Black Moonstone: Womb Stone

Monday, June 18, 2012

Black Moonstone: Womb Stone

Mmmmmmoonstone.  I think a lot of us who have energetic sensitivity are fans of the ~family feldspar~ (labradorite, rainbow moonstone, sunstone, amazonite, etc).  Sometimes they have a colorful flash, as with rainbow moonstone or labradorite... and sometimes they have the flashy, cats-eye chatoyancy.  Whatever, it's all awesome.

All moonstone is connected to the Divine Feminine, water, intuition, dreams, visions, fertility, and the ~female mystique~. 

There are various shades of moonstone from the milky white, grey, peach, and less often, black.  True black moonstone is somewhat more rare and can be found (as far as I have heard) only in India and Madagascar.  This is because Madagascar and India used to be connected before the tectonic plates did their boogie to their current location.  They share several of the same mineral resources for this reason.

The first day I began working at Enter the Earth, there was a black moonstone display that was so rich and dark that I thought it was smoky quartz at first.  When I finally had a moment to actually fix my eyes and senses on the display, I just stood there and marveled.  I had never seen moonstone so dark.  Some of the luscious, hand-polished "pebbles" were deep black with a stunning silver sheen (silver is another Divine Feminine color) and others had the black with a beautiful peach within it.

I have to say that most of the time, I do not grab a rock to deal with a physical issue.  I normally go to the plant kingdom for physical issues.  I had one exception in my collection many years ago.  I had this wonderful, rough peach moonstone that I would flop on my belly when I was having bad menstrual cramps.  Without fail, the peach moonstone (peach corresponds to the belly chakra as a light orange color) actually helped my cramps go away.  Womb wonderful.  I eventually gifted my cramp relieving stone to a lovely lady who was pregnant and about to have a baby.  I figured that she needed it more than I did, and that was that.  I haven't found a replacement for that special piece until I began working at Enter the Earth.  Ahhh... sweet relief.  Pass the chocolate and my black moonstone, please.... and just back away slowly.   

The black moonstone from Madagascar is definitely a ~womb stone~ (Isn't it cool how womb stone even sounds like moonstone?).  I have a nice sized sphere of it, but then I had to go back and get some pocket rocks for those times when... well... being a woman is uncomfortable.  I feel that these beautiful and unique moonstones are rock #1 to support the workings of our regenerative Lady Bits.  It would be the first stone I recommend to anyone who was pregnant, having troubles/pain with their lady plumbing, or who wanted to encourage fertility.  Keep in mind, that I normally do not recommend rocks for physical issues, but with moonstone, I make an exception.  Obviously, do not use moonstone in lieu of actual medical treatment, okay?  I, nor the moonstone, are doctors.   
Many also connect black moonstone to "new moon" energies, which corresponds to the birth of new things... from babies, projects, to ideas.  So, if you are about to start something important and new, the black moonstone would still be a good stone to grab.  I also like it in crystalline grids from anything from intuition, creativity, fertility, connection to any counter-part of the Divine Feminine, to healing shadow, and so on.   I would absolutely love it in a "birth grid" during labor (with every other color of moonstone, rose quartz, and lepidolite)... but I recommend setting it up ~under~ the bed/delivery table because if I had had a rock in my hand during labor, I might have tossed it at my husband's head at some point. I'm pretty sure I am not alone.    

If you'd like it as a moon-time relieving rock, I recommend that you either get two smaller polished rocks, so you can stuff them in your pockets... or one really hunky polished or rough piece to flop on your belly at home.  If you want to amp up the effectiveness, just imagine breathing the moonstone energy into your womb area, relaxing the tension.  Also recommended, chocolate, wine, a good chick flick, and a box of tissues.  You might as well roll around in your femininity and make it a party.

A beautiful rough specimen of black moonstone.

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