How to Make Gem Elixirs: Drink the Energy of Your Rocks

Sunday, June 24, 2012

How to Make Gem Elixirs: Drink the Energy of Your Rocks

I love me some buzzy water.  I wanted to share the handout I use in my "Fun with Gem Elixirs" workshop.  I think some of you will enjoy the strategies I've learned to use over the years.  I'm sure none of you are shocked that I don't create elixirs in a traditional way, right?  I have learned so much by just playing and having fun.  If you have any questions, just let me know!

Making Gem Elixirs

Safety First: Some stones are toxic, brittle, or dissolve in water. If you are unsure, use non-contact methods for creating your gem elixir.

Using aBottle Blank: You can prepare glass dropper/spray bottle blanks, which will allow you to easily facilitate “non-contact” elixir preparation for any method you like. The most potent strategy I have found is to prepare your bottle by filling it ½ with distilled water, then add one small clean crystal that volunteers to be a “vibration keeper”, a pinch of sea salt, then top off the bottle with vodka or brandy for preservation. If you prefer preservation without alcohol, use a good quality, organic apple cider vinegar as the entire fluid in the bottle. The bottle blank is used in the elixir making process while fully sealed, so no other rocks come into physical contact with the fluid you intend to ingest. You can get bottles in various colors. I find that the amber colored bottles are great with solar infusions, or more physically aimed elixirs. The cobalt colored bottles seem great for lunar, or more spiritually aimed elixirs. Clear bottles are fine too, but you should store them out of direct light or in the fridge.

Properly Sealing the Elixir: At the completion of a “charging” process for creating elixirs, it is very important to ~seal~ the work so that it maintains its integrity over time. You may use the energy command, “Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify, and Seal”, to do this.

Traditional Method: Sunlight or Moonlight Infusions of Water in a Glass Container: The light/energy of the sun or moon are used to infuse the liquid with the vibration of the stone(s) by leaving the stones in a glass container (contact or non-contact) outside for a period of time of 1 hour or more. Plastic wrap may be placed over the container to prevent debris from getting into the liquid.

Gem Elixir by Crystalline Grid: This method uses the vortex and energy field created by a crystalline grid to infuse the liquid with the energies of the stones in the grid. A small glass with water (a quartz center stone that is okay to be in water can be used in the glass), or bottle blank, is placed at the “center stone” position, the grid activated, and the fluid allowed to charge, ideally, for a 24 hour period. 

Bottle Blank as the center stone, on a glass template with copper lines.  Buzzzz.

Juice glass with quartz "flame" center stone in an "abundance" grid.
Gem Elixir by Singing Bowl: A crystal singing bowl makes a potent and quick gem elixir. Fill the bottom of the singing bowl with clean water and then place the stones into the water. You may also place a bottle blank into the bowl if you want to maintain non-contact with the stones in the singing bowl. Sing the bowl for up to 5 minutes while maintaining the intention and presence to create a gem elixir. This method is super quick and tends to be highly “buzzy” as well.

Direct Download/Intention Method/Cooperative Spiritual Energy Work: Connect to your spiritual assistance and state your intentions for the elixir (what you want to support, etc), then while holding the stone(s) against or around the glass, say, “I request to create a gem elixir for my Highest Good, now please.” You can connect with your spiritual assistance while holding a glass, without a stone, and request to receive what you need, “I request to download whatever is in my Highest Good into this fluid, now please.”

Getting All Funky With It: Don’t be afraid to play. I often combine gem elixir, flower essence, direct intention downloads, Reiki, and whatever feels cool into one, nifty vibrational party in a bottle. Ask for guidance and then allow yourself to play. Play. Play. Play.

Seal It. This is important enough to say twice. Seal. Seal. Seal.

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  1. The class today was AMAZING!! As usual. Thank you, Stacie!

  2. You are so welcome Paula! I had so much fun with y'all. :)

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