, often finally gave up some goods once they were keyed.  And, well..some of the information in crystals is really just some kind of energetic shift, not "information" that is in English.  It's just a buzz.  Sometimes the buzz offers something useful, but we will never really know what it was.  Just sorta the way it is in this great big land of ambiguity.

The stones/crystals you should key are definitely the obvious record keepers with the raised triangles, but also any crystal or stone (doesn't have to just be quartz) to which you have had a very strong reaction.  The ones that feel personal to you...yes, and the ones that are flashing through your mind right now.

Keying Protocol

Imagine a line of light going from your 3rd Eye (middle of your forehead), or from your heart, connecting into your crystal. 

Imagine sliding a key down this line of light and into the crystal.  The key symbolizes your soul idenfication. 

Then say, "I request to receive whatever is in my Highest Good, now please."

If it is an energetic shift, once it is completed, say, "I request to Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify, and Seal this under God, now please."
I recommend that you jot down any symbolic messages or out-in-out information immediately.  It also might be groovy to do an actual reading on the rock however you normally do that, or by using the crystal whispering strategies that I blogged about before here.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Creating a Transition Gate for the Dead and Dying

Happy Trails Symbol for Transition

Ghost Busters?

Nah, you don't need to do that.  Helping stuck spirits move along to the next appropriate place in their progression is actually not that difficult.  It was one of the first protocols that I hashed out about 14 years ago.  I was still pretty new to the process of energy work and whatnot and had a father dying of cancer.  I went on a quest to find a symbol for "transitioning spirit" and didn't find one.  So, I asked to receive one and... well, the Happy Trails non-traditional Reiki symbol for transition sorta slid out of me on All Saints Day, November, 1998.   I did use it successfully on my father to help him transition, but then found out that this symbol and process is also good for moving along ghosts, if you believe in that kind of thing. 

More funny history... I posted this symbol on my website at the time with some rudimentary instructions, and low and behold... 14 years later, if you Google it... it's all over the place.  I actually snagged my original jpg off someone elses site. (Figured that was okay since I actually drew it.)  I think someone is selling Happy Trails Reiki attunements somewhere.  Interesting, considering that they want to give you a lovely Reiki lineage certificate with it.  They do actually post me at the top, which was nice of them, but the people who claim me in their lineage... yeah, I have no idea who they are.  If you paid for Happy Trails Reiki at some point, I apologize that I wasn't better at sharing it for free, which was my actual intention when I posted it on my website.  It literally never entered my mind that someone would cut, paste, and make you pay.  *shrugs*  Whatever.  Not my karma issue... I hope.

OK, so let me remedy this now... since I have a friend who needs this kind of coaching right now...and I had someone else that needed it earlier this week.  So, seems kinda "up".  Might as well just blog it and be able to direct folks to the information from now on, without y'all having to pay... uhhh...whomever them Reiki Peeps are. 

Here are some easy instructions.... you don't actually even need to use the symbol.  The intention set is fully set and sealed and can be easily called upon without any need to draw symbols.  Back in the day, symbols were how I rolled with intention.  Nowadays, it seems more useful to just go to the intention set itself.  If you want to use the symbol, knock yourself out and go ahead and use it.  I'll add the step for Spirit Direct Attunement for it, if you would like to do that.  If you've ever taken Reiki from me before, you already have been attuned to this symbol in the Reiki process. 


If you want to attune to the Happy Trails symbol above...
1) Connect with God, your Higher Self through God, and the appropriate Spiritual Helpers through God. (I find it better to let God assign the Spiritual Helpers, but if you have a particular religious or spiritual belief system, go ahead and use the Helpers that you normally work with so long as you add "through God" to your request, please.)

2) Say, "I request to attune to Happy Trails, so long as it is appropriate and in my Highest Good, now please."

3)  Let your Spiritual Helpers do the work.  There is nothing to "do" but "receive".  When it is completed, say, "I request to Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify, and Seal this work under God, now please."  Saying "thank you" ain't a bad idea either. 

OK, you're attuned. 

(That will be $50 please..... NOT.)

