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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Smoky Amethyst | Twice as Nice | Enter the Earth

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Smoky Amethyst
Super Something

I have never seen smoky quartz and amethyst in the same crystal before working at Enter the Earth.  I had no idea such a thing existed.  I bought a sweet little double terminated smoky amethyst crystal within weeks of beginning my job.  The energetic properties of these special crystals make them a “must have” for anyone who does any kind of spiritual or energetic work because the amethyst aspect will open and support higher, spiritual energy work, while the smoky aspect protects the worker and the process, brings stability and balance, as well as providing an excellent grounding for those higher energies to be brought to a usable format at this level.  These crystals help to bring it in, ground it out, then provide graceful integration of any positive shifts.  

These crystals usually don’t all stop at being smoky and amethyst, either.  There are quite a few specimens that start wandering into elestial territory, others that have multiple inclusions, and some others that have water bubbles inside (enhydros).  Wowsie, wow, wow.  Some people are fans of the “Super 7 Stone”, aka “Melody’s Stone”, and I think that if these smoky amethysts are not Super 7’s, that they are somewhere along the continuum.  Some are more heavily included than others.  The more inclusions, the more likely it’s getting more and more “super”, so to speak.

We also have a smoky amethyst combo stone that we are calling “Banded Amethyst”.  These particular polished stones are chevron-like amethyst specimens that have white and smoky quartz banded within it.  I don’t get the smack-your-fanny, OMG quality from the polished pieces vs. the crystal varieties, but they have a very settling and soothing effect on the energy system that would make them especially good as hand held meditation stones.  I also think they would make excellent “sleep stones” for adults and children.  It would have the same “bring it in, ground it out” energies as the crystals, but there are no inclusions in the nice polished pieces.  

Oooo, that's really cool.

So, smoky amethyst, who knew?  From crown to root, it will tickle your energy field in ways that make you a bit better at what you already do well; bring it in, ground it out, and bring about healing shifts with graceful integration.

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