Labradorite - Flashdance - Metaphysical Meaning

Monday, March 12, 2012

Labradorite - Flashdance - Metaphysical Meaning
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Too Much is Not Enough... 

For a long while, there were only two rocks that I put in my pocket every day when I went out into public: smoky quartz and labradorite/spectralite.  Labradorite ranks as one of the stones that is a "must have" for anyone who uses crystals and gemstones as energy work tools.  It has a wide range of uses from daily protection/shielding, energy cleansing, as well as more esoteric uses for spiritual work. 

Some of you are confused by the use of the term "spectralite".  Don't be.  It's basically "labradorite on steroids", at least, that is how I explain it.  Spectralite is labradorite that is particularly high gem quality with a wide spectrum of colors within the flash.  The stone pictured above is a good representation of a labradorite that is called spectralite.  Spectralite, spelled with an "a" instead of an "o", is the gem quality form of labradorite from Madagascar. 

I find that Madagascar has some of the most beautiful and "hot" (stacie-ism for "energetically potent and particularly useful") labradorite on the market.  I recently discovered that labradorite from Madagascar, unlike labradorite from other places, may contain pyrite within it.  For whatever reason, I adore any stone that kanoodles with pyrite.  Pyrite must do something synergistic and punchy for whatever other stone is with it.  Anyway, as much as I would like to believe I can be done getting labradorite, I think I may never actually have enough.  I have several personal pieces and I have moved some along to others.  As soon as one gets placed elsewhere, I find myself excited to sort through the labradorite at the store to find another one.  The last one I got was a spectralite pebble that has purple in it.  *sigh*  Purple is so dreamy in labradorite/spectralite.  It just makes me happy to see it in the flash.  I'm a simple girl.    

OK, why does it make the cut as one of the stones that could I interact with on a daily basis? 

Labradorite is one of the best "pocket stones" you can use.  The placement of the labradorite in your pocket puts it in the groin placement area commonly used in crystal healing layouts.  "Grounding" stones that are black, gray, brown, and red are the best kinds of stones to put in that pocket/groin position because it is the ~proper chakra placement~ to provide you with the maximum amount of energetic support.  The dark gray part of the rock is actually a little grounding and stabilizing, but not in the same way as smoky quartz or other darker stones.  I feel that the dark color of labradorite creates a type of "modulation" grounding of the higher light energies found in the flash to be more useful and accessible at the physical level.  In other words, it grounds the higher vibrational qualities of itself quite perfectly.  It is a prime example of a stone that walks in both the spiritual and physical worlds at the same time.  It's a lesson for us all to learn.  

In fact, the ability for labradorite to walk in both worlds is one of the main reasons it makes its way into my pocket when I leave the sacred space of my own home and go out and about in the world.  I'm a sensitive girl and I need strategies to manage the onslaught of energetic information and stimulation found in the world beyond my own walls.  Labradorite fills out my auric field so that my field is stronger and less permeable to the energies of other people, environments, etc.  It is similar to being within an egg of protection, even though it's not technically "protection" in the way you might consider it.  It is protective and shielding because it makes me stronger and less vulnerable.  When I am energetically comfortable and buffered in this way, I am more able to be open to the "regular world" without compromising my own stability, and without having to shut down my sensitivities/empathy that might do some good for a few folks that wander in my direction.  So, basically, labradorite helps me to walk in both worlds at the same time too.
We included labradorite as the center stone in the Wooey Work Support Crystal Grid for the energetic strengthening and buffering action.  The center stone is always the main player in any grid, so all the other stones express through the lens of labradorite.  The other stones in this grid are: Kyanite, Prehnite, Green Opal, Celestite, Quantum Quattro Silica, Fluorite, Amazonite, Sand Dollar, and White Aventurine.  The grid energies are intended to help sensitive people deal with the demands of the world, while maintaining core integrity.  It's hard to feel okay out there when you pick up on everyone else's bullshit, isn't it? I empathize.  Ok, that was sorta funny.  I'm empathizing with other empaths about being empathic.  I think I just went all "inception" on the concept.  Annnyway.
When I do shove labradorite in my right pocket, I always partner it with smoky quartz in my left pocket.  I'm not certain why that orientation feels right to me, I just know that it does.  Smoky quartz is a traditional "grounding and protection" stone and it fills in whatever needs I still have after the labradorite makes my energy field stronger.  I highly recommend this pocket rock "power combo" for anyone who has trouble with energetic bleed through while they are out in the general public.  Ha, I can even go into a Walmart during the holidays at this point in my development.  And, if you are sensitive... you know how much of a success story that is. :)  You might also enjoy my blog article "Smoky Quartz: Ally for the Sensitive", if this information seems important to you.
Labradorite & Smoky Quartz Pocket Rock Combo at ETE Metaphysical

Other lesser known qualities of labradorite....

I do not think it is in the books, but labradorite is one of the best energetic cleansing stones you can use with intention.  This makes it a fabulous addition to any healing specific crystalline grid, sacred space grid, medicine pouch, gem elixirs, or crystal healing tool of any kind.  Energetic cleansing is one of the most important skills for anyone to learn and generally the first thing you need to do before engaging in any other healing process or protocol. 

Labradorite Energy Cleansing Protocols

Bathtub Option:  I recommend adding a cup of Himalayan Salt to the bath water to increase the cleansing and releasing potential of your session.  Hold the labradorite at each chakra for about 2-3 minutes, or until it feels "done", while saying, "I request to cleanse, clear, purify my entire system, and to remove anything not present in my Highest Good, now please."   If you can't use your tub, you can do this laying down in bed too.  The bath just makes it nice.  I also recommend using the "rock breathing" method if you feel that would be helpful.  To do this, just imagine breathing through the labradorite and into the chakra, then breathing out through the labradorite... releasing anything that isn't present in your Highest Good.  If you are doing well without the breathing and it seems too complicated to you, skip it.
Make Your Own Gem Elixir for Energy Cleanse Option
If you know how to make a gem elixir, labradorite is excellent by itself or with other cleansing stones for an auric spray or gem elixir you can drop under the tongue.  The stones that I use in the crystalline grid above are good partners.  Make sure you check the books for which stones are not okay to have in water for consumption, okay?  If you aren't sure, use a non-contact form of elixir making.
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  2. *blushes* Gawrsh, you're so sweet. :)

  3. I had the pleasure of trying out the cleansing bath exercise Stacie suggested. It was fantastic, and an experience I have never had with a stone before! I felt activity through my energy body as I moved the stone through each chakra. When I got the the higher three Chakras, Wow!! It was amazing. I strongly encourage any of you to not only get a piece of Labradorite (my new pocket stone as well), but to attempt a cleansing exercise with the stone. You may be surprised the places it takes you :o)

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed the activity! :) Sounds like a powerful experience, which is fan-flippin-tasktic. :)

  5. Hey Stacie. I have just got into the crystal and gemstone use. I pair my labradorite pocket crystal with a moldavite necklace. Please keep in touch with me through email or via facebook. I'm new to this and would like experienced help. and on FB look for Ranger Andre Dickey. I look forward to studying further with you.

  6. Hi Andre :) I'm on facebook as Stacie Coller and we have a sweet little discussion group called the Metaphysical Corner that you are welcome to join. :)

  7. He stacie!i am a pisces ...can i wear this beautiful stone plz..tell

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