Core Crystal Points from Madagascar

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Core Crystal Points from Madagascar

Core Crystal Points from Madagascar

OK, a full reading has finally been done on these amazing quartz points from Madagascar.  They are a new find, so my rock buddies and I sat down and did our best to juice out the energies. 

I think the physical characteristics of these crystals, namely the white hexagonal layers that sometimes contain a light teal central core, speak to the purpose of these crystals quite nicely. 

I believe that these crystals assist with "Divine Core Alignment".   

Core Crystal with Two Hexagonal Layers

Core Crystal with Two Hexagonal Layers and a Teal Center

The first thing that everyone noticed who experienced these crystals was that they had a very potent first pass.  Some of my whispering buddies even had to put their crystal down for a moment because they were a bit overwhelmed by it.  The sensation was that the crystals facilitated a "turning on" of lights within, or that they had an activational component.  I have noticed that the "big buzz" sensation has now calmed down quite a bit when I pick up the crystals, as if I have been attuned to the energies in a permanent way.  In other words, it shifted my vibrations to be closer to it... so that it no longer feels like new buzz.  It feels like... well, me.  This makes sense if the crystals help us to attune to our Core Selves, right?  It wouldn't think it would feel foreign to be be brought into greater alignment with higher parts of yourself, eh?

A Gaggle of Core Crystals Hanging Out Under the Rough Table.

If you aren't looking at the base of the crystal, they look somewhat milky, but otherwise normal.  I've asked Nader about the teal central core on some of them and he seems to think that it is the beginning of a chlorite phantom.  Yeah, I don't know about that.  It feels more like ajoite than chlorite, but Madagascar rocks have stumped me before.  It definitely looks more teal than green to me.  Whatever.  The teal core is amazing, but so are the ones that just have the hexagonal layers.  I don't think I've ever seen that before on a crystal.

Side View.  Is there a face on the left one? A bunny face? Wha?

OK, so Divine Core Alignment work.  Who knew.  This does speak immediately to personal spiritual evolution.  How you are brought into alignment with the systems of yourself means a couple of things.  First, Divine Core Alignment would suggest how you are aligned with layers of your Soul Self, up to and including your Higher Self (or however you define that).  The visual that I got was of those Russian nesting dolls being placed back into configuration.  When you are in greater alignment with those other aspects of yourself, you can more easily toggle, such as having a doorway or connection, between those perspectives of wisdom.  Second, Divine Core Alignment also speaks to how you are oriented within greater systems, such as with your spouse, your family, your friends, and your network of connections... as well as all other systems, including animal, plant, mineral systems.  Divine Core Alignment has everything to do with how you are woven into the web of creation.

There were two images that repeated between multiple people (we didn't share until we were done receiving images) that I think are worth sharing... an eagle and a pyramid.  I consulted a couple of symbol books and thought it would be interesting to share. 

Pyramid, as described by the Women's Sacred Symbols and Objects, is a meeting place between deities and mortals, is the structure at the core of a city, is considered "gates of the gods", also is the symbol for fire.  It may have represented a volcanic cone.  In Greek, pyramid means, spirit, thoughts, symbol, or idea of fire.  To me, this translates as the place where the regular you and the Divine You get together and where you can pass through the layers, or gates, to access Divine Wisdom.  Fire is activational or purifying, so perhaps there is that activational quality we felt so strongly.

As far as the Eagle imagery, I read something in "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews on page 141, that I thought was a perfect summary of the energies of these crystals:

"To align oneself with Eagle medicine is to take on the responsibility and the power of becoming so much more than you now appear to be.  From a karmic aspect, it reflects that the events will now fly faster, and the repercussions for everything you think, do or say (or fail to think, do or say)--positive and negative--will be both stronger and quicker.  To accept the Eagle as totem is to accept a powerful new dimension to life, and a heightened responsibility for your spiritual growth.  But only through doing so do you learn how to move between worlds, touch all life with healing, and become the mediator and bearer of new creative force within the world."

How to work with the crystals:
I recommend that you "key" the crystal first, by imagining a line of light connecting your 3rd Eye to the inside of the crystal.  Imagine sliding a key down that line and into the crystal, providing the crystal with your soul signature as a way to "unlock" further work.  It's basically a way to say, "Hi, I'm here.  Do we have work to do together?" 

Then, request Divine Core Alignment work... such as by saying, "I request to initiate Divine Core Alignment, now please."

You can also take it to other systems...
"I request to initiate Divine Core Alignment with my spouse, now please."
...or my family...
...or my friend group and network of connection...
...or with the animal kingdom...
...or with the plant kingdom...
...or...with... well...whatever........ God, Creation, whatever you feel like you should be brought into proper core alignment.

See what I mean... pretty potent stuff.  You might even be able to do it through the photo of the crystals.  It's worth a shot.

:)  Let me know how it goes!! 

The crystals are currently under the rough rock table at Enter the Earth in the Grove Arcade in downtown Asheville, NC.  I'm sorta hiding them from people who are not energy workers because there just isn't more than a couple dozen at this point.  They probably can do their own duck and look uninteresting from the masses, but still.  Nader, the owner of Enter the Earth, said that the next time he went to Madagascar (which is just a few weeks away) that he would look for more.  If we get more, we are going to send the crystal away to see what the teal core part is.  I hope he can get more.  These crystals feel pretty dang special.

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