Why Use Rocks for Energy Work?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why Use Rocks for Energy Work?

So, why do we care about rocks anyway??
There are a lot of metaphysical properties of rocks books out there that will tell you what each stone is about and the vibrations that they contain.  It all sounds good (if a little over the top sometimes) but how the heck do you get to this "energy" and why would you want to?

I often compare the vibrational quality of rocks to the vibrational quality of music.  When I hold a rock, I actually feel a subtle "hum" in my body.  Different rocks "hum" or "buzz" me in slightly different ways and some literally make me feel like I'm a bit tipsy.  I see rocks, or at least most of them, like vibrational tuning forks that can help us tune our own wildly fluctuating systems to a more balanced and steady state.  If humans had an "energetic" sound, I think it would be more like a practicing orchestral pit.  When you work with stones, you introduce a steady note or vibration with which to calm and focus your own.  That may be a bit oversimplified, but that's the general idea of "why" you might like to work with stones. 

Of course, you can't talk about the vibrational "tuning" effect of rocks, or any other energy healing modality, without also talking about the human energy field or system.  You just can't divorce the concept of our own energetic reality from the story of why we would bother to use tools like rocks to tweak our "vibs' in one way or another. There are quite of few different perspectives on the human energy system, most of which are thousands of years old and are based in ancient spiritual and healing traditions.  I'll post some of the various energy system perspectives below with links for you to read up on it. 

Basic Chart of the Chakra System

The Meridian System from Traditional Chinese Medicine

Aura: The Concept of an Overall Energy Field Around the Body

You can basically spend a lifetime doing nothing but studying all the various schools of thought on the human energy field.  I had read a little about chakras when I was much younger and wasn't terribly excited by the information until a friend of mine actually ~introduced~ me to my heart chakra.  It went from being an intellectual concept to an authentic  reality to me in a matter of seconds.  Like I've said before, feeling is believing.

It was a simple exercise, really.  He stood at my side and put one of his hands about a foot behind my back at the level of my heart and his other hand about a foot in front of my body at the level of my heart.  His palms were facing one another with me standing in between.  He then began moving his hands further away from me and I felt this weird magnetic "tugging" sensation at my heart.  It was as if his hands were strong magnets and I was able to feel the magnetic pull the two had to each other.  Next, he asked if I could tell when his back hand was in position and when he took it away.  I closed my eyes and I could absolutely tell when his back hand went down.  The magnetic pull was broken.  He was also a Reiki Master and then put his hands between my shoulder blades to show me what Reiki felt like, but that is another story altogether.  It was a life changing afternoon, that's for sure.  Thanks Doug and Jane for introducing me to my own energy system. :) 

So where do the rocks fit in this picture?  Well, people generally like to use rock energy (or the steady vibrational "note" of a rock)  like a tuning fork to fill in, clear, stabilize, or vitalize possible deficits, imbalances, or weaknesses in their own energy systems.  Rocks aren't the only show in town for this kind of work, any energy work modality essentially seeks to do the same thing, but rocks are pretty and sparkly... and most of us just like sparkly things. :) 

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