Rocks for Lovers: Bow Chicka Wow Wow

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rocks for Lovers: Bow Chicka Wow Wow

Not just love, love... but bow chicka wow wow, blow your mind, curl your toes, red hot passion, put your back into it, kinda love.  Do I have your attention yet? ;)

OK.  Maybe we've lost enough of that holiday weight at this point that we can muster up enough give-a-bleep about having a super sexy evening with our respective Snuggle Bunnies.  Groovy.  I'm in.  (If you aren't into it this year, no worries, just flip Hallmark the bird and put your sweats on and have some chocolate anyway. :) 

If you are an energy baby, like I am, and would like something buzzy to support love, passion, and intimacy events, well by golly, you've come to the right place.
I bent Christopher's ear, my ETE work-mate, to see what he considered to be "rocks for love", and we constructed a crystalline grid that we both thought would do the trick, so to speak.  He's really good with the historical and traditional body of knowledge about rocks, and I am more a "do and learn" kind of person, so it's always interesting to see in what ways we come up with the same things and in what way we don't. 
So, let's begin. 
When you think love and passion, there are several types of energy centers/colors that come up.  Obviously, red.  Red is a root chakra color and we definitely want to tickle that area.  Orange is next, that is the belly/sacral chakra that actually is directly related to sexuality, creativity, and other zesty things.  However, while things are all hot and bothered "down below", you also want to cultivate a whole lot of heart and emotional support "above". (Let's be honest, without soulful, meaningful love... you might as well just invest in a really good toy and have lots of batteries.)  The heart center is tickled by both pink and green. 
When you consider the larger picture, the entire system is involved in true love making.  So there is a lot of wiggle room when considering what stones you might wish to select in any love support combination.  Make sure you pay attention to what is calling you on a personal level, eh? 
Christopher turned me on to some other stones too, which I wouldn't have necessarily known were love stones, but it made perfect sense to me when he explained it.  Stones that have a traditional connection to love goddess/planetary energies, like Venus, were considered to be love stones.  When we were first playing with the grid energies, he said the version that I liked was a little "butch", so he added some Venusian influences, like a layer of emerald and a copper rich center stone that is a chrysocolla in matrix, also known by the trade name of "Quantum Quattro Silica".  It is afterall, a grid meant for two genders, at least this one, though it makes sense I responded to a more butch model at first. (Yee haw.)  Both the emerald and the chrysocolla in matrix would correspond to traditional "Venus" associated rocks.  He also has introduced me to the "attraction" of magnetite and lodestone, which are natural magnets, when it comes to attracting to you what you want, such as in an abundance grid, or just in "attracting" in general, like in a love grid.  He's such a smart boy, that one. 
Chris wrote a whole blog article on the planetary gemstones of Venus linked rocks, which you can find here: Planetary Gemstones of Venus
Crystalline Grid for Lovers  aka: Valentines Grid
OK, so here is what we put together for a seductive Valentines Grid that has a little something-something for both male and female participants.  Keep in mind we have a warehouse full of rocks from which to choose, and this is the combination that seemed to pop the best.  It isn't the only combination, by a long shot.  If you are constructing your own,  have fun with it. ;)
Center Stone
Chrysocolla in Matrix (may also have: shattuckite, ajoite, malachite, smoky quartz, dioptase): This adds the Venus energy with copper, but the blue would correspond to communication as well as stimulating the psychic and spiritual centers.
Outside Layers from Inside to Outside
Magenta Rose Quartz: This would help to open the heart, which is always a good thing.
Garnet: I call garnets "happy marriage" stones because they are known for passion and intimacy. 
Emerald: For deep love, also a Venus linked stone.
Starry Jasper: This is a red jasper that has both pyrite and hematite inclusions.  I love this stone because it pulls complex duty; release, vitality, spirituality, warmth, groundedness.
Magnetite: For attraction!
River Carnelian: This tickles the belly chakra, but I also like that they were in a river. Flow, rush, gush. 
Crystalline grids can be set up and activated under a bed or on a nightstand next to the bed since they radiate a nice broad energy field when they are up and running.   
There are other options, of course.  You could simply get 4 rocks and do a four-stone bed grid, if you don't want too much fuss.  The only question in this instance is what single rock would you want to amplify under your bed for rockin' love making?  I asked Chris which type of rock he would want to use to grid his bed, if he could only choose one.  I thought he'd say Shiva Lingam, but I was wrong.  He actually selected carnelian because he said it would be good for stamina, activating the sexual centers, and that kind of thing.  He said stamina twice.  (Boys.)  It's a solid selection, really.  I particularly like the river tumbled carnelian because it is fire and water at the same time.
If I had to select a single stone to grid my bed, hmmm... that is a tough one.  I might actually select shungite because it is all about alchemical blending of elements, which is pretty sexy, but it is also about melting into the primal pulse of creation.  Umm, yeah, Mamma like.  It also isn't a very subtle energy and seems quite competent to get a party started and move some serious energy.  You can read my blog article about shungite here
If I were going to make a gem elixir of various stones to drop into my pre-love libations, hmmm... rose quartz, moonstone, sunstone, shungite, garnet, ruby, carnelian, heck, why choose.  Throw them all in the pool and make it a free-for-all. 
If you aren't familiar with gem elixirs, you can read my blog article about them here.
Christopher and I have a brand new website and blog. :)  I'm going to leave archived blog articles up in here, but all new articles will be published under the new site.

Our new website is here:

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