Shungite Not for Sissies

Monday, November 12, 2012

Shungite Not for Sissies
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Shungite, Shungite, Shungite.... Nice to Meet You?

Welp, shungite.  There is a whole lot of stuff being said of shungite that ranges from miracle healer to water purifier... to it having every element within it... to, well... there is a lot of stuff being said.  The briefest gloss is that shungite is kinda like jet, because it is carbon that is created by decaying organic material, in shungite's case, underwater.  The difference between jet and shungite is that shungite was made from the first algae that gave birth to our atmosphere because there were no plants yet.  Then the organic material was exposed to and transformed by volcanic heat.

This gives shungite all of the elemental associations (which is as sexy as it gets with a rock, so to speak).  Water, because it the decaying matter was in water.  Air, because the algae from which it was formed created our atmosphere.  Earth, because, well.. it's a rock. Fire, because of the transformation undergone through the volcanic heat. And Spirit, because the initial biomaterial was alive.  It's pretty dang old too, though the range on the scientific sites varying its age between millions to approximately 2 billion years old.  Meh, it's old.
There is also another thing I can say about shungite.  It isn't terribly happy about the information that is currently out there.  Chris and I were in the computer room at the warehouse trying to locate good information about shungite since we had some to put up in the on-line store.  After a few minutes, it became clear that the information out there was hopelessly skewed.  There were mentions of this study and that study with no link whatsoever to the actual studies.  The geology info was "sketch", as my daughter says.  There were also claims that shungite cleaned dirty water, which I hope no one has actually tried yet without doing testing on the water before drinking it.  It IS carbon, which IS used in water filters, but... uhhh, without using it like a filter, I don't know what kind of help it would be for physical pollutants.  It makes an awesome gem elixir, however, but use CLEAN water to create it!

Anyway, so I say... "I think shungite needs a fresh reading."  Chris agreed.  Then I got, what I like to call, the ~Shungite Smackdown~.  I literally had a sudden and strong interdimensional whack, or some kind of distinct shove, go through my body.  I sometimes feel distinct motion within my energy body that I attribute to some kind of fluctuations going on in the Earth, but this was far stronger and I almost blipped out.  I asked Chris if "he felt it too", and he had... but he was lucky enough to be sitting in a dang chair instead of standing up.  Weirdness.  I asked Chris what he thought it was and he just said, "I think shungite really wants a new reading."  I am sensitive to rock energy, obviously, but I've never been bitch slapped by one before. That was new.

Within moments of this event, the computer that we use to do posting and writing at the warehouse had a pop up window virus that literally brought our day of working on the computer to an end.  There was nothing else we could do with our day.  So, shungite want reading, shungite want reading NOW.  So that's what we did.  We did a reading on Shungite, that very moment... that very afternoon.  Umm, since our schedule became wide open all of a sudden.  Not weird at all.  Nope.

