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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Smoky Amethyst | Twice as Nice | Enter the Earth

Smoky Amethyst Pebbles at etemetaphysical.com, click here.
Smoky Amethyst
Super Something

I have never seen smoky quartz and amethyst in the same crystal before working at Enter the Earth.  I had no idea such a thing existed.  I bought a sweet little double terminated smoky amethyst crystal within weeks of beginning my job.  The energetic properties of these special crystals make them a “must have” for anyone who does any kind of spiritual or energetic work because the amethyst aspect will open and support higher, spiritual energy work, while the smoky aspect protects the worker and the process, brings stability and balance, as well as providing an excellent grounding for those higher energies to be brought to a usable format at this level.  These crystals help to bring it in, ground it out, then provide graceful integration of any positive shifts.  

These crystals usually don’t all stop at being smoky and amethyst, either.  There are quite a few specimens that start wandering into elestial territory, others that have multiple inclusions, and some others that have water bubbles inside (enhydros).  Wowsie, wow, wow.  Some people are fans of the “Super 7 Stone”, aka “Melody’s Stone”, and I think that if these smoky amethysts are not Super 7’s, that they are somewhere along the continuum.  Some are more heavily included than others.  The more inclusions, the more likely it’s getting more and more “super”, so to speak.

We also have a smoky amethyst combo stone that we are calling “Banded Amethyst”.  These particular polished stones are chevron-like amethyst specimens that have white and smoky quartz banded within it.  I don’t get the smack-your-fanny, OMG quality from the polished pieces vs. the crystal varieties, but they have a very settling and soothing effect on the energy system that would make them especially good as hand held meditation stones.  I also think they would make excellent “sleep stones” for adults and children.  It would have the same “bring it in, ground it out” energies as the crystals, but there are no inclusions in the nice polished pieces.  

Oooo, that's really cool.

So, smoky amethyst, who knew?  From crown to root, it will tickle your energy field in ways that make you a bit better at what you already do well; bring it in, ground it out, and bring about healing shifts with graceful integration.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Funky History with Crystalline Grids...

Oh you Funky Crystalline Grids, we've had quite a ride together.

Now that the first Introduction to Crystalline Grids workshop has been facilitated at Enter the Earth and everyone had a good buzzy time, I wanted to expand my story about my relationship with crystalline grids.

If you would prefer to make a long story short, please skip down to the last couple paragraphs.  Those of you who actually want to work through a long monologue of my life with grids, please continue with fair warning that it is a long story.

My history with Crystalline Grids began in the fall of 1998.  My father was in a fight with cancer and I had been introduced to energy work through Reiki training and discovered that the attunements to Reiki kinda popped me open like a kernel of popcorn in a microwave.  I interacted with a friend of a friend, Bart, who was a Karuna Reiki Master through William Rand's International Reiki Training Center.  Bart showed me a "Reiki Grid", which consisted of 7 stones in a 6-pointed star configuration with a center stone in the middle.  He "activated" this stone configuration with a crystal point and then let me feel it.  I guess it's fair to say that this particular moment changed my life.  Thanks Bart. 

The activated Reiki Grid that Bart showed to me was so powerful and tangible, that I couldn't help but to be totally excited and impassioned about the technique. I had just moved to Asheville at the time, because I was a little too "blasted open" to pretend to be normal anymore, and so I had started a little business selling energy healing tools on the Internet.  The basic Reiki Grid that Bart showed me became a staple in the resources that I offered.  I made the first departure from the traditional Reiki Grid technique after reading one of Katrina Raphael's books on crystal healing.  She had discussed the stone selenite and how it was such an exceptional channel of light, and after exploring it myself, it made far more sense to me to use a selenite wand to activate a grid than a crystal point.

Moving forward a little in time, but still before 2000, a friend of mine came to visit me with her 10-ish grandson, who I must admit, was a bit of a prodigy.  He was interested in rocks so I happily showed him a rose quartz Reiki Grid.  I activated the grid and the boy just looked at it, then grabbed another set of rocks and put them side by side with the rose quartz.  He looked at me and simply said, "If you put another set of stones in there, you can have both those energies running at the same time."  After reactivating the Reiki Grid to test his theory, by golly, out of the mouth of babes.  He was absolutely right!  I then upgraded my concept to a "double grid" where I was able to put two stone energies together at one time in an utterly delightful way.

