How to Care for Your Rocks

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to Care for Your Rocks

Laughing Carnelian Heart
Gratitude Rocks

I wanted to spend a moment to talk about having gratitude and providing care and maintenance for your hard-working, sparkly rock friends.  It's just good manners to give before you take, right?  The same rules that apply to your human friends also applies to your rocks.  You don't want to show up demanding service without also considering, well... their needs.  In the spirit of all of creation being a part of the Universal Mind, and especially if you are using your rocks for spiritual and healing purposes, it just makes heart-sense to treat your tools with a sense of kindness and respect. 

Every rock that you have in your collection began first as a part of Mother Earth, a special alchemical dance of the elements and unique geological properties of the region of origin, and perhaps even a unique dance of some kind of sentient, Gaia-linked devic consciousness.  Lord knows, I spent a lot of time 'whispering' or 'reading' rocks to figure out how to best work with them and there were quite a few that I would describe as "somebody being home" in a direct or semi-direct way.  Native Americans often refer to rocks as "Stone People" and I can see why.  It's a rather beautiful and poetic way of viewing how things work, don't you think? 

The Crystal Care Series

Let's talk a little about the gratitude part.  We know that rocks are mined and taken from their original locations.  Sometimes the people doing the mining are respectful human beings and sometimes they are butt-heads with shovels, who don't have an evolved bone in their body (yet).  That's just the truth of the matter.  One of the first things I do when I interact with a new stone or crystal is to run, what I call "The Crystal Care Series".  The Crystal Care Series is a direct energy download that I assembled and refined many years ago as a way to initiate well-rounded healing/gratitude work on behalf of the "Stone People" that was quick and efficient. 

It's super simple to use.  Simply hold your rock, or intentionally designate the rocks to which you would like to direct the work, such as "all the rocks in a rock shop" that you are walking through, or "that mountain yonder"... or whatever... and say, "I request to initiate the Crystal Care Series for this rock (or whatever rock/s), now please." 

For your personal rocks, it's nice to hold them for the process because if you are energetically tactile (aka: feeling the buzz), you'll be able to feel the energies begin, build, then wane when it is completed.  The intentions that are compiled in this automatic download include every imaginable care, cleansing, purification, rectification of human misuse or tampering (irradiation, color treatment, etc.), misaligned previous energy work/programming, energetic depletion/exhaustion, then the good stuff of adding whatever appropriate energetics or upgrades that are in Divine Alignment, as well as Love and Gratitude and any kind of Earth Healing necessary for the rock and the ~place of origin~ from where it was mined, as well as sending support for those mining in that area to evolve and grow into better non-butt-head kind of people.  I spent a few years upgrading and refining the intentions of The Crystal Care Series and I find that barring a rock's personal preference for some other kind of care... it seems to do the job pretty well. 

If you don't care to try The Crystal Care Series, please do send Love and Gratitude to your rock, as well to the land from which it came, in whatever way makes sense to you and your personal beliefs and traditions.  It's just nice to be nice.

How Do You Know When to Administer Care?

There are quite a few more traditional ways to provide care and maintenance for your pretty, precious sparklies, but how do you know when they want and need some good old TLC?  You can use a few strategies.  Routine times for care include the instances of when the rock is new to your collection, is about to be used for work, or after it has done bouts of work, and so on.  I used to do routine care once a month during the full moon, but I abandoned that when it began taking me fifty trips back and forth to my deck to put them outside.  (Plus, I'm pretty sure that the raccoons snaked a few of my precious ones during some full moon care sessions!)  

When I dropped the monthly full moon care, I made an agreement with my collection that if anyone needed special care that they could "flash themselves to me", in my mind's eye, to let me know that they needed some care.  At that point I would fetch the stone who was looking for my attention and simply ask what kind of care it wanted.  That method still seems to work for me.  So, my strategy was to provide routine care for newbies and anyone about to work, or who had been to work... and then the rest could send me a memo.

Other Care and Maintenance Techniques  

OK, there are so many ways to care for your rocks that you can either do what is convenient, what moves you, or what your rocks seem to want.  The following list may not be exhaustive...and if you have a fun way to care for your crystals that isn't on the list, by all means, leave a comment and share it with your fellow sparkly lovers.

Soaking in the Rays:
Full Moon/New Moon Soak
Sunshine Soak (some crystals fade in sunlight)
Rainbow (if you can catch em!)
Reiki/Channeled Energy
Flower Essence/Vibrational Elixirs

Taking a Dip in Water:
Faucet (well water)
Fresh Water (lake, stream)
Ocean/Salt Water
Fountain Time

Smudging (with white sage or other ceremonial cleansing herb)
Energy Breath/Reiki Breath

Deck Time (time outside through mulitple days)
Tree Time (resting by the roots of a tree)

Company/Cluster/Rock Specific Clearing:
Hanging with Other Crystals
Sand Time for Crystals (being in sand is like being back in the cluster for quartz points)
Hanging on a Quartz Cluster
Hanging on Selenite
Hanging in Sea Salt or Super Duper Selenite Salt Crystal Clearing Sand (see recipe below)
Hanging in a Potted Plant

Recipe for Stacie's Super Duper Selenite Crystal Clearing Sand
Modify proportions to your liking.  My stones LOVED this mixture.  You can even attune the sand to Reiki so that it radiates healing energy too.
Bits of Selenite
Dried Rose Petals
Sea Salt
Powered Red Sandalwood

And... would you all join me in a great big hug and Thank You to Madagascar!  Thank You Madagascar!!!!!  We love you! Muah!

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