Ocean Jasper - Metaphysical Meaning - Radiating Goodness

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ocean Jasper - Metaphysical Meaning - Radiating Goodness

Ocean Jasper®: The Metaphysical Meaning - He Said/She Said

Christopher and Stacie at the AAWIP Holistic Fair in 2013
My co-worker, Christopher Lee Matthews and I do a lot of "He Said/She Said" articles, to cover the same topic from two perspectives.  He is more of a scholar and I am more of a story-teller.  Our impressions are often similar, but are sometimes different.  It is in the differences that we both learn and grow.
Christopher has written two, extremely thorough and well organized articles.  One of the articles is exclusively about the geology and history of Ocean Jasper and the other is about the metaphysical properties of Ocean Jasper from his perspective.  You can click on the links to see those articles below.

Our Connection to Ocean Jasper: Enter the Earth

Enter the Earth inside the Grove Arcade in Asheville, North Carolina
"Enter the Earth" is the company for which Christopher and I both work.  It is based here in Asheville, North Carolina.  We have a retail location inside of the historic Grove Arcade in down town Asheville, which I happily manage.  The both of us manage Enter the Earth's Metaphysical Department, which is totally on-line.  And yes, I do love my job.  Manifestation Level- Expert. Ha. 

The growth of Enter the Earth, and all the wonderful things that have happened because of it, certainly in my own life, all start with Ocean Jasper.  This perfectly demonstrates one of my favorite things about Ocean Jasper.  It has a radiating quality about it, like the beautiful little orbicular “flowers” on its surface, that goes off in a 360 degree star-burst of a positive domino effects.  It is why I chose the title: "Radiating Goodness".   

Happy Little Sphere Showing Ocean Jasper Flower Bursts
On Reading Ocean Jasper: The Back Story
Christopher and I decided to do a reading on Ocean Jasper because it's ETE's specialty and the readings that are out there felt incomplete. Most of the readings draw their information from OJ's association with the ocean (healing/emotional body), the moon (intuition/Divine Feminine/adjustment of mood), its orbicular eyes (protection/insight/connection to the Divine), and of frothy happiness and joyfulness. Those things are true, but there are many more qualities to Ocean Jasper that make it an important accessory in any energy worker's took kit. So, we wanted to do a reading to fill in the blanks of what has already been said and to take the understanding to a higher level.

Chris and I thought that we knew a lot about Ocean Jasper, and when we might grab it for work, but I have to say, I'm both impressed with what we didn't know and incredibly grateful by the timing of the new understanding in my own life. Long story short, I just left a 15 year marriage because it no longer felt like a safe place. I'm fine, I was fine, but that wasn't guaranteed forever if I chose to stay. Umm, the Universe wasn't ambiguous about it either. I'm rather clear that I'm not interested in being the subject of a Lifetime movie. Nope. Not even a little.

When we began the Ocean Jasper reading, I was still “in process” from a healing session that I had received two days before.  Anyway, the quick version of the story is that I had two trauma events that came up that normally also include some kind of soul loss or need for soul retrieval. I also suspected that my ended marriage may have created some kind of fracture in my system in non-obvious ways.

After we recorded Chris' journey, I began plugging in and touching the rough piece that Chris was called to bring in as a sample. Immediately, I was taken down so far into an altered state and worked on, that I couldn't walk right going to my car at the end of the day. The best I can describe it was a sensation of a slow and deeply penetrating wave of movement, clearing, and adjustment. I became aware of some kind of “hook” through my body on my left side and my ability to see clairvoyant visuals (which is usually not my thing) increased. I confirmed several of the various totemic associations that Christopher saw during his journey, as well as some other images that were new, which was very nice for me.