Calling a Transition Gate

1) Connect with God, your Higher Self through God, and the appropriate Spiritual Helpers through God.

2) Say, "I request to initiate a Transition Gate on behalf of any Beings who may need it, so long as it is appropriate and in the Highest Good, now please." 

The intention is for the Spiritual Helpers to go and gently fetch, clear, cleanse, purify, and bring healing to whatever Being might be stuck that needs some help moving along.  As well as to clear the area of any lingering yuck, and pretty much bring as much Light and Love into the situation as possible.  You can intend to clear a house, a neighborhood... a site being featured on a paranormal TV show while you are watching it, whatever.  You aren't doing the heavy lifting, the Spiritual Helpers are doing the heavy lifting.  YOUR JOB is to be a Free Will Advocate for Divine Intervention to happen.  The Divine Intervention part ain't your job, so don't worry about that part.  It's over our pay grade.

3)  When you feel the shift in the space say, "I request to Bless, Optimize, Stablize, Amplify, and Seal this work under God, now please."  Again, saying "thank you" ain't a bad idea here either.

If you want to print out the photo and use it as a concentration point, whatever... go ahead.  It's a tool, you can use it if you want.

If you want to set up a Transition Crystalline Grid... I would update my original rock suggestions to include... Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Angelite, Apache Tears, and Mangano Calcite. 

Maybe I'll do that for August's Crystalline Grid, since it seems like work that is up at the moment.

Ok Darlings... there you go.  Who you gonna call?   Ha, yeah... God and some Spiritual Helpers, basically.  You just use that beautiful God-given Free Will to ask for Divine Intervention to happen for those poor souls.  Who knew it was that easy, eh?

And thank you for doing this work.  Wouldn't it just suck ass to be stuck inbetween dimensions, feeling like you've been abandoned?  Yuck.  Too sad.  Let's help our brothers and sisters without bodies get to where they need to be going.  It's only right.

Oh right................ if you do this work, ask your Spiritual Helpers to send a Transition Gate and interactive assistance to any "ghosts of yourself" through time too.  Gather yourself up.  You'll feel better.




Asheville Area Practitioner Spotlight: April Morley

April Morley, LMBT

Have you ever had a massage so thorough and amazing that it made you want to cry a little? Honest to goodness, I had me one of those this past Tuesday... and boy, did I need it.  Thank you April.  See, I had dropped my only child off at her new apartment in Greensboro after she attempted to drive there herself and suffered a car break down about an hour and a half away from Asheville.  *sigh*  Exactly... was hoping for a less dramatic 'kid flying from the nest' dealio... but did not get it.  So, Monday... kid launching into her college years (leaving me with an empty nest) and then a 6 hour round trip to drop her off that I didn't intend to do because her car died.

Can you say....maybe I was just a wee bit constricted in my body?  Maybe The Momma needed a little nurturing and care?  Hell yes, I did.  And thank you, Universe, for sending me April to help me rebalance myself with abundant, joyful ME time after the Monday of the Empty Nest.  I know that April was doing the massage, but I honestly felt like I was being cared for by a Cosmic Momma through her....and I just went limp and surrendered to the process.  I remember thinking, "I gratefully receive whatever nurturing and assistance I need at this time.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Whew.  April has Mojo. 

April came into the store one day in May before I facilitated the Lightbody Activation Ceremony at the White Horse Music and Spirit Center in Black Mountain.  See, April was due to fly to the UK to have her Reiki Master Attunement INSIDE Stonehenge that coming Monday.  She felt strongly prompted to do the Lightbody Activation before going.  Well... shoot, when she told me that, I absolutely got the impression that the timing of the workshop had everything to do about her going to Stonehenge... since the Lightbody Activation work basically plugs people into the Earth Grid System, Christ Consciousness Grids, and to the Tapestry of Light of other Lightworkers on the planet.  Get what I'm saying... ? 

So, sweet... modest April.  Yep.  Not fooling me.  I'm thanking you for your service.  I've got no idea what you may have Held Space for while you were in the UK, but I'm grateful.  Mmm hmm.