I'm not sure when I discovered that you could change out the center stone for something totally unique, but that happened somewhere in there.  I explored the different kinds of center stones and what they did to change the structure of the energy field itself.  Round stones seemed to have a larger energy field, but were not as tight in the center.  Points in the center made the central vortex very tight, but the energy field was smaller.  Clusters were like a disco ball, as were desert rose selenite.  I was so interested in what I was doing and exploring all the possibilities that I'm sure I could have been considered "grid crazy" at that point.  So, now I was able to weave 3 different stone energies together to create a dynamic energy field in the environment within which it was set up. Groovy. There was no grid template yet because it wasn't necessary, really. It's easy enough to put 12 rocks around a central rock without needing a cheat sheet underneath it.

Something changed right after my father died in my understanding of grids and what I was doing.  I dunno, maybe my father had a better clue of what I was doing from the other side and was trying to help me along.  My father died in March of 2000, and by June of 2000, my husband and I were due to move into the house I live in now.  Before we even moved, I began doodling.  I kept wanting to move the grid format out another layer... another layer... another layer.  I remember looking at the wall while imagining this webbed, interconnected master "grid" type geometry just reaching out and out into infinity.  It's hard to explain it, but it felt like something about that "weave" held the key to understanding how we are all both individuals and also interconnected at the same time.  Anyway, I had quite a few weird moments like that during that phase of my life.  Honestly, no drugs were involved. 

As soon as I moved into my house I began to have the overwhelming urge to create an art piece that took the "Reiki Grid" out another level or two.  I took a 2X2 square of wood, painted it in rainbow colors and gold and then began to glue stones and selenite sticks into place.  The result was very moving, but not very perfect.  My lines were definitely not super straight, but of course, I was doing it by sight, not by geometry.  I had no idea there was an underlying structure to the "straight lines" that I used to create the geometry I was seeing.  Oy Veh, sometimes it just takes me a while.

A few weeks after creating the art piece, my friend Tom from eBay came to visit me. Tom was an avid student of the Flower of Life work by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Tom showed me the Seed of Life geometry and I was just sorta dumbstruck. I remember saying, "I can use this for grids." So, I took the circles of the Seed of Life and married that with the "straight lines" I was drawn to use to expand the geometry and they were (duh) a perfect fit. Looking back, it seems clear that two and two was desperately wanting to be put in an equation that I would notice. It wasn't just that I could use the Seed of Life template with my lines for grids... but that the lines were the Seed of Life without the circles. I just had it Bass Ackwards. (story of my life...) Thanks Tom.

The Original Grid Template Created in 2000

Anyway, then things started cooking with gas. OMG. Talk about buzzy stuff. The grid template that I created (with the help of quite a few aha moments and groovy people) was a beautiful tool to help organize the evolved 5-stone layer Crystalline Grid with the option of a unique center stone.  I really enjoyed opening up to my intuitive flow and putting the combinations of stones together that supported a specific energetic goal.  I also enjoyed exploring how the different center stones matched up with different kinds of work.  Golly, those were fun days.  I was following my passion and selling the heck out of Crystalline Grids on eBay while, pretty much, hanging out on the mountain in my pj's.

Before I went Wooey (a Stacie-ism for "spiritually whacked open"), I actually had a wonderful job training daycare providers to be better daycare providers.  I wrote workshops that I used to facilitate directly to providers, but I also wrote workshops for other professionals to use to facilitate with their daycare providers around the state.  It was a skill that I brought forth from my normal days.  My desire to share the technique of the evolved crystal grid was so strong, that I created a workshop for other Reiki Masters to use to teach their students and clients how to use the grids.  I created full workshop kits that included handouts, grid stone kits, and instructions how to create the template themselves using CD's instead of a compass.  I sold quite a few of those workshops and workshop kits, as well as pre-made Crystalline Grids, the selenite wands, and whatnot. 

I thought my first book would be about Crystalline Grids, since I seemed to be the first person to take it out as far as I did, as well as the fact that people really enjoyed the workshops and learning materials that I provided.  I did a few workshops in the area, but I was mostly a hermit, so I didn't saturate my local area with workshops.  I was content to share it with others over the Internet.  As the years went on, I was called to write the book that I eventually published, "Awake in Angelscape".  I had to stop most of everything else I was doing on eBay to complete this project.  It was huge.  It actually shocked me that my first book was not about the grids, but you know how it goes in the world of Spirit... I don't argue anymore.  "Awake in Angelscape" isn't a book about rocks, it's a book about Cooperative Spiritual Energy Work, but the rocks were pretty darn good teachers and tools that helped me have something to say about the topic.  It's essentially an awakening lightworker basic skills and 'being okay' primer.  You can find it on the website and also on Amazon.com.  I'll write about it some other time.  It's a little too multi-faceted to sum up in a paragraph. 

My book "Awake in Angelscape".

