Solar Storm Mitigation: Solar Flare Support

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Solar Storm Mitigation: Solar Flare Support

OMG.  The solar flares this year are so flipping active that it seems like every other week we are having to deal with another CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) that's smacking solar particles into Earth's geomagnetic energy field.  Yes, it can create beautiful Northern Lights, but for those of us who are a little sensitive... Geez Louise... enough already.  We're about ready to crawl into a hole and cry for awhile.

The Metaphysical Corner chat group on Facebook is awash in stories of people really having a hard time staying comfortable through the more active solar activity.  The symptoms include feeling like you are having PMS, brain fog, inability to ground, an increase in migraines and other physical pain, exhaustion, nausea, inability to sleep or trouble sleeping, or that feeling of being wired and tired simultaneously.  I have noticed that solar plexus "power issues" also seem to pop up, which is something that I solved in my own space with a couple of well placed golden moonstone.  These kinds of issues are getting more intense as the year progresses.  So, it's just ~up~.  

There are enough people having a really hard time that Christopher and I spent all day in the warehouse here at Enter the Earth to connect in with our guidance and get some relief going.
Some of you are familiar with the way I set up energy work, like in my book, Awake in Angelscape. It's kind of the "easy button" way of creating energy weaves of useful assistance.  It is like creating a download or process within one action command.  I used to call these "moments", now I just call the phrase to call the energy set an "action statement".  Umm, think it of like a prayer that is set up so all you have to do is call it by name, instead of reciting the whole thing to connect in with the energies.  I've also described it as calling into a pre-recorded message, but the message is an energy download intended to deal with a specific issue.  It is a spiritually based "ask and receive" system, as it does absolutely require spiritual cooperation to work.  In fact, I call this kind of work "Cooperative Spiritual Energy Work" cause.. well, I don't know what else to call it and it fits. 

Anyway, the process isn't that difficult, but it does require some up front time-on-task.  I essentially articulate the goal that I want from the work.  In this instance, I have called it "Solar Storm Mitigation".  That is the goal.  We want to mitigate the shit storm of OMG that is created from all this solar activity.  The next step is to list the intention set that I think supports the goal of the work. 
I try to put as much thought into this part because it seems to matter that I articulate my free will in a specific way.  However, since I am aware that I'm a tiny, little, limited human (at the moment), I then take what I think I need and kick it up to the spiritual level to be corrected in perfection and brought within Divine Will.  I call this "Spiritual CYA" (Cover Your Ass) because, well, just because you can throw your free will around in the  manifestation process, doesn't mean you should.  I give God/Divine Will overriding editing rights over every utterance I make, every intention I assemble, because... well, I'm not interested in working against Divine Will.  Once it's been kicked up to the Big Guy for correction and editing, then I seal the work so it maintains its integrity in perpetuity.  I do that with this action statement, "I ask to Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify, and Seal the work under God, now please." that is a little instruction on how I set up energy work, which seemed relevant.  It's not rocket surgery.  You can do it too.  There is nothing special about me except that I actually spent a decade sorting this kind of work out instead of trying to be normal.  Everyone has their thing.  This is mine. 
So, Solar Storm Mitigation is the over-arching goal.  The intentions supporting the goal are as follows:
  • Protection from the harmful effects of solar activity of any kind (solar wind, particles, radiation, emf, geomagnetic distress, and whatever else the sun burps up and causes in consequence...).
  • Mitigation of discomfort and imbalances in our systems caused by solar activity of any kind.
  • Oh Shit Mitigation (My phrase for whatever state it is when you are rocking, holding your head in your hands, and saying, "Oh Shit", in response to any particular event/issue/stimuli.  It's my way of saying, please give us super comfort when we are pushed beyond our ability to cope and make it so that we can cope.  Thank you, Oh Beautiful Master of the Universe.).
  • Enhanced/Optimal grounding to relevant layers, levels, and systems of relevance, such as, but not limited to, the Earth's grid system, the spiritual grid system, the system of other energetically plugged in human beings (I call that the Tapestry of Light), and whatever else is relevant, God's Choice.
  • Optimal Assistance from us to whatever the Bigger Picture happens to be.  If there is a way for us to be used as instruments for these solar storms to be mitigated on a global level, or somehow utilized in a productive way for human evolution or whatever else beneficial, please let us be instruments of the Highest Possible Outcome to unfold on Earth and for Humanity within Divine Will.
  • Mitigation of the specific complaints of PMS-pissy, emotional weepy stuff, fatigue, wired/tired, sleep issues, brain fog, power issues, migraines, physical pain, and general lack of feeling in ones body properly.
  • All Body/Whole Self Support in any way needed: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, as well as in any subtle energy systems or subsystems, such as chakras, meridians. 
  • EMF protection for sensitive technical systems, such as satellites, communications, and any other mechanical/technical stuff I can't even name that would be messed up with really strong flare activity that would make people lose their flipping minds.  (i-phone kaputnick mitigation?)
  • Graceful integration of any beneficial shifts, or any other kind of benefit (known or unknown) associated with increased solar activity. (Hey, maybe there is a point to this somehow.)
  • Optimal spiritual assistance, guidance, and cooperation with and from relevant helpers that are in Divine Alignment, and working exclusively within Divine Will, to support the Highest Possible Outcome to unfold on Earth and for Humanity within Divine Will with as much Ease, Grace, Mercy, Compassion, and Love as possible.  (Yes, I am redundantly redundant about being within Divine Will.  I find it an exceedingly good practice.)
  • I request for the Highest Possible Outcome to unfold on Earth and for Humanity within Divine Will with as much Ease, Grace, Mercy, Compassion, and Love as possible.  I ask to Hold Space in whatever way I may to support that request. (That is my go to prayer and I'm redunantly redundant about that too.)
  • I request for this goal and intention set to be corrected in perfection and brought within Divine Will and for any other appropriate intentions to be added at the spiritual level that may be needed or useful to the goal. 
  • I request for any beneficial upgrades to be woven into the work automatically at the spiritual level as new needs emerge.  If those intentions need to be made at the human level, please send enough guidance for us to figure it out and articulate those intentions in perfect time.
  • I request to Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify and Seal the Solar Storm Mitigation work under God/Divine Will, such that it maintains its integrity through time. 

