Keying: How to Get Energetic Info Out Yo Rocks

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keying: How to Get Energetic Info Out Yo Rocks

Sooooooooo..... I like got this crystal... and it's got this raised triangle on it... ummm.... soooooooo, how do I... like...  get whatever info is in there? 

Anyway, I saw a post in the Metaphysical Corner group on Facebook and I thought that I would throw a little blog article about keying your crystals.

I'll be honest.  I almost never pay attention to the different "master" crystal formations.  I could give a fig about whether something is this, that, or the other.  I usually just respond to intuitive hits, not physical attributes.  But, I have one exception... Record Keepers.  When I pick up a crystal, the first thing I do is scan the faces for those little tell-tale triangles.  The triangles are supposed to designate a crystal as one that holds energetic information of some kind.  Of course, there are other crystals that don't have a triangle that I'm pretty sure have some information in em too.  You know what I mean, those crystals that you just had to have... the ones that really wrapped their little crystal fingers around you and said, "I AM YOURS.  TAKE ME HOME." 

Years ago, I used to do really in depth readings on crystals.  I called them "Crystal Whispers" and I blogged about how to do that on another article.  I had a bunch of friends that did them too.  We learned quite a lot of useful lightwork information.  (Anyone that says, "dumb as a box of rocks", clearly hasn't tried to have a conversation with a rock.  Turns out, they are pretty flippin smart.) 

Anyway, it took many years, but we figured something out that is worth sharing about retrieving information that might be stored within certain crystals.  Every once and awhile we had a crystal that wouldn't really talk to us or give us much information.  We called them our Stevie Nicks crystals because they gave us sweet visuals of a lovely, sprite-like woman in a flowing white dress just walking through the forest.   Nice... Stevie Nicks, but was there any meat in that conversation?  No.  No meat.  Just a gypsy... that she was.

I'm not sure which one of us figured the keying thing out, but eventually, we were prompted to go through a process with our crystals that was something like showing a soul identification card.  Think of it like a pass card to gain entrance to a secured area.  Some crystals seem to have information or gifts that are specific to an individual (that only one person can access) or the information/energetic gifts can be individualized (many people can access, but everyone gets whatever it is that they personally need). 

Once we began "keying" the crystals, sometimes a whole new world of information or energetic shifts opened up to us.  We also discovered that the Stevie Nicks crystals, which didn't offer much information on the first pass, often finally gave up some goods once they were keyed.  And, well..some of the information in crystals is really just some kind of energetic shift, not "information" that is in English.  It's just a buzz.  Sometimes the buzz offers something useful, but we will never really know what it was.  Just sorta the way it is in this great big land of ambiguity.

The stones/crystals you should key are definitely the obvious record keepers with the raised triangles, but also any crystal or stone (doesn't have to just be quartz) to which you have had a very strong reaction.  The ones that feel personal to you...yes, and the ones that are flashing through your mind right now.

Keying Protocol

Imagine a line of light going from your 3rd Eye (middle of your forehead), or from your heart, connecting into your crystal. 

Imagine sliding a key down this line of light and into the crystal.  The key symbolizes your soul idenfication. 

Then say, "I request to receive whatever is in my Highest Good, now please."

If it is an energetic shift, once it is completed, say, "I request to Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify, and Seal this under God, now please."
I recommend that you jot down any symbolic messages or out-in-out information immediately.  It also might be groovy to do an actual reading on the rock however you normally do that, or by using the crystal whispering strategies that I blogged about before here.

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