I actually requested that she help me in the next Lightbody Activation Event that I did at the Spirit Science Retreat on Father's Day.  See, I needed help doing the process because there were over 50 people participating in that event and I needed some helpers that I could trust with this sacred process.  I asked April and Noelle to assist me and they both said yes without hesitation.  This really wasn't a paid gig, so to speak... so I appreciated that I had people who were called to do the work regardless of that. :) 

On the road trip to find the farm where the Lightbody event was being held, it came out in conversation that April had been in Mexico and spent time studying with Hunbatz Men.  Ex-squeeze me?  So, there is another sacred site she's plugging into...umm...with Hunbatz (flippin) Men?  Right.  OK Girlfriend... yep.  Nice rainbow, by the way.  :)  Thanks again, for... uh... whatever it was. 

April in ceremony with Hunbatz Men at Chichen Itza.
Anyway, so April.  Why am I describing her in such esoteric terms?  Because she won't.  It's just not how she rolls.  She is so low key and modest, something I truly, truly love about her.  You guys know the difference between people who are ego attached to their work and people who are not.  You know how refreshing it is to be in the presence of a person who is coming from a Place of Love and Heart Service.  She loves being a massage therapist.  She loves being able to help people feel better.   It was, quite literally, one of the best massages I have had in my life.  So, she is very competent and well trained at her work.  But I'm here to tell you.... there is serious ~ value added~ stuff going on during your regular world massage session.  I don't always know details, and I try not to make conclusions at this point of my development, but....Dude.  Seriously.  That was NOT just a massage.  You go Girl.  Thank you for everything.

April works through the Healing House of Weaverville, which is a really cool house that used to belong to Mr. Weaver... for whom the town is named.  The place feels so nice.  The other practitioners there were great too.

Also... and goodie for you... if you mention that you saw this blog article you will get a $10 discount off your session.

Alrighty Darlings.... that is my featured Asheville Area Practitioner for July.  April "Mojo" Morley.... do yourself a favor and allow yourself to be nurtured for some seriously wonderful You Time that may just be a bit ~more~ than you might have anticipated.  Weee Hawww.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Citrine Crystals - The Real Thing, Baby.

I wish I were the size of a fairy so I could roll around in this basket.

True unadulterated citrine.  It's ~divine~.  It's like petrified, golden sunlight.    Natural, As-Mother-Made-It, citrine is actually quite rare.  There is some coming out of Brazil, some from Africa, and some from Madagascar, but most of the "citrine" on the market is actually heat-treated amethyst.  See, they take amethyst that is too light to sell well as amethyst, and they "cook it" until it turns that brassy orange color. 

And you know what,  I dunno, heat-treating rocks doesn't offend me nearly as much as irradiation offends me.  I have some heat-treated citrine in the house that I've used for energy work before and it's fine... but... it is definitely different than natural citrine.  They are, well... truthfully, two different crystals. 

Two sides of the same cathedral.  One heated into "Citrine"

The heat-treated citrine (that began as light amethyst)...hmm, has a more assertive energy after being heated.  It is like a delicate, shy person went through an extreme "motivational" seminar to change its personality to become more "fiery", and then  kinda over-did it, becoming a bit brassy.  In fact, heat-treated citrine is probably an excellent crystal for those who are shy that would like to become more assertive, or to add a little more momentum and oomph to generally slow moving, peaceful energies.  Heat treated citrine is, quite literally, the poster child for having someone light a fire under your bottom when you need to shift from passive to active energies.  So, hear me when I say that I am not ~dissing~ it.  It has its place in the world... and when you cannot find natural citrine, use it.  Heat-treated citrine has a more orange color, than yellow, however... so it's more a belly chakra energy than solar plexus.  I bet that a lax artist or writer might really benefit from hanging on to some of the treated citrine to get a fire going under the creative process.  Perhaps it would be good to resolve writer's or artist's creative blocks. 