Click on the photo to see Ocean Jasper at etemetaphysical.com

She Said: The Metaphysical Meaning and Healing Properties of Ocean Jasper

Major Work Themes

The Parts of a Whole” Worker

One of the main points, which came up so often, is that Ocean Jasper is a “parts of a whole” worker, a system worker, anything that requires the process of bringing things back to original “wholeness”. This covers several categories of specific uses.
  • Soul Retrieval: If you have fracture in your system, this is a form of “parts of a whole” that needs integration. When I had my healing experience during the reading, Christopher envisioned an owl totem bringing me a little bone that was retrieved from an image of my wedding ring, which was then brought back to me for “graceful integration and processing”.
  • Past-Life Healing: Same thing as above, but taking it to the level of your Soul Self, instead of this single life time.
  • System/Group Worker: Again, systems rely on the interrelationship of parts that must be working in harmony and balance to be healthy, efficient, useful. OJ helps organize and bring into balance/oneness/flow of any kind of system with parts making up a whole. Think about that because it is big stuff. Communities are systems. Families are systems. Your body is a system. All of creation is a system of smaller parts that make up the whole. To me, this also means a deeper connection and integration into the Divine and All Creation.
  • Self/Family/Group Integrity: This is a specific application of being a system worker. What was specifically brought up was the concept of being able to “buffer bubble” a member of the family/group who was disproportionately affecting the stability of the system, so that they would have less negative impact energetically. Also, the self could be fortified for greater personal integrity within systems, so if you have a crazy ass family, you could put yourself in a buffer bubble so that you can maintain your sense of self without the family “stuff” impacting you on such a direct level. Same with the work place, same with a neighborhood. Parts of a whole can be defined on all sorts of levels.
  • Protection/Buffering: Just as OJ is a system worker through the concept of wholeness, it can also manage the parts individually, such as with protection and buffering of one thing from another where spill over is harmful or destabilizing to another part of the system. Like the above concept of a “buffer bubble”, it can also buffer a healing room from the rest of the house, your home from the rest of the neighborhood, your car from the rest of the cars on the highway, and so on.
Click the photo to see Ocean Jasper at our Sister Site.

Manifestation/Path/Perspective Worker

This message came through repeatedly during the reading as well. Mainly, perspective modification for achievement and tending to your goals, which ultimately is connected to what you manifest in your world.
  • Perceptual Distortion Correction: OJ is an ally for you to find your proper path by helping you eliminate patterns of perceptual distortions that prevent you from seeing something in an authentic way. Basically, it helps you get over your own “stuff” that isn't true. It helps to cut through delusion, when you are overwhelmed emotionally, to help you discern between choices that are “real” and those which are fantasy.
  • 3D Integrity/Opportunity: This means that you are living in the physical/material world in a successful way. It's not just about abundance. It asks, how do you apply and balance your spiritual wisdom and life with your physical life? You can dance all you want to the Music of the Spheres, but if you forget to pay your rent, you're just another crazy cracker on the street. We have the unique challenge of walking in both worlds. It also helps you to make fortuitous choices that allow you to take advantage of events of positive opportunity in which timing is everything. 
  • Problem Solving/Creative Solution/Decision: If you are feeling stuck and need that extra bit of Divine Inspiration, OJ can help focus you into the push and pull interaction of the spiritual and material worlds through creative endeavors of any kind. Go loose and dance. Pick up a pen and doodle. Write a poem. Sing a song. Get into the creative flow and see what new epiphany shows up in your noggin that helps to push you to the next level. Definitely look for the epiphany. There was some indication that Ocean Jasper likes the Q & A format of leading you to the answers you seek. When you are in need of guidance, start asking yourself questions that revolve around the problem, then fully assess your answers. This may be a logical process, in a way, but think of an ebb and flow (like the ocean!) of leading you to the wisdom that you have, and to apply that onto the issue in question. This is another form of helping you release perceptual distortions, in my opinion, because if you have to sort through a situation in a rational way, with polite insight being provided to help you sort something out, you may discover in what way you have held a belief that isn't authentic and that may be limiting you in some way.
  • Radiating Goodness: Think, star-bursts. Think sparkles and wonderfulness that flows through you and outward into the world. It kinda reminds me of that commercial that used to be on TV that showed people doing something kind for a stranger, then a stranger watching this action and doing something kind for another person, and so on, and so on, until it was back to the original person. It supports the radiating of positive effects in all directions, like a ripple in the water. When you look at OJ, you can see the little “flowers” and “star bursts” clearly on the surface. This also is good for “path work”, because the positive impact within a system means greater coherence, greater synchronicity, greater synergy with individual members of the greater whole within which you function.  

