Storm Mitigation: Intentions to Support Calming the Weather

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm Mitigation: Intentions to Support Calming the Weather

(Not to be confused with Solar Storm Mitigation, which is about dealing with solar activity that messes with us ugly.)

This is essentially prayer work that you can engage, just in case our praying for a better outcome for global issues makes one fig of a difference.  I choose to believe it does, but I'm willing to waste my time if I'm wrong.  So lets continue.

"Storm Mitigation" is a piece of Cooperative Spiritual Energy Work that seeks to minimize damage associated with severe weather events.  A friend and I assembled this energy work many years ago, so the details of it aren't exactly ummm... in my head anymore.  My brain is getting older.  What can I say?  I should be sucking on a ginkgo tree while rubbing a fish on my head.  Maybe that would help.  I am going to have to cough up an actionable intention set anyway. 

*****If you would prefer to skip my immense blather, you can connect in right now and just say, "I request to initiate Storm Mitigation, now please."***** 

For those of you with a stomach for immense blather... please continue. :)

Unlike in math class back in grade school, I actually like "showing my work" when I share this kind of protocol.  Cooperative Spiritual Energy Work, when we are asking for things we might actually be able to receive, is efficient and puts all the big effort on the front end of the task, then allows you to basically hit the "easy button" for the same work any other time you need it. 

I'm going to write out the work in steps so that you can see what is going on here.  Again, there is nothing special about me except that I spent a decade working this out instead of pretending to be normal.  You can do this as easily as I can.  Honest.  Frankly, if you have a young fresh brain.. you might do better!

Step One: Articulate the goal and give the work a name that can be called again and again.

Work Name: "Storm Mitigation"

Goal:  The overarching goal of this energy work is to minimize damage and harm associated with extreme weather or geologic/elemental activity or events of any kind.

Step Two: Articulate, to the best of your ability and level of understanding, specific intentions that support the stated goal.  Be simple or be technical, be redundantly redundant multiple times if you want.  Our being able to state appropriate intentions is part of the "ask and receive" part of this system.  We may not need to know everything, but we do have to make the effort to clarify our intentions to the best of our ability.  It's the part that makes your brain itch, but you only have to do it once, so do it as thoroughly as possible. 

Step Three: Kick the work up to God/the spiritual level to be corrected in perfection (Spiritual CYA), brought within Divine Will, and then sealed properly so that the work maintains its integrity through time. I usually add this to my intention set so that it is clearly stated, especially if I share the work with others and intend for it to be group supported woven work.

Step Four: Run it!

OK, here's the hard part.  Make your brain smoke until there is nothing left.  Get it all out.  Connect in with your guidance and ask for direction.  If you ask for guidance, you don't need to know everything ahead of time.  Thank God for that.  I would be screwed if this work depended upon my own competency and knowledge. 