Alrighty then.... so this work is available now.  To connect to it just say, "I request to initiate Solar Storm Mitigation, now please."  (Or something like that... you could actually just say "Run Solar Storm Mitigation. Or, "Solar Storm Mitigation now." Whatever, God is competent. )

On the physical tool side of things... obviously, I'm partial to rocks.  They are pretty and they give me a buzz.  You don't need them to receive the benefits of this work, but since we are physical beings, sometimes it's quite nice to have something physical to use to connect to the energies.

The best rock, at least available here at this huge warehouse of rocks, is Girasol Quartz.  It gave Christopher and I both the biggest hits.  It also is a good anchor to the Solar Storm Mitigation energy download.  We attuned all the Girasol Quartz in the warehouse to Solar Storm Mitigation, but... well, we asked for it to be rolled out to all Girasol Quartz on the planet, if it was okay for us to ask for that.  It sure seemed like it was okay to ask for it, but it's hard to tell what the heck is going on when you are all wooed out and in an altered state.  We asked.  If you have Girasol Quartz at home, go and give it a feel and see if it has an 'upgrade'.  If so, you might want to use it as a carry around piece if you are feeling uncomfortable.

So, for a single stone assist... get a nice Girasol Quartz piece.  If you want to go through the process of anchoring it to Solar Storm Mitigation for good measure, hold your rock and say, "I request to attune this rock to the Solar Storm Mitigation work, now please."  Give it a minute, then say, "I request to Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify, and Seal this under God/Divine Will, now please."

Single Girasol Quartz for Solar Storm Mitigation at Enter the Earth

Next, Christopher and I went down a long list of rock resources to figure out what would be a really good crystalline grid to set up for Solar Storm Mitigation.  The ones that ended up in our crystalline grid are: girasol quartz, with layers of yellow opal, smoky/amethyst elestials, ruby, lepidolite, magnetite, and shungite. 

When we activated the grid, first, I felt completely normal.  I mean... just normal, which I guess is the point of mitigation work.  You WANT to feel normal, not all flipped out.  Then, the energy spread.  Then it spread some more.  It felt like it was weaving outward, which makes sense if we asked specifically to be anchored to appropriate systems.  It did feel like it went into the Earth's grid system, so that one activated grid may actually cover quite a bit of ground, perhaps even regionally.  Seems like a mighty nice thing to do for the neighborhood.

Solar Mitigation Crystalline Grid at Enter the Earth

The other option we set up was a simple medicine set that has one of each of the stones in the grid.  This way it is a little more affordable, but you can do a lot with the single energies.  You can make yourself a medicine pouch, use the stones in your pillow case, stuff it in your bra, make a non-contact gem elixir, and so on. 

Solar Storm Mitigation Medicine Set at Enter the Earth
Anyway.  So.  Solar Storm Mitigation.  We gave our best whack at it and hope that it helps some of you sweet, sensitive souls.  Hugs to All.  Keep breathing.  It will be okay.  I know, I'm redundantly redundant about that too. :)

Christopher and I have a brand new website and blog. :)  I'm going to leave archived blog articles up in here, but all new articles will be published under the new site.

Our new website is here:

Our new blog, which we have integrated together, is here:


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