Key Themes for Shungite:
  • Shungite as "Earth Worker":  It has witnessed history, many changes, many deaths, human cycles, Earth cycles.  I saw a galloping white horse with a rider (death), a bicycle (cycles in movement), mud volcanoes (primordial elemental creation forces).
  • Cosmic Mother: Connection to cosmic flow, primordial patterns of physical manifestation on Earth, connection to corrective/rectification of Divine Blueprints within physical manifestation, including global patterns, not just human ones.  I see "Pottery Mother", a symbol that I equate with primal creation that can make new "pots" from clay, fill in cracks/voids/weaknesses on pots that have damage,  but can also smash up broken pots, or forms that are no longer useful, to be dissolved and reclaimed to be used in the making of things that are useful.  Recycling. Reclaiming. Repurposing.  Nothing wasted.  Nothing truly lost either.  Form changes, but mud is mud, is mud, is mud.
  • Purification: Shungite could be used in any healing work that involves the dissolution or purification of patterns that are not in Divine Alignment, or that no longer serve.  It could be partnered with other cleansing and rectification stones, such as Himalayan salt, any type of obsidian (fire), river stones (water), or ceremonies/protocols that seek to cleanse a system of misqualfied or negative programming/patterns.  Shungite would be fantastic in Earth Healing work of any kind, including and perhaps especially in areas of significant trauma and disturbance.  There is also a protective aspect of shungite from significant disturbances or harmful influence of any kind.  (The best form of protection is to be out of range of the arrows, however.)   
  • Ouroboros/Alchemy: One of the visuals I saw was of the ouroboros, or of a snake eating its own tail.  This really says nearly the same as the Cosmic Mother information.  Wikipedia says this about it: The Ouroboros often represents self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end (compare with phoenix). It can also represent the idea of primordial unity related to something existing in or persisting from the beginning with such force or qualities it cannot be extinguished.
  • Modulation of Incoherent Vibrations to Coherency: Basically, the idea here is that shungite, since it has access to ancient patterns of all kinds, can help to bridge the gap, vibrationally speaking, between various energies, kinda like how Herkimer diamonds can help to attune one thing to another.  If you do any kind of healing work, activational work, Reiki attunements, distance healing, shungite would be helpful as a technical worker to get everyone on the same page first.  
  • Soul Wisdom/Ancient Memory: Of course, shungite being billions of years old basically means that it has seen it all.  If you want to gain access to deeper soul wisdom or information about ancient civilizations, your ancestral matrix, etc, shungite would be the first to grab.  I would partner it with record keepers of any kind. 
  • Transition/Death/Cycle Worker: Shungite would be an excellent transition worker, such as the clearing of ghosts, assisting one through the death process (or birth, for that matter), or any other large transitional undertaking.  Shungite would be helpful for any "in process" event of great consequence.  I would partner it with lepidolite.  And some Rescue Remedy.  And a pacifier.  Perhaps a shot of vodka.  (It is from Russia, afterall.)
  • Breath Work: Shungite was created from the algae that gave birth to our atmosphere, so it has deep connection to air and the breath.  I've gone to some very powerful breath work sessions facilitated by Pheonyx Roland Smith, of the OCG Project, during which I had some shungite in my pocket.  It was a pretty intense experience.  Because the breath and sound are connected, it would also be good for toning work.  (Pheonyx has since passed and is doing the good work on the other side of the veil. Spiritual hugs to Pheonyx.)   
  • Sacred Union:  This has alchemical undertones too, really.  The union of opposites, the combining of the yin and yang, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, that kind of thing.  If you are engaging in sacred sexuality practices, tantra, or kundalini rising work (which often includes conscious breathing)... or if you are trying to conceive a baby with sacred intent, shungite would be great to put in a grid under your bed or in the room in which the activities are in process.  This would also include ecstatic union with the Divine in a more abstract sense that doesn't include bow chicka wow wow with another human being.  In this kind of grid, I would probably start with shungite, rose quartz, garnet, pyrite (unless you have nuggets of gold hanging around your house), Herkimer diamonds, Fire Quartz, selenite, phantom quartz, ummmm... among other options.  If you don't have a ton of stone resources, shungite in the middle with rose quartz on the outside would likely work well enough.  
  • Energetic Support of Physical Healing: Ok, I want you all to hear me.  ~I am not a doctor, nor do I necessarily look to the mineral kingdom for physical healing issues.~  It makes me twitchy when people look to rocks for physical healing.  I see the mineral kingdom as being subtle energy that supports shifts in more subtle energy bodies, not the physical ones.  The plant kingdom is far more impactful on the physical level.  I've given shungite to a dear friend who was battling cancer, and she recently passed anyway.  So much for shungite being a miracle worker, eh?  But, I do feel that shungite being integrated into intentional healing energy work would still be useful.  We're still talking about moving patterns back to primal patterns.  What is illness, but a departure in the system from original, pure patterns?  Still... work with it with intent.   I would use a guided meditation where the ill person imagines their flesh being disintegrated or burned off down to the bone, then clean the bones in Holy Water, then imagine the body being reformed with clean mud, then transformed back to flesh, with perfected patterns in place...reconsecrated and aligned with the person's Divine Physical Template.   More mud work, basically.  Mud is mud, is mud, is mud.
See Shungite Tiles at

Safe Shungite Water
Err... dudes, seriously.  Yes, much of shungite is carbon, which is kinda the same thing as what's in your water pitcher filter, but shungite bearing rock (which is most of what is on the market) is only 50-70% carbon.  The rest is ~other stuff~.  Some of the ~other stuff~ may or  may not be okay to be leeching into your drinking water!!  I love it when pyrite is in my shungite.  I do not love it when pyrite leeches into my drinking water.

I know it's a popular and trendy thing to do, to chuck a bunch of shungite in water and then drink it, but if you don't know what the ~other stuff~ is in your shungite, you may be cleaning and charging your water in one hand and putting something not okay in it with the other. 

We often do workshops about creating gem elixirs and our first rule of thumb is that when in doubt, use a NON-CONTACT method of zooming up your water.  We've got some awesome new shungite tiles that are perfect as charging coasters for water that don't require a direct contact method with the water, but you can use a tumbled stone or any shungite in your keeping if you just hold it up to the glass.