Intentions Supporting Goal
  • Mitigation of damage to property and mitigation of harm and suffering to life (all life, not just humans) associated with severe weather of any kind, such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, snow, tornadoes, and so on.
  • Mitigation of damage to property and mitigation of harm and suffering to life (all life) for elementally severe conditions of any kind, such as occurs with too much or too little fire, water, air, or earth.  For example: flooding or drought, fire events of any kind (even if from human origin), volcanic activity, severe wind, tornadoes, dust storms, or geologic stress from the earth, such as earthquakes and techtonic plate shifting, mudslides, and so on. 
  • Mitigation and minimization, as possible, of global warming or any other direct or indirect systemic impact that increases stress and imbalance within the Earth's weather, geologic, or elemental systems.     
  • Correction, rectification, and purification of human dissonance patterns and any kind of pollution created by humans that may be aversely directing weather patterns or geologic and elemental imbalance. (Some believe that the collective human bullshit negativity actually causes severe weather and the like, so I'm throwing it in the intention set in case there is any truth to it!)
  • Support to humanity to evolve in as graceful a way as possible so that we have increasingly more mastery over our own bullshit negativity (pollution of any kind, energetic or physical), so we don't miscreate and cause havoc in other systems, such as weather and geologic/elemental patterns on the planet.
  • Request for forgiveness and understanding for humanity from other layers and levels of creation that are aversly impacted by our bullshit negativity and pollution.  (We are little and stupid, please forgive us and help us to buy a clue so we can improve.) 
  • Request for comfort, care, transition support, and support of any kind needed... provided for any suffering or damage created by weather, geologic, elemental events of any kind that cannot be mitigated fully because the consequences somehow serve the Highest Outcome to unfold within Divine Will, beyond our ability to understand.  (When the Divine Word is, "No, you cannot mitigate this storm.", please support those who will need care and comfort in the best way possible.  All life, not just humans.) 
  • Support to the elemental, natural, Gaia-linked consciousness to discharge storm/elemental/geologic energy in a way that is in alignment with the Highest Good of the planet with as little suffering to all life as possible.  (The Earth may need to shake off some of this energy for her own good and we should respect that need too, but all things equal, shaking it off with as little suffering as possible seems like a relevant and wise request.) 
  • Support and cooperation for and with all relevant levels of conscious creation within Divine Will to work for and with humanity to rectify and bring into perfected integrity and balance the patterns and systems that govern planetary weather, elemental, and geologic activity.
  • Since I am not a geologist or a weather girl, I request that all those who have specific scientific knowledge about these systems, be allowed to articulate and add specific intentions to this work to strengthen and improve it in any way that is within Divine Will and that supports the Highest Possible Outcome to unfold on Earth and for humanity with as much Ease, Grace, Mercy, Compassion, and Love as possible.
  • We request to support and network this work through all relevant systems of earthly and spiritual connectivity, such as the earth grid system, spiritual grid systems, and human grid system (I call it the Tapestry of Light).
  • We request to Hold Space, individually and collectively, in whatever way is appropriate and in the Highest Good, to support the goal and intentions of this work, including the specific request for Divine Intervention and Grace.  We ask that we are supported, individually and collectively, to meet the challenges of this work in perfected integrity and for participation in this work to be moderated, protected, and adjusted at the spiritual level for optimal efficiency and Grace.
  • We request for all intentions to be corrected in perfection and any intentions not articulated, but relevant and useful to the goal, to be added at the spiritual level in Eternal Time, and for all intentions to be brought within Divine Will.
  • We request for this work, once perfected, to be Blessed, Optimized, Stabilized, Amplified, and Sealed under God.
  • Amen. Aho. So Be It. Make It So. Engage. Do It To It. Shazam. Raise the Roof.  Or whatever you would like to say here. 
  • Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

So, there we go.  Storm Mitigation.

Now... run it by saying, "I request to initiate Storm Mitigation, now please."

Anytime you want to run it and Hold Space for this work in the future, you just use that phrase, or intend to connect and Hold Space in whatever way you feel guided.  The more people plugging in and doing this, the better! 

If you are a geologist or weather person (or mystic with great guidance) and you have other intentions that you believe should be contained within this list, please leave a note about it below, or... just ask to add them to this work in your own mind.  I'd like to learn, so I would appreciate the articulation of specifics so I can put it in my head too.  It may not stick in there, but I like to at least try. :)

If You Want to Rock:
If you would like to create a crystalline grid or medicine pouch to support this work, Christopher and I recommend any stones that are formed by, or have resonance with, the elements, such as obsidian, fulgurites, river/ocean stones, enhydros of any kind, stones that spark (flint, pyrite, quartz), stones that have associations with water or rain, like turquoise, opals, malachite, or stones that have a natural spiral pattern, like ammonites, that mimic the spiral nature of a lot of storm systems.  Things associated with tidal patterns too, like moonstone or lunar linked stones, would be cool.  Plug in with your guidance and just let it rip. 

OK, see y'all later.  I need to get up off this sofa now.  I've been sitting here writing for so long that my butt is numb. 
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