Repeating Numbers Like 11:11, and So On...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Repeating Numbers Like 11:11, and So On...

So what's all the hullabaloo about repeating numbers anyway?

Do you find yourself looking up at the clock at exactly a repeating number so often that it seems not quite a coincidence?

Maybe you did a Google search on it and ended up getting such an eyefull of weird-ass information that you just backed away slowly?  But the pattern of your looking up at just those precise times continues and every time... makes you go ......"hmmmmmmmmmmm".

Yeah, you and like a squillion other people.

There are a lot of "conclusions" about what this number thing is all about.  Probably my favorite is from Solara's book that is simply titled "11:11".  It is weird-ass information, but so what?  My weird ceiling is pretty high.  Whatever. 

The long and the short of it is that repeating numbers are activational codes that are tugging at our awareness because they serve as... I dunno... a type of spiritual alarm clock, I guess. 

But why an alarm clock at all? 

The working theory at the moment is that humanity is on the verge of a jump in consciousness of some sort (groovy) and there are some who volunteered to either be of some assistance in this process or to pave the way by hacking through the jungle of evolution themselves to make it easier for the next chap. 

A lot of people like to make "conclusions" about what this jump in consciousness is about, and who THEY are all about (being a volunteer and all), and throw around a lot of terms like "awakening",  "ascension", "5th dimension", "starborn"....yada, yada. 

But see.... here's the deal, in my humble opinion.

So what.

I want to share the power of that statement with you as things start going a little odd in your life. 

So, maybe you are on Earth because you are "here to help"....whatever that means.

Ok, cool.  So what?

Perhaps you've dropped down the rabbit hole already and are swirling around in the amazing, miraculous, ever-present sense of Spirit working in and through your life....

Ok, cool.  So what?

I want to encourage you to release yourself from conclusions about whatever this process is... and why.  Clearly, something weird-ass is happening.  There is a spiritual, bigger-than-us phenomena going on.  The repeating numbers are just one little "Hey, something is going on here.  Deal." among many.

I want to encourage you to say, "So what."

I want to encourage you to read or watch whatever you want, listen to whatever theories are out there... expose yourself to the vast collection of folks who claim to "know" something... and once you put it through your wonderful brain-stuff.... say, "So what."

I decided a long time ago to abandon the Path for Knowledge.  It just wasn't very satisfying.  I tried to make conclusions.  I held strong beliefs of "what is" at some point... and I have to say, every single one of them got beaten out of me.  Well, all but the one about a being One.  That one seemed to stick.

Instead of trying to walk the Path of Knowledge, which kept me hyper-focused on the world of wonderful, Cosmic Me... I hopped over to the Path of Service.

Let me tell you what I do now when I see the repeating numbers.... which I still see, all the flipping time. 

I pray.

And here is the prayer that I use:

"I request for the Highest Possible Outcome to unfold on Earth and for Humanity within Divine Will with as much Ease, Grace, Mercy, Compassion, and Love as possible. Amen."

Hut Hike.

So what if your soul came from another dimension or star system, afterall?  If it is true for you, it is true for a squillion of us, maybe ALL of us.  Your personal myth is entertaining and all, but is it really necessary to get to work?

I encourage you to take those bits of miraculous, Spirit-knocking-on-your-door moments...and simply Get To Work.  Spin and weave the tales of wonderful, Cosmic You after you pray.   

You do not have to be a fully enlightened being to pray.  You do not have to be a Reiki Master, or some other Masterful Yada Yada, to pray. 

Pray however you pray.  Say the Lord's Prayer if you want (it's actually pretty energetically sound, as far as intention sets go)... send love down into the Earth Grid system if you want.... connect into the 50'th dimenion of the Realm of the Beneficent Hoo Ha, if that is what you believe, but intend the Highest Good within Divine Will to happen Here NOW.

I encourage you to use those pregnant moments of wonder, when you feel deep down in your bones that a spiritual reality exists and is ~looking right at you~, as a call to action.

Someday, I hope...we understand all this weird-ass, ambiguous stuff.  Perhaps when the job is done (whatever that means), we will all be in some groovy, cosmic Cafe, chatting about the good ole days on Earth and having ourselves a good cosmic belly laugh over the trippy journey.

Ok, so I agree... something a bit weird-ass is going on and maybe we are Cosmic Beings on a mission.

Maybe we are.  Maybe we're not.  Maybe everything is.  Whatever.  So what.  We ain't going to clarify it here at this level.  So let. it. go.  Hold concepts of knowing in an open hand, not a sweaty fist.  Your sanity will thank you for it.

And say it with me........."So what. So what. So what." 

Until then... hows about we just get in the game

I'm in.  You?  And if we happen to pray at the same time?  Wouldn't that be groovy?

11:11, 2:22, 3:33.... Hut Hike!

(Not to exclude 4:44, 5:55, 10:10, 12:12, 1:11, and any others I may have missed...)

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