Directions to create a gem elixir with a shungite tile (or hold a piece on the outside of the glass):
1: Place a bottle or glass of water on the tile or hold the shungite specimen up to the glass on the outside of it so that the stone is not touching water you drink.
2: Put your hands on the container over the tile or around the specimen that is touching the glass.
3: Connect to the Divine, your guides, or the spiritual beings that preside over shungite itself, and say, “I request to make a gem elixir. Now, please.”
4: Let the energies run for approximately five minutes. Or longer.
5: Seal the work by saying, “I ask to bless, optimize, stabilize, amplify, and seal this work under the Divine. Now, please.”

Further Personal Observations...

Since that fun day at the warehouse, I've noticed that I am super sensitive to shungite.  Not just as a rock, but as a distinct voice and layer of consciousness of Mamma Gaia (maybe even something larger).    The Earth and all upon her are in a fairly tumultuous time of change and transition.  Shungite ain't no fluffy, white light, "feel good" stone.  Shungite is more like the Dark Cosmic Mother stirring up whatever is in the Cauldron of Creation...briskly.  She is a master at the cycles of death, birth, transition, and all the bits and pieces of the primordial creation process.  Even the stuff that hurts, the stuff that terrifies, and that challenges each of us to let go of the status quo within our personal and collective lives to undergo transformation into something more.  If you want to run screaming from the building, this would be the time. 

Shungite Plays Well With...

Well, shungite doesn't "play", but there are stones with which is it particularly suited to work to get stuff done.  This is just a partial listing.  Please follow your own prompts when you partner shungite with other stone helpers.  My personal pocket rock partners are Presili Blue Stones and lodestone with pyrite.  That is pretty much my standard go-to support for me on an average day outside of the house.

Other Healing, Integration, and System Workers
Ocean Jasper
Green Earth Healing Quartz
Tibetan Quartz
Presili Blue Stone
Red Jasper

Other Carbon Based, Deep Earth, or Elemental Stones:
Indigo Gabbro
High Light Spiritual StonesMoldavite
Herkimer Diamonds

Stones that Comfort or Help through Crisis
Rose Quartz
Sacred Heart Rose Quartz
Mangano Calcite

To Sum it Up...

Shungite no woogy rock.  Shungite is shit kicker.  Shungite no care about what make you comfortable.  Shungite here to move you.  Into the fire.  Into the blackness.  Into the Void.  Shungite is Primordial Mud Worker.  Shungite strip you bare until nothing left but what is true. 
We are in one doozy of an Earth cycle and shungite is one serious worker and ally that can assist us transition through this cycle. If you are doing any kind of global lightwork, professional healing work, or personal healing work, I guarantee you that shungite would be an excellent stone to grab. 

To sum it up (in case I haven't been crystal clear about it to this point) ~shungite ain't for sissies~.  If you are grabbing it, be ready for change, be ready for your cracked pot to be tossed into a big ole pile and disintegrated into primoridal bits.  Human beings hold onto and believe an incredible amount of bullshit that isn't authentic.  We aren't big fans of change either.  Soooo, put those things in your pipe and smoke it at the same time and you are looking at one full-on "oh shit" party.  Sound like fun?  Awesome, join me.  :)  I don't want to be the only one in a straight jacket laughing and crying at the same time.  
I call these times of rapid transition "screaming down the mountain"... and surrender is really the only sane response.  I've been doing a lot of surrendering these days.  I'm getting damned good at it at this point, too.  Hurts less.  
Shungite like surrender. 

Christopher and I have a brand new website and blog. :)  I'm going to leave archived blog articles up in here, but all new articles will be published under the new site.

Our new website is here:

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 Article updated on 1/26/2016


  1. Hi Stacie, I've just surfed it to you as I'm wearing my new beautiful Shungite pendant and doing more research to find this wonderful blog!

    Much gratitude,

    Lisa x

    1. Hi Lisa :) I'm so glad that you are enjoying the blog. Shungite is definitely a "power stone". I have been putting them in my pockets nearly every day. It's been a wild year for me! :)

  2. Hi Stacie!
    I was just wondering if you knew if a shungite stone required any type of cleansing. I know that crystals are usually cleansed/purified from time to time. But, do you know if it's necessary for a shungite stone?

  3. Howdy! I'd say that every stone, even the ones that are supposed to be self cleansing, benefits from care and maintenance now and again. My method is to tell the stone to flash me (like in my brain as a visual) when it wants care. When it does, I do whatever cleansing method seems best. Smudging and power breaths are nice because it is universally okay for any stone, whereas some methods of cleansing, like with salt or sunlight, can affect some stones or damage them physically in some way, depending on their softness, fading in the light, etc.