Anyway, I want to discuss citrine, The Real Thing.  It is a totally differerent than the other stuff.  The energies of true citrine are not as assertive as treated citrine, but they are higher, lighter, and more, I dunno... "divine" probably does describe it.  Natural citrine holds the energy of both the yellow and golden rays... and it tickles you both in the solar plexus as well as the crown.  There is a decidedly angelic quality about natural citrine.  If you paired natural citrine with a "spiritual helper" stone, like angelite or celestite, my guess is that you would be able to plug into some fairly high levels of vibrational assistance, or you could spend the time to attune to your own Higher Self that maintains connection to to those lighter vibrational spaces within. 

Yes, we all know that citrine is a major prosperity stone.  Also, as per Melody of "Love is in the Earth", it also shares "never needs cleansing" qualities with kyanite.  Kyanite is also an angelic stone, or should I say "archangelic" stone.  Because of this, natural citrine helps to shed lower vibrational energies from your field.  If you are feeling low or depressed (after you have seen your doctor please), sometimes natural citrine can help to "lighten your mood".  This may not work if you are chemically out of synch, which is different than needing to shed emotional congestion that makes you feel heavy. 

Am I a Golden Smoky or Smoky Citrine? *scratches head*
Then, there are the miraculous and amazing citrines... or are they smokies.... err, well, they are both.  We call them Smoky Citrine or Golden Smoky, same rock.  This happens when natural citrine and natural smoky have a baby and live happily ever after.  Those specimens sometimes are citrine with smoky phantoms.  Yum.  The combination of citrine and smoky is well... hmm.... smoking. (I know, that was weak. I haven't had my second cup of coffe yet.  I'll be funnier later.)  The citrine maintains that golden ray, high vibe thing and the smoky pulls all that wonderful high stuff deep down through your toes and into the Earth.  Smoky is inherently protective and stabilizing and provides excellent boundary integrity, so it's like the citrine energy is coming with it's own "bouncer" that makes sure that all the wonderful spiritual shifts and sloughing off of heavier energy is, well... good and permanent.

Citrine with smoky phantoms (distinctive shape of an inner ghost crystal in smoky) can also be used for bringing light and healing to past-lives, as well as giving you terrific support for any "inner shadow" healing and integration work.  All a bonus. 

To see natural citrine and smoky citrine at etemetaphysical.com, click here.

I would highly recommend having at least one little natural citrine in your collection.  They are expensive, as they are so rare, but a little goes a long way.

My favorite uses:
Pocket Rock/Nearness: When you are feeling down and need a big infusion of beautiful, bright, high vibrational energy to counteract the funk, keep your citrine with you.  Get as much "nearness" with it as you can.  Breathe with it, stick it in your bra for the day, go outside in the sun with it, just stick it in your pocket. 

Crystalline Grids:  Use the citrine as a center stone unless you can afford 6 at a time, which most of us can't.  A nice, juicy little point or a nice, juicy tumbled stone the size of a walnut would be able to hold the center of a grid just fine.  Citrine for high light spiritual connection: add some angelite or celestite.  Citrine for abundance and prosperity: this is actually going to be my grid for July, so I'll have a whole blog article on it, but add stones like peridot, aventurine, ruby, pyrite, emerald, jade, that kind of thing.  Citrine for mood support: add lepidolite, selenite, Himalayan salt, labradorite, topaz, red jasper, that kind of thing.  <And as always, ignore me if you have strong prompts to use other rocks in those combos.  Your intuition and inner prompts should trump all advice ever given to you at this level.>

Gem Elixir:  Drink it in, Baby.  Citrine is fine for direct contact methods of gem elixir making.  Plop your sweet baby gently in a large glass of clean water, put a little platic wrap over the top so you don't collect bugs, and leave it in the sunshine for an hour or so.  Then, and this is an IMPORTANT step, hold the glass in both hands while saying, "Expand, Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify, and Seal".  Wait until the sealing process comes to a conclusion (you may feel the energy kick in, build, then come back down). Then drink and enjoy.  See the blog on Gem Elixirs if you want to learn more about this process.

Coin Purse:  Citrine is famous for being an abudance stone, and who doesn't need a little infusion of that, eh?  Get a wee one and put it in your coin purse.. or leave one in the prosperity section of your home via Feng Shui. 

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