Healing/Energy Body Worker/Global Worker/Spiritual Connection/Everything Else

Since Ocean Jasper is a system worker, this necessarily means that it is an energy body worker, but it is an Earth energy body worker too, so it would be a perfect stone to grab for Earth healing ceremony of any kind.
  • Healing: Here we go again...a topic that makes me twitchy; rocks and physical healing. I will state again that I am not a doctor and that I rarely go to the mineral kingdom for physical healing, however, that being said, the green color in most specimens of Ocean Jasper is chlorite, which is the same mineral that is in many stones that are considered “healing” on many levels. Use it as a compliment, not a treatment, kay?
  • Emotional Healing: OJ's connection to the ocean and to the moon give it a strong emotional healing aspect. Many people describe its energy as “happy”, which suggests an ability to shift emotional states to something lighter. The crystal deva, with whom Christopher interacted, was extremely child-like, playful, and joyful.
  • Alignment/Release of Blockages: The radiating qualities of OJ suggest that it is good for both chakra/energy body alignment, as well as the bringing to the surface and removal of knots or blockages within the system.
  • Completeness: This directly relates to spiritual connections, the idea of ascension, and even the concept of the Lightbody/Merkaba being activated and plugged in because the spheres in OJ represent totality of completeness and oneness.
  • Strength: OJ helps with the fortification of the self, or the reclaiming of power that is rightly yours. It covers the inspiration that invigorates you, overcoming obstacles, vitalization, confidence, all of which prepares your body and environment for success of “choosing the higher path”. It supports the seeds that you sow to blossom into long lasting achievement because you resolve conflict between the inner and outer elements in your system.
  • Celestial Battery: There was indication that OJ gathers both solar and lunar energy, which it can then radiate. It would be good to leave it outside during important moon cycles or outside in the sun. I'm also seeing a thunderstorm now, so it's saying, it can gather up natural energies as well. Sha-wing. Make sure your OJ gets some deck time once and awhile to increase the “battery” output function.
  • Global Healing: OJ is born of all the elements in a way. Water from the ocean, earth from being partially above water in the cliff face, fire from the volcanic transformation the rock undergoes, and air from the windy beach cliff. If you are plugging in to the Earth's systems to assist sending love, balance, or clearing negative/misaligned patterns, these are all qualities that make it useful for any kind of healing work. It may be quite useful for dowsers to find/reveal patterns of misalignment, or to find a pattern that is desirable, like with finding water.
  • Time/Space Fluidity: When you work with OJ, keep in mind that it has the ability to move through time references as well. This means that if you were working on past-life anything (accessing wisdom or healing), or if you are dealing with your Ancestral Matrix for whatever, or Earth Healing that deals with traumatic past events, OJ is able to fluidly move through points of reference, as even events in time are parts of a whole. There was a “bi-location” aspect to it, which might be useful for shamanic journeying or for any work in which there would be benefit to being in two places, like distance healing work, “visiting” with someone who is not physically with you for a little cosmic cuddle, that kind of thing.
  • Psychic Development/Intuition Enhancement: Ocean Jasper's orbicular nature, its eyes, and its star-bursts directly symbolize “seeing”, enhancing clairvoyance, and developing those qualities. I had a direct experience with that when I had the healing experience. My inner visuals were way better than usual, which I think was a direct result of the adjustment that was going on as well.
  • Dreamtime/Sleep: OJ's direct lunar influence makes it an appropriate stone for protecting and guarding the time of sleep, astral travel, and meditation states. You can put it in your pillow case for general purpose sleep support.
  • Gates/Doors: I saw “halls” and “doorways” to other dimensional places, particularly those associated with “heavenly” or “Christ Consciousness”. I was basically shown a door with Christmas decoration on it that opened up to a banquet hall that had the most beautiful crystal chandelier. One of the hand polished pebbles that I have since claimed as my own has a druzy opening that, I swear, looks like it has stairs with a figure waiting at the top of it. If you have a piece that has openings, see if you can “enter” them with your imagination and just see what happens!
  • Shamanic/Totemic Associations: We saw lots of critters during the reading of OJ, but you can actually pick out a few from the patterns on the physical rock as well. Some of the animal and plant totems seen were: mermaid, lemur, dragon, owl, bat, horses, abalone, alligator, dolphin, chrysanthemum, trumpet vine, ebony. It seems to be more of a connector to the wisdom and spiritual nature of the Earth, which would cover pretty much every plant and animal out there, if you wanted to look at it that way. I just wanted to share the specific ones that revealed themselves during the reading.
In Summary

My thoughts and experiences with Ocean Jasper continue to bloom.  I invite any of you to share your  own experiences to help us broaden our understanding.  In the meantime, I do seem to grab OJ almost daily and in nearly any kind of energy work situation.  It's just an exceptional helper for all sorts of work or it helps synergize individual pieces so that they work better together.  Any way you look at it, that's good stuff.
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Article updated on 5/7/2015


  1. Fascinating and all encompassing take on Ocean Jasper. I actually mention this beautiful jasper in Book 2 of a Fantasy series I'm working on as "the eye that never blinks", which acts as a witness during a ritual. GREAT READ! ~ Pat Christy

  2. Awesome, Pat. Thanks for the reference! We're honored that you included Ocean Jasper in your book! When it is done, we'll have to link to it!! Can you leave a link for your first book in case any OJ lovers would like to read the first book in the series?? Thanks!

  3. Is there a difference between ocean jasper and ocean orbicular jasper?

  4. Ocean Jasper is a registered trademark name held by The Gem Shop, which was created when the stone was rediscovered. There are sellers who do not use this name. I've seen "fish eye jasper". Orbicular jasper is a geological term for jaspers that have circular patters, which OJ definitely is. There are other kinds of orbicular jasper though. If the kind you saw comes from Madagascar, I would say there is a very high probability of it being Ocean Jasper. If it does not come from Madagascar, it definitely is not. I hope that helps! :)

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