    So... yes... give shungite some care when it wants it. At the very least, it is respectful of your sacred tools. :)

  4. Hi Stacie,
    (I took my first message down so I could edit this one)
    I am a massage therapist and have been looking for an amazing new stone to use for myself and my work. I have also been working on a lot of healing for me as well.
    (I saw some kits for hot stone massage that intrigued me as well.)
    I would love to add this to my stones to help ground me so I can help others much more than I already do.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  5. Stacie-

    I am a new-to-the-world healer, originally from Wilmington NC but now based in Boston. I came across your blog today because I became suddenly drawn to buying a Shungite bracelet (not surprising-I work in a rock shop too) and wearing it all the time. I wanted to find out what other people were saying about this mysterious, stormy stone. Everything you say about this stone is resonating with me, and reflecting the day that I had after I put the bracelet on. I realize now that the reason this stone called to me was because I've been needing a little "uumph" in my step on my path in energy work. I'm excited about working with this stone. I already feel things shaking up! Anyways, I really love your blog and I can't wait to read more! I have a blog where I post inspirational posts and explore how to connect with nature in the city with crystals and meditation. It's here:

    Many blessings to you Stacie!


  6. Hi, Stacie
    Love this piece about Shungite!
    This evening I was at a kid BD party, visiting with a couple of the other parent/grandparent friends, & one showed me her Shungite, and mentioned a few of the reasons she was carrying it in HER pocket ... It immediately reminded me of Jet, which is one of my 'harper' stones, with Amber; & remember my mom mentioning 'real' jet beads (as opposed to black glass)
    I'm also a Reiki Master, work as a healer, & love your nitty gritty MUDDY conversation with Shungite! Fascinating! I'm in the midst of teaching a Reiki class (over 2 weekends), so intend to head on down to the shop my friend Wendy picked up hers, & will begin working with it. I have a selenite 'tower' in my massage office/treatment room, with a tourmaline wand, black stone & piece of quartz... am thinking one's going in that layout ...

  7. I love you! This article was hilarious and helpful. I am in the process of Divine Contract work and Shungite called to me. I've been doing the work of releasing old patterns and what doesn't serve anymore. Maintaining a sense of humor is sooo important with this work. Laughing Buddha stepped in right away to balance out the serious energies. Rhodonite and Petrified Wood are other stones I have found helpful. I haven't done much work with Shungite yet but from holding it in my hand I get a sense of self reflection. We may still have memories of what we once were but our desires need to be an expression of who we are now.

  8. Just given you a shout on our facebook and Twitter as loved this entry. We have a feature in next issue by Judy Hall on crystals and EMF in which shungite is recommended.
    Joanne (Kindred Spirit Magazine/ Watkins Mind, Body Spirit Magazine

    1. Joanne, wow... how awesome. :) I'd love to do some writing for you on some rock/energy work topics if you don't mind a slightly irreverent and humorous point of view. I just saw this as we have been busy here getting the warehouse all packed up for the Denver gem and mineral show. I'm just now getting back to on-line business. :)

  9. Wow, Stacie, wonderful to stumble over your blog. I was looking for info on shungite because of seeing it on a website Dancing With Water. Have been busy learning about therapeutic clay, water, humic acid and others. Thanks for sharing about your journey and process of learning.

    When I read your reported interactions with shungite, immediately I thought of the book "Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold" which is C.S. Lewis' last novel and one of my perennial loves, for anyone who has shaken their fist and been crushed, undone and remade by the rational and the mysterious. Maybe you will recognize the large black stone in the story.

  10. Hi Stacie,

    I got a beautiful shungite bracelet and pyramid three days ago from my boyfriend as a present for our third anniversary. The pyramid is next to my bed and I wear the bracelt. Since I got it, I have had the most bizarre dreams - people (family members) who died ages ago have featured heavily, as well as people currently in my life and those who have long-since left. They have been action packed - mostly positive - and I can remember most details. Do you think it is a coincidence? Also, he gave them to me as I have a glass-half-empty approach to life, often fearing the worst, despite being very confident on the outside. he hopes the shungite will help me transform into the person I am meant to be. What do you think?


    1. Sorry I didn't see this until now!! I'm not sure if this progressed or not... but this sounds a whole lot like both ancestral and personal matrix work. Shugite is a master at time cycles and we often measure our personal time in events and generations. Also, you may have several of your ancestral/family line just showing up to offer you love, support, and guidance on your continuing journey. Being half empty viewpoints are normally earned the hard way... through disappointment and pain. Yes, that could be healing work for you to engage. *nods* Best wishes with all of that...

