Asheville Area Practitioner Spotlight: April Morley

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Asheville Area Practitioner Spotlight: April Morley

April Morley, LMBT

Have you ever had a massage so thorough and amazing that it made you want to cry a little? Honest to goodness, I had me one of those this past Tuesday... and boy, did I need it.  Thank you April.  See, I had dropped my only child off at her new apartment in Greensboro after she attempted to drive there herself and suffered a car break down about an hour and a half away from Asheville.  *sigh*  Exactly... was hoping for a less dramatic 'kid flying from the nest' dealio... but did not get it.  So, Monday... kid launching into her college years (leaving me with an empty nest) and then a 6 hour round trip to drop her off that I didn't intend to do because her car died.

Can you say....maybe I was just a wee bit constricted in my body?  Maybe The Momma needed a little nurturing and care?  Hell yes, I did.  And thank you, Universe, for sending me April to help me rebalance myself with abundant, joyful ME time after the Monday of the Empty Nest.  I know that April was doing the massage, but I honestly felt like I was being cared for by a Cosmic Momma through her....and I just went limp and surrendered to the process.  I remember thinking, "I gratefully receive whatever nurturing and assistance I need at this time.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Whew.  April has Mojo. 

April came into the store one day in May before I facilitated the Lightbody Activation Ceremony at the White Horse Music and Spirit Center in Black Mountain.  See, April was due to fly to the UK to have her Reiki Master Attunement INSIDE Stonehenge that coming Monday.  She felt strongly prompted to do the Lightbody Activation before going.  Well... shoot, when she told me that, I absolutely got the impression that the timing of the workshop had everything to do about her going to Stonehenge... since the Lightbody Activation work basically plugs people into the Earth Grid System, Christ Consciousness Grids, and to the Tapestry of Light of other Lightworkers on the planet.  Get what I'm saying... ? 

So, sweet... modest April.  Yep.  Not fooling me.  I'm thanking you for your service.  I've got no idea what you may have Held Space for while you were in the UK, but I'm grateful.  Mmm hmm.

I actually requested that she help me in the next Lightbody Activation Event that I did at the Spirit Science Retreat on Father's Day.  See, I needed help doing the process because there were over 50 people participating in that event and I needed some helpers that I could trust with this sacred process.  I asked April and Noelle to assist me and they both said yes without hesitation.  This really wasn't a paid gig, so to speak... so I appreciated that I had people who were called to do the work regardless of that. :) 

On the road trip to find the farm where the Lightbody event was being held, it came out in conversation that April had been in Mexico and spent time studying with Hunbatz Men.  Ex-squeeze me?  So, there is another sacred site she's plugging into...umm...with Hunbatz (flippin) Men?  Right.  OK Girlfriend... yep.  Nice rainbow, by the way.  :)  Thanks again, for... uh... whatever it was. 

April in ceremony with Hunbatz Men at Chichen Itza.
Anyway, so April.  Why am I describing her in such esoteric terms?  Because she won't.  It's just not how she rolls.  She is so low key and modest, something I truly, truly love about her.  You guys know the difference between people who are ego attached to their work and people who are not.  You know how refreshing it is to be in the presence of a person who is coming from a Place of Love and Heart Service.  She loves being a massage therapist.  She loves being able to help people feel better.   It was, quite literally, one of the best massages I have had in my life.  So, she is very competent and well trained at her work.  But I'm here to tell you.... there is serious ~ value added~ stuff going on during your regular world massage session.  I don't always know details, and I try not to make conclusions at this point of my development, but....Dude.  Seriously.  That was NOT just a massage.  You go Girl.  Thank you for everything.

April works through the Healing House of Weaverville, which is a really cool house that used to belong to Mr. Weaver... for whom the town is named.  The place feels so nice.  The other practitioners there were great too.

Also... and goodie for you... if you mention that you saw this blog article you will get a $10 discount off your session.

Alrighty Darlings.... that is my featured Asheville Area Practitioner for July.  April "Mojo" Morley.... do yourself a favor and allow yourself to be nurtured for some seriously wonderful You Time that may just be a bit ~more~ than you might have anticipated.  Weee Hawww.

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