<Welcome to my ADD friends who skipped down to this paragraph so they didn't have to read my blather. :)>

So, here I am years later.  It's been since about 2006 since I've been on eBay selling Crystalline Grids or the Crystalline Grid Workshop Kits and I'm now interested in following up on my work and begin teaching again.  Do you know what I discovered?  Wow.  A whole sub-culture of Crystalline Grid teaching and learning systems are in place, clearly born from the original "Introduction to Crystalline Grids" workshop materials and kits that I used to share on eBay.  Wow again.  I have to say, it's a bit weird to see others selling full teaching systems that are based from something that I shared on eBay years ago, as I had no idea they were out there, but it's fantastic that the technique survived and has been thriving in my absence.  I just had other stuff to do for a few years. 

Of course, I've learned a lot since those original workshops were sold on eBay too, so I'm absolutely planning on expanding on that original information at some point; either by a video learning series, or a book, or whatever.  I'm still thinking about it.  Now that I am representing Enter the Earth, the grooviest rock supplier on the planet, I would start watching us for professionally packaged Crystalline Grid tools, templates, packaged grid stones, and whatnot, on both a wholesale and retail level.  I'm not working in my pajamas and going down to my basement workshop to put things together anymore.  I have access to the most incredible resources possible and I am so excited about it.   As in so many things in life, things go in cycles and sometimes you just end up full circle, so to speak.  In other words... "Hello again, you sweet, beautiful Grids.... Mamma is Baaaack!"      

Thank you to all the dedicated Grid Lovers and Teachers out there who have kept the technique alive and continue to share it with the world.   I appreciate that you followed your intuition to expand the work and likely discovered a few new tricks on your own.  Rock on! :)  I have always said that my deepest desire is to empower people to stand in their own connection to Divine Inspiration and Wisdom so that I eventually become irrelevant to anyone I teach.  Man-Oh-Man, mission accomplished!

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Why Use Rocks for Energy Work?

So, why do we care about rocks anyway??
There are a lot of metaphysical properties of rocks books out there that will tell you what each stone is about and the vibrations that they contain.  It all sounds good (if a little over the top sometimes) but how the heck do you get to this "energy" and why would you want to?

I often compare the vibrational quality of rocks to the vibrational quality of music.  When I hold a rock, I actually feel a subtle "hum" in my body.  Different rocks "hum" or "buzz" me in slightly different ways and some literally make me feel like I'm a bit tipsy.  I see rocks, or at least most of them, like vibrational tuning forks that can help us tune our own wildly fluctuating systems to a more balanced and steady state.  If humans had an "energetic" sound, I think it would be more like a practicing orchestral pit.  When you work with stones, you introduce a steady note or vibration with which to calm and focus your own.  That may be a bit oversimplified, but that's the general idea of "why" you might like to work with stones. 

Of course, you can't talk about the vibrational "tuning" effect of rocks, or any other energy healing modality, without also talking about the human energy field or system.  You just can't divorce the concept of our own energetic reality from the story of why we would bother to use tools like rocks to tweak our "vibs' in one way or another. There are quite of few different perspectives on the human energy system, most of which are thousands of years old and are based in ancient spiritual and healing traditions.  I'll post some of the various energy system perspectives below with links for you to read up on it. 

Basic Chart of the Chakra System

The Meridian System from Traditional Chinese Medicine

Aura: The Concept of an Overall Energy Field Around the Body

You can basically spend a lifetime doing nothing but studying all the various schools of thought on the human energy field.  I had read a little about chakras when I was much younger and wasn't terribly excited by the information until a friend of mine actually ~introduced~ me to my heart chakra.  It went from being an intellectual concept to an authentic  reality to me in a matter of seconds.  Like I've said before, feeling is believing.

It was a simple exercise, really.  He stood at my side and put one of his hands about a foot behind my back at the level of my heart and his other hand about a foot in front of my body at the level of my heart.  His palms were facing one another with me standing in between.  He then began moving his hands further away from me and I felt this weird magnetic "tugging" sensation at my heart.  It was as if his hands were strong magnets and I was able to feel the magnetic pull the two had to each other.  Next, he asked if I could tell when his back hand was in position and when he took it away.  I closed my eyes and I could absolutely tell when his back hand went down.  The magnetic pull was broken.  He was also a Reiki Master and then put his hands between my shoulder blades to show me what Reiki felt like, but that is another story altogether.  It was a life changing afternoon, that's for sure.  Thanks Doug and Jane for introducing me to my own energy system. :) 

So where do the rocks fit in this picture?  Well, people generally like to use rock energy (or the steady vibrational "note" of a rock)  like a tuning fork to fill in, clear, stabilize, or vitalize possible deficits, imbalances, or weaknesses in their own energy systems.  Rocks aren't the only show in town for this kind of work, any energy work modality essentially seeks to do the same thing, but rocks are pretty and sparkly... and most of us just like sparkly things. :) 

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