  11. Hi Stacie, I am a Naturopath and educator in the San Diego area easily findable on the web. I was told about shungite by an engineer in Romania who manufactures frequency devices. I bought the only book currently written in English entitled Shungite and read it cover to cover with my highlighter close by. This prompted me to add some stones to all the supportive/EMF protective pendants I muscle test my patients for. I was rather happy to find that many test best for the shungite since it is more affordable, but others still test best for various Bio Electric shield or Zero Point Global pendants. Because of the shungite book, I ordered in different sized shungite spheres and pyramids for testing. I am pleasantly amazed at how many of my patients strongly muscle test for having a pyramid in the car and rooms of their homes as well as a large 60-80mm sphere in their bedrooms. One mother recently commented that since she began putting her 70mm sphere on the dresser against the common wall to her and her kids bedrooms, and carrying it all day in her large purse when they went anywhere, both of her kids are noticeably calmer. It will be interesting to see if that particular benefit is noticed by any other parents. Keep up your good work. We need to open the eyes of the public to the benefits (and harmful effects) of energies. Whenever I have a family where I cannot get one of the parents to understand that it is to the entire family's continued benefit to NOT HAVE WiFi or a cordless phone in the house, I recommend that they at least put it device on a shungite tile and have an adequate size sphere in the bedroom. Mine is 80mm and another 50mm pyramid on my desk where I work and one stuck to my dashboard in my card. I teach muscle testing (most people do it wrong or so poorly that it has no accuracy and is misleading). The results of numerous tests of the EMF "protective" benefits of shungite are both surprising and helpful. This is a wonderful stone to add to all the other beautiful crystals I have mostly purchased while attending the Pow Wow in Quartzite AZ a few times. Keep up your good work. Best wishes, David Getoff, CCN

  12. Hi David! I recently was contacted by a few shungite distributors in Russia. He sent me a ton of research and information, but it was all in Russian. I would personally like to see actual EMF readings on a device that measures EMF, which I'm pretty sure exists because they use those kinds of things in paranormal research too. So far, all of the "evidence" is anecdotal. I would love to send a specimen to a lab and actually get the low down on the contents. Filling in those pieces about the stone would make me very happy. Thanks for the shout out! Keep on keeping on. :)

    1. Please send me these papers and information. I'll be more than happy to translate them and share with you. Peace and Love

      512 922-8108

    2. Please send me these papers and information. I'll be more than happy to translate them and share with you. Peace and Love

      512 922-8108

    3. Samo! I'm taking you up on that!! :-D I'm particularly interested in the lab results of what shungite contains physically. Then there is the bit about it having fullurenes.(sp?), which I'm not believing until I see some proof. Then there is the bit about how it transforms water, like the lake near where it is mined, and so on. There are so many claims... and nothing in English to read. I know it's awesome, but that is purely on an energetic level. So.... it would be very nice to actually see some reports.

    4. I agree, There is so much hype and "BS" on shungite. My attitude is to take most of what is being said, "with a grain of salt." I follow my own intuition and listen to what the stone has to say to me. I do use shungite water for cooking and drinking. My first experience with the stone was one of suprise, It demanded my attention. I'm not use to that from a stone

    5. I have had a very unpleasant experience with a russian vendor. Nearly 2 months and no package and they act as though it is not their problem after they shipped it. This is
      I am curious if anyone else has had problems with them.

  13. Stacie, I tried introducing shungite to the house, but had a horrific experience with it! As in, it made me physically ill! Headaches, dizziness, nausea, disrupted sleep, so physically exhausted that I could hardly move. I couldn't understand what was wrong with me, until I suddenly realized that a) it had started after I got the shungite, b) I felt better during the day when I was away at work, and c) I felt absolutely worst of all in the room where the shungite was. Straight away I went and fetched it and took it out of the house, and I swear that I started to feel better within minutes. That night I slept well for the first time in weeks. Why could this have happened? It's like shungite's energy vibration is just totally at odds with mine. I've only just remembered that I once had a device that was supposed to help protect against EMFs that I had to get rid of for the same reason, and I'm now wondering if it had shungite in it.

    1. You need to clean the shungite before you start to use it. It needs to be cleaned quite often becouse it absorbs negative energy and when it can't absorb any more it begins to radiate it..

  14. That's very interesting. I'm going to have to say I have no idea why you reacted that way because it would be difficult to even try to break it down to a control situation where you could test out several different factors. Do you have that kind of reaction to jet? How about charcoal? I'm personally very skeptical about shungites "EMF" protective claims. I even bought an EMF detector to test it out (and all the other claims of various stones being good for that).

    An optional thought that I would go to if this happened to me is to consider that shungite is a deep transformational worker energetically. It breaks up things that need to shift or that prevent beneficial shifting. It's one of the reasons that I say that is not for sissies, because it can be scary stuff. I'm wondering if you were feeling that undercurrent of what would be called "beneficial destruction" and experienced that as a physical sensation.

