Monday, February 5, 2018

Fly Eagles, Fly...

Hello Darlings,

It's been awhile since I wrote on this blog, but I'm up at stupid o'clock to write because the emotional energy happening with my childhood "tribe" is at the highest state of heart coherence it's ever been within the time span of my ability and awareness to help point out some very important things.

I grew up in South Jersey, a suburb of Philadelphia.  The only football team I care anything about just won the Superbowl and people that I love from this region are in a state of bliss and joy that is off the damn charts.  This very real and very potent emotion will linger for a precious amount of time.

I'm here to pull that shit out.  Far out.

First... Philadelphia means "City of Brotherly Love".  Scratch the "brotherly" and make it gender-less.  So, the City of Human Love for it's fellow Human. 

Right now,  every Being in Philadelphia... ~is in the actual emotion of the meaning of that city's name.~

Right now.... everyone wearing the emerald green jersey is One Tribe.  This tribe goes beyond our typical boundaries of gender, religion, politics, and whatever other bullshit bubbles we put ourselves in to distance ourselves from our fellow humans. 

So, okay... it's through identification with a sports team.  I don't care.  The emotion is real. If it takes a sports team to get people to that deep sense of gratitude, joy, and community... I'm in.  The point is this emotion, how people get to it is irrelevant.

Second.... Eagle.  Most people know that the eagle is seen a a potent spiritual symbol that has cross cultural application.  The eagle is connected directly to the spiritual realms... while also having such keen sight that it also keeps it's eyes on the details on the ground.  It's also, technically, the totem of Philadelphia and of the United States of America... which was born in Philadelphia.

An Eagles victory for the City of Brotherly Love is a V for humanity, in my rose colored view.  I could say for the country, but I somewhat despise nationalism.  It's another bullshit bubble.  Brotherly Love isn't about this county.  It's about humanity.  I kinda wince when people say, "God Bless the United States of America" because I also hear (fuck everyone else) when it is said.  Pardon my behavioral language.

Ok, enough of that.  I could go inception level on all the symbolism and deeper meaning, but your eyes would roll to the back of your head and you would just move along. 

I don't want you to move along. 

I want you to use this massive wave of palpable joy and use it to open your hearts. 

Imagine, if you can, that all humanity is wearing that emerald green jersey... dancing and singing in the parade to come, which will certainly be epic. You would share a beer and a victory hug with anyone wearing that jersey and riding that wave with you.  You wouldn't ask them about anything else.  You wouldn't care about any other bullshit bubble.  The only bubble you care about is green.

(Green is the color of the heart chakra, so it's also the color of LOVE.)

This state of joy y'all are in... excuse me... YOUS GUYS are in, is the most powerful human state. 

Pull that joy in your hearts out as far as you can.  Encircle the planet in it.  See every human in the victory parade.  See the whole planet in that green bubble you're rolling around in with so many others.  Then throw in All Creation into this gorgeous bubble of yummy emotion. 

Remember this state.  Remember everything about it.  What it feels like... what is sounds like... what it looks like.  Remember this sense of feeling connected to everyone else who is feeling and experiencing this powerful, overwhelming gratitude.

It feels mighty good, doesn't it.

This is what Happy feels like. 

This is what Brotherly Love looks like when it wins.

When you raise your beers... (which Benjamin Franklin said was proof of God's Love for humanity, by the way)... raise it for your ~whole~ home team.

Your home team is humanity.
Your home team is this planet.

And when you forget what joy and brotherly love feels like.... because we all forget and life gets challenging... and those bullshit bubbles will try to come back to divide us...

Remember this day and this magical Green Bubble of Brotherly Love.

Visit it as often as you can....  and pull it outward as far as you can go....

I love my home team, my childhood tribe... and I want you to remember what happy feels like when it seems gone. 

Open your hearts.  Fight to keep this feeling.  Be a beast to keep this joy inside you.

Believe in Brotherly Love, Bitches.

That is all.