Inner Door Work: Cord Cutting

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Inner Door Work: Cord Cutting

Hello Darlings...

Inner Door work is the equivalent to "cord cutting" work.  I just use the visual symbol of a door.  It works.
OK, consider that every person with whom you have interacted in any meaningful way throughout your entire life has some type of energetic connection to you.  For purposes of this work, I would prefer you visualize these connections as doorways instead of cords.  Each door represents a single connection.  Now imagine that all of these doors are in a single large, cylindrical building, many stories tall. 

I kinda see mine like the Leaning Tower of Pisa...

Except, it ain't leaning... and I'm on the inside...and it's way, way, way taller than Pisa.  The doors are all on the outer edge of the building, facing in, and overlooking the ground floor, where I imagine that I stand when I do this work.  Have you ever been to an Embassy Suites where all doors over-look the lobby?  That's what I'm talking about.  You can see your doors, or at least the floors... regardless of how many stories it may be.

OK... Doors.  Now imagine that the deeper the connection, the closer to "ground floor" the doors are that symbolize your relationship/energetic connection to a single person.  Obviously, your immediate family is ground floor and your good friends are probably second floor... but, even those folks to whom you may no longer have an active relationship, but to whom you did share a very deep bond at some point...may be situated on lower floors too.  The less emotional of a connection, the higher up they are.

And guess what, every person with whom you have had sexual contact with... yep.... that is a deep energetic bonding.... whether you had a significant emotional relationship with them or not, is going to be on a lower floor.  One night stands, yep.  That cute frat boy you hooked up with and who then dodged you the rest of the year, yep.  That amazing dude (or dudette) at the Panic show, yep.  Your first love, yep.  All of your ex-boyfriends, yep.  All of your ex-husbands, yep.  Get the idea?  If you did the Diddly with someone, they have a significant door.  I can hear some of you saying, "Oh Shit."  I won't tell (glass houses and all...)  It's okay.  But... yes... the more doors you have G'friend... the more "at risk" you are of inappropriate influence messing around in your system. 

Now... if you do not practice any type of "Boundary Integrity" or "Energetic/Spiritual Protection", consider that those Inner Doors are not secured.  I don't know about you, but I have some ex-boyfriends that I definitely do not want to have energetic access to me in any way, shape, or form.  (For those of you who have had very sticky issues with individuals, I bet the dedicated "Cord Cutting" work for a single relationship is fabulous and absolutely worth it.)  But, not just them, really... I do not want anyone I have ever had a relationship with, on any level, to have energetic access to me in any way that is not in Divine Alignment or that doesn't support my Highest Good.  

Don't go away mad... just go away, kind of thing.    

The Inner Door Work was developed as a way to do a full-sweeping, system-wide scan and rectification of any inappropriate energetic connection to you through all of your relationships throughout this life-time.   

Why?  Because 'inappropriate influence' can push you around a bit, sometimes without your even knowing it.  If you are sensitive or empathic, good golly Miss Molly, it's even worse.  Life is hard enough just handling and healing our own "yuck".  You don't really want to have other people's "yuck" oozing in your general direction because you simply did not disallow it, right?

Seems like human beings should have come with some fine print, so we know these things ahead of time.  It would save a lot of grief.  But, whatever... we figure it out as we go, I guess.

To initiate Inner Door Work.....

1)  Connect in with your Higher Self through God and your Spiritual Helpers, whomever they are.  I find that asking for the "appropriate" Spiritual Helpers through God works for me, instead of asking for specific ones.  If you follow a particular spiritual tradition, it makes sense for you to use it in your work.  For example, my Catholic friends would be hitting up Big J for this, or perhaps Mother Mary. 

2)  State your intention to initiate Inner Door Work, which means that you want a full scan and rectification of all your connections, such that only that which is in your Highest Good is allowed access... and all that which is not in your Highest Good is not allowed access. 

3)  Imagine yourself within your "Hall of Doors".... or that imaginary, symbolic building I yacked about earlier.  Imagine your Spiritual Helper(s) standing next to you, ready to do the heavy lifting.  You are going to allow your Spiritual Helpers through God to make the decisions as to door "positioning", okay?  If you KNOW you have a troubled connection with someone... definitely discuss it with your Spiritual Helpers. 

4)  Energy Command #1:  "I request to close all Inner Doors that should be closed, now please." 
Imagine hearing a bunch of doors slamming shut from all levels of the building. Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam.  Thank you.. thank you... thank you. 

5) Energy Command #2:  "I request to lock and seal all Inner Doors that should be locked and sealed, now please."
Oh gosh, do you hear all those locks turning?  You may even see some doors being boarded shut.  Word. 

6) Energy Command #3:  "I request to have guarded all Inner Doors that need guarding, now please."
Probably the doors that are boarded up, now have a guard posted in front of it.  Don't be alarmed if your "guard" is an animal.  For whatever reason, Griffin's and the like sometimes show up for guard duty... sometimes angels... whatever.  It is what it is.  It's your head, after all. 

7)  Energy Command #4: "I request to cleanse, clear, and purify all Inner Hallways, now please."
OK, you won't see this part.. cause it's on the other side of the door.  Basically imagine a nice group of Warrior Guardian Angels going down these "halls" with blow torches of Holy Fire... burning the yuck "between" you and whomever the door represents.  If you want to do forgiveness and release work here, golly, that would probably be groovy for you.

8)  Energy Command #5:  "I request to open all Inner Doors that should be open, now please."
Yes, that's right...  how about asking to empower the connections that are truly good for you... the people, places, events, opportunities that you should connect with.  I imagine this as new light and fresh air streaming into the building... so refreshing.  Mmmm... good people.  Come to me. :)

9)  Energy Command #6:  "I request to Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify, and Seal this work under Divine Will, such that it maintains integrity in perpetuity. Amen and Thank You."

OK... that's it.  Inner Door Work.

Now do it again for your "Soul Level Hall of Doors" too, which represents all connections through time to all your past lives, basically.  Same exact protocol... just intend for your Hall of Doors to represent your Soul Self, not just your here and now self. 

Not a bad bit of energetic re-calibration to do on a slow day, I figure.

Ummmm..... perhaps a nice salt bath afterward.

Hope this helps!! :)

OH, if you would like to grab a rock for this work, try Red Jasper, Kyanite.... ummmm..... Herkimer Diamond.... ummm.... whatever is waving at you in your collection.  Obsidian... Labradorite, that kind of thing.

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  1. This really takes removing cords of attachment to new levels. I can't wait to work with this protocol :) Thanks for posting it, Stacie <3

    I just got internet back after tornadic storms, so I am playing catch up. I will let you know how it goes! xoxo

  2. Let me know how it goes.. you might be able to do the nity grity, hard as heck stuff on really deserving relationships that need to be cleared with a very delicate and fine-tooth comb...then roll out the Inner Door Work for a wide stroke on the entire system. Seems good to consider it all... very curious to see how you are moved and what you may learn and be able to share and teach as a result. :)

  3. And thank you too Alena :) I appreciate the kind words... though... can't find the comment here. I'm not terribly techy, so hopefully you see this. :)

  4. This was protocol was so wonderful! I could hear the doors slamming and see the Griffin guards. I feel like I worked through some issues there. Thank you!

  5. Did you do it for your Soul Level Self too? That one always gets a bit funky. :)

  6. many doors slamming shut!...Thanks Sta-

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  8. I had a few gargoyles acting as guards along with German Shepherds and Dragons. Love this work and will do it again for soul level. Salt bath is a good idea.

  9. Hi Y'all!! Good to see you here! Thanks for sharing your experience! How cool! :-)