    Even if that is a possibility, I'd say to step back from it for now. There are other cleansing and purification stones you can work with that would be far more gentle, if that was the issue. Obsidian would be a good choice. Himalayan salt would be a good choice. Even Ocean Jasper, which has connection to ocean energy, which is inherently cleansing, would be a good choice.

    If however, you are already hip high in shifts and need more TLC, head towards some woogy rocks for awhile, rose quartz, mangano calcite, lepidolite. I also like Rescue Remedy, a flower essence, for calming the system after an upset of some sort.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience. I hope that you can uncover what was going on and solve the mystery.


  15. Thank you for such an informative and amazing article. I have been searching the net for metaphysical information on Shungite because I have a piece of elite Shungite and it makes me feel fuzzy and happy. Thank you~

    1. Thank You for sharing your wisdom Stacie!
      I just purchased A small tumbled shungite today because of the amazing claims on the WWW. I put it in my pocket and became exhausted, not sure if it was because of the toxic city I was in. When I returned home to my country I washed it under running rain water and put it in a bottle of natural spring water. I drank the water and felt fuzzy and happy too, maybe carefree and content. Big change from the feelings I had earlier today, actually I can not remember the last time I felt that good. Next thing I know I am Googling like mad to see where I can buy more followed by throwing out all my old papers, filling a big box, preparing for the coming upheval I know is necessary. Then I lay on the earth where the ants did 10 minutes of intense acupuncture on me. I am curious what dreams will manifest tonight and if it can help my sore elbow, gotta go have another shungite drink, love your work!

    2. Hilarious LogDogs,just bought box of pyramids,fr Russia, and took to my wellness clinic, Office manager had similar experience,minus the ants(best part) thanks for the laugh!bottoms up!

  16. This article makes me laugh. My sister says I have a shungite addiction. When I first got introduced to it, I was holding a 50 mm sphere of it. Let's just say after holding 3 spheres at once I fell in love with the stone. I react very well with it and apparently react differently with the stone than most folks the seller had met. After doing some research on it I loved it even more. I first bought 3 50 mm spheres and one polished chip, since then I have added 5 more chips, a pyramid, and two bracelets. I wear the bracelets on a regular basis and it amps up my energy and awareness immensely. Since getting it I have managed to lose one friend who was honestly toxic to everyone around her, but I couldn't stop trying to help her. Great stone for some kinds of metaphysically talented folks in my opinion. I'll likely be adding to my shungite collection in the future as well.

    1. Haaaa ha haa...You me me laugh. It seems that I have fallen under it's spell. I have 6 pounds of rough, 1 pound of elite, spheres and pyramids. I am a 65 year old man and the batch of elite shungite that came in, left me feeling GIDDY. That is only way to describe it. I carry it and sleep with it. I make about 14 gallons of water for cooking and drinking. I even keep a chunk in bathtub and in cat's water bowls. May you be blessed with more Shungite ♥

    2. making me feel better,after reading other places it could be radioactive,but like others here,I think it should be initially cleansed,Have a housefulof stones, just starting my sunset experience, and have been radically pulled to other shamanic earth stones as well.Guess I have work to do.

    3. I checked the shungite I have got from Russia with a radioactive counter so far all of my shungite has been normal readings safe hope this helps

    4. Toa of Jonathon, where did you purchase your shungite? I'm interested in buying some. Thanks.

  17. Exclusive!
    We made a Shungite cup from a single piece of shungite.
    100% environmentally safe.

    1. I have seen photos of them and they are exquisite. I would love to have some. I have had a most unpleasant experience dealing with a Russian store called I will never buy shungite outside of

    2. Hey Jonathan, I think thats where my box of pyramids just came from.They gave me fantastic deal, and threw in lots of here in 10 days,but surprised they were all covered in soot, got everywhere,even the polished ones, also got some elite(pricey).Hope they are not radioactive.

  18. What an awesome article. I loved every line.....particularly when the power of the Shungite caused your grammar to no longer exist!

    As a Leo, I tend to think I can take on I come!

  19. *laughing* That is how we "hear" shungite.... like a primordial, ancient mud queen. :)

    1. Love I found you Stacie, can relate.

  20. I enjoyed your article on shungite. I love rocks. That's as easy as I can explain it. And because of my love of rocks people bring me rocks as gifts. I recently received a Shungite stone. Therefore I was trying to find reasonable information on the internet about this lovely black stone. Seeing claims of miracle purifications and magical healings quickly makes the medical doctor in me scoff. I pass Webb sites that present such claims. Felt fortunate to find your shungite information was encouraging and helpful. Thank you.

    1. Haaa...I know the skeptical feeling as well. What I read of shungite, made it sound like it could almost "raise the dead." I take most of what I read with a grain of salt and only go by my on intuition of what the stone tells me. Rocks are a special part of my family. No one can go wrong when they give me a stone....

  21. Thank you for this information. My first contact with shungite was when a friend bought me a small pyramid. There was nothing notable about it. I said to myself, "What in the hell is this ?!!" I was not use to a stone demanding my attention. I researched what I could and ordered a variety of it. I carry Elite with me and even to bed. I have 14 gallons of water going, for cooking and drinking and I keep shungite in three of the cat's water bowls. I have also written blogs to get the word out there.

  22. Stacie,
    Greetings! I recently retrieved my lively Shungite pendant at a beloved local New Age shop. I literally was walking towards the cash register with my book and oil and I felt like someone grabbed my shoulder gently but firmly and said. "Hey, been waiting for you. We're going to make a great team!" There it was a circular 2 inch diameter round of Shungite, without hesitation I grabbed it. Then without hesitation my Reiki best friend and soul sister grabbed it from me along with my book and bought me both! As soon as I put it on I felt my heart rate slow and match the shungites "heart rate". It was the most amazing experience. I felt as though Earth and I were beating as one. I should of also mentioned I have had the absolute worst year in my life. Imagine this and suddenly hearing a soothing "Your going to be okay, now let's kick ass." In your head? Top this off with my deep works in past lifes and Ascension works.

    I went home and thus broke down crying. Or as my Sis would call it "A Healing Crisis".

    ~So Happy Together~

  23. Preach on, Carol.... yes, I know it all so well. You're going to be okay, now let's kick ass. ;) Yes, exactly. Good job. Best wishes with continued appropriate ass kicking.


  24. Hello Stacie I am so happy I found your blog! Do you have 100% shungite for sale

  25. There is also another thing I can say about shungite.Cell Phone Radiation Shield

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  28. Hello, I just got a Shungite bracelet. I loved it and felt how strong it was.
    I have been wearing it for a couple of days. It has turned my wrist black.
    What does that mean? I was told to clean it in distilled water. Any suggestions?

  29. I thought I had lost my mind. A bit of background - I make crystal healing bracelets and decided to build a web page. In my webpage I am creating a "crystal information" encyclopedia of sorts using html/css code etc. (That isn't the important part). The important part is that I tried to add Shungite to it as it has some pretty amazing properties as you know. The most bizarre thing is happening... even though the preview of my webpage shows shungite and the information that I included when I publish my webpage and then look at it Shungite and its information are not there !!! I have rechecked the code numerous times and didn't have a clue until now... Shungite must not want to be in my crystal information or the information is wrong or ??? This will take some investigation to see who is wrong and I have a feeling it is me not shungite :)

  30. Your candor resonates with me. Much appreciation.

  31. Hi Stacie!!!! We absolutely LOVE this article and we reference you quite often on our radio show about the "Shungite Smackdown"! We are activists educating against the dangers of EMF/WiFi radiation and providing Shungite as the solution. When we realized the amazing healing properties of Shungite and how the Russian were using it...we started our own investigations into it and Comsic Reality Shungite was born May 3, 2014. The mission of COSMIC REALITY SHUNGITE is to get SHUNGITE TO THE MASSES. I can say being energy sensitive I was in pain and suffering and Shungite saved my life and propelled me on this mission. I would love to share our innovative products with you in gratitude for this profound article on the truth about Shungite that no one really talks about ;) Check us out at and email me at In Love, Light & Shungite, Stephanie

  32. Is there such as a thing as too much shungite in a fixed area?

  33. magic beans. I just bought magic beans. I'm looking to make real, sustainable water filtration systems, ones that are portable, low to no power consumption, and do not rely on 'proprietary' crap and you weirdos are selling magic beans. oh well, I suppose $6 isn't a huge loss. not to sound like a total left wing hippy, well, I suppose a subset you may endear yourself to, you know, the self righteous, join green peace types, but I don't think the children dying of dysentery give two shits- no pun intended- about your radiant cosmic energy

  34. The Earth is NOT a spinning ball as we have been taught and if bible preachers in our population would actually READ the book, they would in fact, learn that the Earth is FLAT with the firmament over us all. The firmament being a thick glass marbleized dome that separate the waters of the heavens from the waters of our Earth plane. There are also NO aliens. Aliens is actually broken down to: A LIE n

  35. Thank you for your work.

    Just purchased a shungite pendant online from (now) questionable Vendor. Now questioning if it's even real.

    Did feel the need to remove the mirror finish as it didn't 'feel' right shiny.

    Is there a way to test if it's really shungite?

    1. Elite or noble (top quality) shungite has a silvery surface sheen. That may be a good sign.

    2. Elite or noble (top quality) shungite has a silvery surface sheen. That may be a good sign.

  36. Thank you for your posts and information about this harmless and natural form of healing and eliminating negative energy to achieve happiness, easy and natural!
    what else can we ask for ? :-)

    London online shop of natural crystals, quartz, amethyst, jewellery, reiki, yoga and chakra healers (wholesale and retail):

    Thank you!

  37. Thank you for both the facetious and the sober. As the inventor of supercharging technology, using primarily magnetite and ormuslike minerals, I only first encountered shungite 7 weeks ago. Ordered some powder, and chunks of elite, slightly flabbergasted at how much it powers up the magnetite when supercharged.

    About to take a year off to write a biography of Dr. David Cohen, ND, Phd, of QRA fame, so it's unlikely that online sales will be undertaken for at least a year or more. So, wanted to share with you and your readers the idea to simply use Megaphotons (.com) to SERIOUSLY power up your shungite, more so 'noble elite.'

    No charge, and no belief required, since proof is better than belief. Learn the one-second energy test at,, etc. Anything/everything exposed to any of the Megaphotons images (400 more of them at and is guaranteed to pass BDORT or QRA testing, or any other test, including the minimally-reliable basic muscle testing referred to as kinesiology.

    BDORT is medically patented, QRA is a refinement of BDORT, and they both work accurately every time. Just grab a partner and DIY wherever you are. It IS just a one-second test. Great example: Have someone pry your thumb & finger as you fully resist. Whatever it takes to pry 1/4" or 1/2" is your baseline strength. Point to the home of an angry or unprosperous family, and test other hand again. NO WAY you can hold thumb & finger tightly. Point to another home of happy family, test other hand, WOW, see how strong your O-ring holds.

    Same with food. Tap it on the table 10x to imitate digestive stress, hold it away from body in 2-finger pinch, NO WAY you'll hold your other hand's thumb & finger tight. Same for holding operating (mid-call) or ringing cell phone against chest. We've had pro football players in our 2 clinics who could crush us like peanuts... but could not hold their O-ring tight when phone is held against their chest. No need to buy our various devices: Just hold the phone or food or anything testing weak in front of Megaphotons image and test again. In fact, you can then tap the food 20x, 50x, 100x, it will test strong, because the Megaphotons reverses all emf radiation. EVERYTHING near electricity is blanketed with emf, and weakens us, and food, etc. So, no charge, enjoy Megaphotons, they're here for YOUR life. :-)

    Most of all, thanks for the enlightening outlook, your healthy dose of skepticism, and for the courtesy of responding to those who ask you direct questions. You're a good egg.

    Good energy to you and yours.

  38. No joke. Shungite is not for sissies! I think it can be somewhat of a trickster too at times besides making you feel terribly uncomfortable.

  39. Hi I have a shungite bracelet,can it be worn on either wrist and is it good for the metabolism,I'm trying to learn as much as I can,thank you so much xx

  40. Howdy All, there have been some questions that I thought I'd address.

    Someone asked where we get our shungite. Enter the Earth, the links found in my article as I work there... gets shungite from Russian mineral distributors with whom we have a close working relationship. Much of our "shaped" items are shungite bearing rock, which is shungite that has other inclusions. That kind of shungite is just fine for energy work and spiritual work, as shungite (imho) is quite competent to connect and interact with those energies. Shungite is one of the most cohesive nature spirits with whom I've had the humble honor to address. And frankly, I don't even need to have shungite anywhere around me to connect into that nature consciousness.

    BUT....IF YOU WANT TO PUT YOUR SHUNGITE INTO WATER, please only use noble shungite!! Noble shungite is TOO BRITTLE to carve into shapes. It would just bust up. Noble shungite looks like dark hematite and is very, very light. We don't currently have that on-line, but we will at some point.

    As far as my own practices:
    I have noble shungite in the water compartment of my coffee maker, which I often set up the night before... so that if there is any benefit to ingesting shungite charged water... I'm charging it up overnight. But it's the noble shungite... and I'm willing to take my chances that there are no toxic inclusions in it.

    I wear my shungite bracelet on my left wrist because that is my "receptive" side and I see the shungite bracelet as a kind of filter of energies coming into my system.

    Just yesterday, I took a pound bag of rough shungite bearing rock and I scattered the pieces all the way around my house to provide better energetic boundaries.

    I guess that's it.

    Keep on keepin on. :)


  41. Hi!, which form of shungite is more powerful to change the environment energy, the pyramid or sphere?...i want to put it in my desk to increase my concentration in my studyings.